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Transcriptions from "Irish World" newspaper, New York

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Transcriptions from "Irish World" newspaper, New York, New York

The Irish World Newspaper is available in a online version at

I am starting on a project to transcribe the Carlow section from the “Irish World” Newspaper, published about weekly in New York City, New York, USA. The Newspaper Archive that I subscribe to has the archives from 1890 to 1905, though I do not know if that was the extent of the paper’s publication. Each weekly issue had a section with news of each county back in Ireland. I have done searches on the database, but because the search is done with optical recognition, I know that not all the key words were found by the OCR program. So I am going through the Carlow section of each issue, and thought I might as well transcribe and share as I go along. I hope there will be something for everyone to find! If nothing else the paper provides an interesting, valuable and sometimes humorous peek back in time.

Information transcribed and provided by Sue Clement 2011

Irish World, 11 Jan 1890



Carlow Sessions. - Michael McEvoy of Kilballyhue was found guilty of stealing a watch, the property of John Troy. It appeared both slept at Martin Farrell's, Tullow St., Carlow, and during the night, the watch was stolen.

Death of a Nationalist. - The Nationalists of Tullow have sustained a serious loss by the death of one who was ever foremost in their ranks -Lawrence Doyle, Tullow, who died recently, and for whom there was an office and High Mass in Holy Rosary Church, Tullow. His remains were interred in Clonmore.

Carlow Defence Association. - A meeting was recently held in the Catholic Institution, Carlow, to make arrangements for collecting. Father Kavanaugh presided. The following collectors were appointed: - Dublin st., Athy road, Montgomery st., Browne st., Charlotte st., Chapel st., Dublin road, and district - Messrs. Michael O'Reilly and E.T. Mulhall. Tullow st. - Messrs. John Hammond and T. Murphy. Washington square, Coal-market, Castle-hill, and district - Messrs. M. Governey and P.J. Conlan. Barack st., Pollerton road, and Staplestown road - Messrs. John Whelan and John  P. Clowry. Burrin st -Messrs. Michael Molloy and John Kelly. On the motion of Mr. Mulhall, Mr. Molloy was elected Treasurer.

Death of Father Carey. - The death of the venerated Pastor of Borris took place recently. He realized in an eminent degree during his long life the people's ideal of the true soggarth - simple, mirthful, hospitable, zealous for the welfare of religion and for the glory of God's house. The Solemn Office and Requiem Mass for the repose of his soul were celebrated in the parish church, where he had so long and faithfully ministered. Most Rev. Doctor Comerford, Coadjutor Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, presided in the choir. The celebrant of the Holy Sacrifice was Rev. W. P. Bourke, Curragh Camp, assisted by Rev. D. Bourke, Paulstown, as deacon, and Rev. Joseph Mooney, Portarlington, as sub-deacon. Rev. J. Beauchamp, Borris, acted as master of ceremonies.

The '98 Memorial. - A meeting of the committee was held recently, Mr. T. Keegan in the chair. Also present - Messrs T. O'Gorman, J. Brennan, William Bergin, John Kelly, James Fenlon, P. Curran, M. Dunne, M. Pender, J. Conlan.

The Sec. said he had written to the Rev. E. Kavanagh, Adm., and the Rev. James Dempsey, Adm., Arles, asking them to become hon. members, but had not yet received a reply. The chairman read a letter from Mr. J. J. Conlan regretting his inability to attend the meeting. He enclosed, to be submitted to the meeting, draft circular inviting contributions from their fellow-countrymen in America. He recommended that steps should be taken to have subscriptions collected, and requested this his name should be put down for 1. The circular to Irishmen in America was approved, and ordered to be printed for circulation.

