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Baptism Records

Myshall Parish, Co Carlow

Myshall Parish register baptisms from Fennagh 1842      
  [edges of pages torn]      
Date Name Fathers Name & Mothers Name 1st Sponsor 2nd Sponsor Location
_27 Cath Richd Byrne & Cath Kavanagh John May Anne May, Coolinogh
_27 Mary Lawr Doyle & Margt Massy Pat McGuirk Ann Doyle, Kirkdrum
_27 Pat Martin Doyle & Johanna Doolin[?] Dennis Kinsella, Anne Kinsella, Knockda--
_27 John Tom Donahoe & Honor Mahon Moses Kelly Annie Keating, Raheenlin
_28 Eugene Pat Doyle & Mary Fitzgerald Pat Fitzgerald Mary Doyle, Knockback[?]
_30 Anne Robt Collier & Cath Finlon Maur Finlon, Mary Anne Finlon, Myshall
Dec 4 Pat Pat Donohoe & Mary Nolan Daniel Nolan, Catherine Nolan, Ballinghmore
_6th Edwd Edwd Nolan & Mary Hitson[?](or Hudson?) Ben Barton Elisa Nolan, Ballanock
Peter Pat Doyle & Margt Gorman Pat Kavanagh Bridget May, Aclare
_11 Jas Jas Finlon & Mary Mahon John Fenlon Cath Barry, Ballin--
_12 Essy(?) Michl Nolan & Belly Baskis[?] John Neile Belly Doyle, Ballin--
_13 Pat Ed Kinsilla & Honor Kelly Garret Kinsella Cath Kelly, Turto--
_19 Ellin Michl Lennon & Mary Fox Pat McCoura Bridget Clorry, Shang--
Jany 6th James James Ryan & Cath Hanlon John Curry Mary Doyle, ---
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January 1843          
_8 Mary Mark Murphy & Margt Magrath Richd Nolan, Anne Nolan, Raheenwood
_8 James Pat Lyons & Mary Doyle Hugh Rourke Cath Magrath, Knockdruma
22nd Bridt John Lalor & Winfred Doyle Pat Foley Ann Kavanagh, Aclare
22nd Mary Michl Nolan & Cath McDonal Jas Nolan Horget Nolan, Knockdruma
_ Jane(?) Jas Nolan & Mary Brennan Peter Berney Biddy Hickey, Miltown
_ Edwd Edwd Brenan & Mary Murphy Thos Darcy, Mary Darcy, Coolernoghta
29th Willm John Maguire & Margt McCormic Batly McCormic Bridget W [?Wood or Ward], Milltown
29th Patt Miles Fitzpatrick Judy Kelly James Kelly Anne Kelly, Bailala--
  [next two entries very faded]      
Febr 2nd Judy Jas[?] Cummins & Anne Deevy[?] James Keys Anne Morrisy, Raheenw--
5th Thos James Byrnes[?] & Cath Nolan JamesNolan, Elisa Nolan, Knockdru--
_ Jas Mick Lawler & Cath __andy Tom Currin Bridt Pa___, Mill--
  (Note: Cath and Bridt appear to have the same surname in the above record] ? ?  
_ Francis Edwd Heary & Bridget Walsh Francis Curran Alice Nolan, Drumsk--
_ Wilm John Nelson & Mary Bo___ Mark Farrel Cath Finlon, K--
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Febr 1843          
12 Thos Patt Byrnes & Mary Kehoe Jos Smith Mary Nolan, Myshall
12 Thos Michl Neile & Mary Kavanagh Lawr Keating Mary Neile, Coolington
13th Mary Thos Doyle & Amy Skelton Thos Foley Margt Whealon, Ballin--
19 John Pat Neil & Elisa Nolan James Murphy Emilia Nolan, Coolinaghta
19 Pat Dennis Neile & Judith Flood Pat Nolan Mary Brennan, Coolanoghta
_ Lawr Michl McDonald & Bridt Brien Martin Hayden, Mary Hayden, Shangon[?]
_ Elisa Peter Neile & Mary Ebbs Pat Doyle, Mary Doyle, Coolsnoght--
_ Mary Pat Ca______[?] & Bridt Murphy Mich Mullin Mary Wall, Coolanogh--
_ Jas Jas Ward & Ann May Pat Galliher Ellen Barren, Knock--
12 Elisa Wilm Parker & Johanna Lennon Christ Eustice Bridget Kealy, Shag--
17 Pat James Niele & Bridget Kealy Pat Neile Mary Kealy, Gran--
19 Mary James Hogan & Mary Murphy Thos Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzgerald, Drum--
5 Peter Moses Connors & Cathr Clear Pat Kavanagh Bridget Brein, Coolisnag--
