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Carlow Schools

Extracts from the

Carlow Morning Post 1821 & 1822

Transcribed by Susie Warren

Carlow Morning Post Thursday, January 3 1821

Mercantile, Classical and Mathematical School, Carlow

Michael S. Clarke Returns his sincere Thanks to his numerous Friends, of all denominations, who have, during a period of nearly twenty-six years, so amply supported his School. Grateful for past and present favours, he is determined to give up his whole time and attention to the advancement of his Pupils, on a plan, embracing at once all the sound modern improvements in Science, and methods of teaching the Ancient and Modern languages; and to aid his intention has engaged an Assistant, from the College of Dublin, amply qualified in the Classical Department, to enter those who are design for Academical pursuits.

Along with the English, French, Latin, and Greek Languages, his plan will include the best modern Courses of Geography, History, English Grammar, Elocution and Composition; also Natural and Experimental Philosophy, for which purpose he is provided with a complete Philosophical Apparatus, and a Library of well chosen Books, Globes, Charts and Maps for the use of his Scholars. He purposes to keep up public Examinations half-yearly, whereby opportunity will be given of judging of his plan that the proficiency of his Pupils, Strict attention paid to the morals of the Scholars.

From the above considerations, and the zeal and attention of the Principal, he hopes for an accession to his number of Boarders ; and his Day-School, deriving all the advantages of the above courses, will claim the attention of the Inhabitants of Carlow and its vicinity. The Person who thus presents himself to the Public for whom he has so long laboured, seeks no Competition, and only wishes to unite his humble efforts with the other Professors of Learning in the delightfully situated and healthful Town of Carlow.

Terms, for Boarders, 30 Guineas per Annum, paid half-yearly in advance; no Entrance Fee required. For Day Scholars, 4 Guineas per year, paid Quarterly in advance. A complete Electrical Machine adapted for Medical Purposes, with or without a Battery, to be sold at M. S. Clarke's Schools. 21st 6th Mo. 1821.

The New 'National' School


Caption THE MASTER- "If ye come back from Carlow without bringin' another boy, I'll birch every mother's son of ye." LITTLE JUSTIN-"We'll do our endayvour, sir."

Date of Publication 27th June 1891


Carlow Morning Post Thursday, July 4 1822

The Classical, Scientific and Mercantile Academy, Rutland-place, Carlow, Rev. John Caldwell, (A.B.) Master.

At the Half yearly Public Examinations of the Pupils in this Establishment, held on 26th and 27th inst. The following young Gentlemen obtained Premiums for General Answering, in the order of their names, viz:- Mr. LEGGE, having *cut with Messrs. JOHN FISHBOURNE and MACARTNEY. Mr. PHILIP ATKINS. Mr. RAWSON, having cut with Mr. JONES. Mr. HORATIO VIGORS, having cut with Mr. MAHARG. Mr. LOCKE, having *cut with Mr. SECKER BROUGH. Mr. BALL. And the following obtained the Special Premiums in History and Geography together, viz:- Mr. MACARTNEY, having cut with Mr. LEGGE. Mr. RAWSON, having cut with Mr. MAHARG. Mr. LOCKE, having cut with MESSRS. JOSEPH and EDMUND FISHBOURNE. Mr. THOMAS ATKINS. In English and Mathematics - Messrs. LEGGE, and ALLEN VIGORS. *After a hard and protracted contest. July 4th, 1822

Carlow Morning Post Monday 1 1822

Carlow Free School

[Partly transcribed] The names of those who subscribed for the clothing are as follows:- Rev. Andrew Fitzgerald 5; Dr. Doyle, Messrs. P. Curran, Michael Nowlan, John Coffery, Thomas Hughes, and P. Duane 1 each; Rev. P. McSwiney, Rev. M. McDonnell, and Messrs. Plunket, Ivers, Warren, James Cullen, and Thomas Coyle 10s. each; Rev. Messrs. Joyce O'Connell, James McDonnell, Kinsella, and Mr. Muddowny, and J. Ryan 5s. each.

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