Death of Patrick Kehoe, Bagenalstown. - The above amiable and courteous gentleman died recently after a few hours' illness, very much regretted by his friends and the public. Deceased was principal in the firm of Kehoe Brothers. His sister, the late Mrs. Leyne, was married to one of the most genial members of the brilliant '48 band of patriots - "Zozimus" of the Nation, whose death his friend, A.M. Sullivan, so pathetically described in "Now Ireland," and whose brother, J. O'Connell Leyne, has long held a professorship in Carlow College. Mr. Kehoe was of a very quiet and retiring disposition, kindly, benevolent, refined, and one who carried the traditions of his house for honesty and old friendships with a jealous care. The Office and Requiem Mass were celebrated in the parish church, Bagenalstown, on Saturday, Rev. B. O'Neill presiding; Revs. J. Murray, celebrant; W. Norris, deacon; D. Bourke, sub-deacon; H. Dunne and J. Murray, Carlow, chanters; J. Delany, Dean Carlow College, master of ceremonies.

Irish World, 18 Jan 1890


Carlow. - Death of Mr. A. McMurrough Kavanagh. - The death of this widely-known gentleman recently took place at his residence in England. Deceased owned an extensive tract of land in Carlow County. He was a direct descendant of that King of Leinster who gave his daughter's hand in marriage to Strongbow, as recompense for his warlike assistance, which arrangement contributed to make Ireland a province instead of a nation. He represented Wexford in Parliament from 1866 to 1868, and Carlow from 1869 to 1880.

Deceased was not remarkable for tenderness to his tenantry. The deceased was a mere trunk, being destitute of legs and arms.

Irish World, 25 Jan 1890


Carlow. - Mr. Gorman has been appointed rate collector by the Carlow Town Commissioners.

Sad Drowning Accident. - A woman named Kavanagh was recently drowned near Old Leighlin. It appears she lost her way.

Died. - Robert Bell, at Pembroke, Carlow, December 29, aged 63; Denis Shannon, at Hackettstown, December 15, aged 31.

Deportation Again. - The military authorities at No[_]ey, England, informed the Carlow Guardians that they were sending them a soldier named McCabe, a native of Leighlin Bridge.

The Death has been announced of Very Rev. William Smith-King, Dean of Leighlin and St. Patrick's, at Carlow. Deceased was a highly-respected clergyman of the Irish Protestant Church and had reached the ripe age of 80 years.

The '98 Memorial. - Almost 100 years have rolled away since in the "Croppies' Hole" the remains of the brave Carlowmen who rose to right the wrongs of their country were laid to rest, and over which no epitaph was raised recording us a glowing example for future generations the heroic sacrifices made by these humble but noble patriots of Carlow.

Not long will that spot now be without a [___] memorial worthy of the martyrs and worthy of the cause for which they died. A committee has been formed, consisting of the following members: - Rev. D. Byrne, Messrs. Keegan, McDonald, Dunne, R[___], Pender, Curran, Carey, Kelly, O'Gorman, Ranes[?], Clowry, Gough, Quinlan, and Brennan. Subscriptions are rolling in. The ground has been [___] around, and an account opened in the National Bank. The following trustees have been elected: - Rev. D. Byrne, Messrs. Governey, Keagan, and Fenlon. In a short time a memorial will stand over the Croppies' grave of which Carlowmen will be proud.

The late Miss Bolger, Tullow.- In the Little Chapel, Grange, on December 27, the Mass of Requiem and Office for above lady were celebrated. The Most Rev. Dr. Lymon presided in the sanctuary. Rev. P. Bolger (brother to deceased) as celebrant of the Mass.

The following clergy were in the choir: - Rev. J. Phelan, Rathvilly; Rev. W. Byrne, Ballyconnell; Rev. James Robinson, Tinryland, etc.

Amongst those who attended the funeral services were noticed: - E. Byrne, P. Byrne, and Miss Byrne, Tullow; E. Murphy, Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Patrick Murphy, Tullow; the Misses Murphy, Tullow; W. Maher and Mrs. Maher, Bridge Hotel, Tullow; Mrs. Tynan and Miss Tynan, Carlow; C.J. NacNally, Professor, Carlow College, Mrs. MacNally, Mr. Roche and Mrs. Josephine Roche, Thomas Murphy and Miss Doyle, Carlow; Patrick Hanlon, Grangeforth; W. Curran and Mrs. J. Curran, Mrs. Walter Cummins, Bennekerry; Misses Kehoe, Misses Dawson.