25 Wilm David Doyle & Mary Byrne John Murphy Mary Lawler, Drum--
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Mar 25 Mary James Murphy & Bridget __[?To--] Dennis Murphy Mary McDonald, Miltown
26 Mary Michl Whalan & Mary Tool Thos Lylis[?] Mary Kehoe, Raheenlugh
Apr 2 Cath Pat Byrne & Bridget Kenny Thos Kinny Mary Comeford, Knockdruma
2 Elisa Peter Tore[?] & Anne Daly James Daly Margt Gahan, Sheean
2 Mary James Kavanagh & Betty Farrill Thos Kelly Betty Kavanagh, Raheenlug--
2 Mary John Byrne & Bridt Keating Richd Davis[?] Margt Keating, Knockin--
2 Mary John Gahan & Anne Hogan Martin Ward Bridt Hogan. Knocklinag--
2 Michl Michl Doyle & Anty Bryan Tim Bryan Mary Bryan, Balina--
6 Patt Peter Hogan & Ann Nolan Thos Hogan, Bridget Hogan, Colsnogha--
8 Pat Lazarus[?] Byrne & Billy Murphy Jas Darcy Ellin Kinnedy, Knocklinag--
8 Ellin James Cummins & Mary Murphy Luke Collins  Mary Young, Knocklinag--
16 James Michl Taylor & Mary Doyle John Barry Mary Kennedy, Knockalinaga--
_ Cath Pat Kelly & Cathr Healy Ned Kinihan[?] Cathr Murphy, Knockendrum
_ Thos Pat Fenlon & Elisa Butler Tim Fenlon, Cathr Fenlon, ---
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October 1844          
_ William Wm Butler & ___ Neil Laurence Jones Ann McClane, Milt...
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  [unable to read first two entries]      
15 Dec Anne John Brennan & Bridgt Laughlin Patrick Suttin Catherine Fitzpatrick, Myshall
15 Wm James Henesy & Bridget Finn Henry Nolan Ellen Nolan, Raheenwood
22nd Decr Judith James Tobin & Mary Kelly Michael Tobin Mary Murphy, Ballinree
12th Janry 1851   [entry too faded, unable to read],      
Feby 5th   [entry too faded, unable to read],     Myshall
Feby 5th Michael Edwd Gorman & Winifred Nolan Michael Loughlin Mary Nolan, Aclare
9 John John Sp___ & Mary Henesy Michl ___ Rose Milltowne
10_ [?Alitia] Thomas Hogan & Anne Hogan Thomas Hogan Mary Hogan, Shean
18th Patrick Wm Kelly & Mary Rourke James Eustace Maria Rourke, Myshall
25 Bridget John Kennady & Judy Corcoran Thomas Clovin Catherine Eustice, Rasacana
2 Mar James John Murphy & Mary McDonnell John McDonnell Bridgt, Knoclonegad
Mar 9 Martha[?] Maria Robert Fenlon [?] Garret Finlon Mary Whelan, Myshall
9 Anne Elisa Murry Garret Finlon Mary Whelan, Myshall
16 Mary Pat Kelly & Anne Finlon John Finlon Bridget Murphy, Ballinree
17th Patrick Denis McEvoy and Ellin Nolan Thomas Waters Mary Dwyre, Ballinree
Apr 2 Patrick James Cummins & Mary Murphy John Murphy Margt Murphy, Knoclonegad
April 4th Thomas Thomas Doyle & Mary Brien Thomas Brien Anna Kealy, Myshall
[last two entries faded, unable to read]      
Other abstracted records      
1845 ___ Mary Lawrence Cullen & Mary Keating      
1846 March 22, Patrick Christopher Metcalf & Mar__ ___ John Cummins Hanora Casey  
1849 June 8, John Thos Date[?] & Anne Murphy John Murphy Margt Cummins  
1849 June 15, Catherine John Nolan & Mary Fenlon John Cummins Betty Brian  
1849 June 27, Bridget Pat Deverix & Ellen Fenlon Pat Fenlon Mariann Cummins  
1858 Feby 7, Doolan, Patrick Thos & Margaret Byrne Thos Commons Bridget Ryan  
1858 October 10, Cox[?], Jno Jno & Bridget Nolan Laurence Rourke Anne Cummins  
1859 Jany 30, Nolan, Bridget Danl & Mary Tool Thos Mack Ellen Cummins  
1859 October 30, Pender, John Patk & Elizabeth Dempsey Andrew Kearney Mary Cumming  
Source: LDS British Family History Library Film #926123
Contributed by Sue Clement

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