Many ladies from Tullow and the district were also present at the obsequies to pay a tribute to the memory of the amiable and gentle girl whom they esteemed and loved during life.

Wreaths and messages of sympathy were sent from the Convent, Tullow; the Convent, Goresbridge; the Presentation Convent, Maynooth; Rev. Henry Dunne, Bagenalstown; Miss Kelly, Borris; Mrs. McCullagh, Tuillow; Mrs. Maher, Hotel, Tullow; Miss Byrne, Hotel, Tullow.

[Other names mentioned in this issue- James Fenlon of Closh, Thomas Moran of Graigue, James Keegin.]

News from All Parts of the United States

New York

Died.- On January 18, Michael Deevy, a native of County Carlow, Ireland. His funeral took place from 10 West st. on Sunday, January 19, at 2 o'clock, to Calvary Cemetery.

Irish World, 1 February 1890


Carlow. - Died - Mary Donohow, at Clough, January 7, aged 88.

M. Pender was elected Captain of the Carlow Graigue Gaelic Club recently.

Sad Death of a Carlow Boatman. - John Kinsella, a native of Graiguenamanagh, who was bringing a boat from Shackleton's store, Carlow-Graigue, to the Barrow Navigation Company's stores, met his death by being crushed when passing under one of the arches of the bridge.

St. Mullins League. - A meeting of the committee of this branch was held at Glynn, L. J. Doyle in the chair. Also present: - Rev. J. Ferris, Messrs. M. Deering, J. Coady, jr., J. Coady, sr., J. Brennan, P. Gladney, T. Kavanagh, P. Breen, E. Byrne, M. Comerford, J. Murray. The lists of the previous day's collections for the Tenants' Defence Fund was examined and showed a pleasing record of the patriotism of the parish, being but few absentees, except from outlying districts. The sum received was over £50.

Old Leighlin Gaels Elect Officers. - The St. Lazerian Club, which was established about two months ago, held their inaugural meeting for the purpose of electing officers and committee for the ensuing year. The following were elected: - John Doran, Pres.; James Murphy (Sougboro'), Capt; Patrick McCabe, Vice-Capt.; William Timmins (Banagagols), Referee; M. Maher, Sec. The following compose the committee: - J. J. McArdle, J. McCabe, M. Carey, M. Meany, J. Doran, P. Murphy, P. McDonald, and E. Wynne.

Rathvilly League. - Father Phelan presided at last meeting of above and amongst those present were: - Rev. Patrick Byrne, Mssrs. Michael Nolan, Edward Kelly, John Kehoe, Denis Deering, Treas.; M. P. Maher, Hon. Sec.; Michael Lawler, John Hayden, James Byrne, Michael Byrne, Patrick Dowling, Michael Barrett, Timothy O'Toole, James Kehoe, John Donnelly, John Brown, Michael Barry, Denis Doyle, Denis Lawler, Edward Nolan, Wm. Bolger, Matthew Tobin. A resolution of confidence in Mr. Parnell was passed. Wm. Salter, Ballybitt, was elected a member. The President announced that the Tenants' Defence Fund had reached £100.

Irish World, 1 March 1890


Carlow. - Foot-Ball Tournament in Carlow.- Several matches were recently played in Carlow, the proceeds to be devoted to the Ninety-eight Memorial Fund.

Gaelic Notes.- The members of Carlow-Graigue Gaelic Club recently presented an address to Mr. Michael Pender, their former Captain, on his departure for America.

The Nationalist Ratepayers of Ballon have invited Michael O'Reilly of Carlow to allow himself to be nominated for the Poor Law guardianship of the division, in room of Walter B. Cummins, who intends to resign.

Creditable.- In the Kensington Local Examinations recently Annie Hearne, daughter of Thomas Hearne, Tullow St., Carlow, obtained sixth place in the United Kingdom. Her success is all the more remarkable as she was the only Irish girl in the list, and obtained the highest number of marks in French.

Carlow National League.- There was a general meeting of this branch recently held in Carlow Town hall, Father Kavanagh presiding. Addresses were delivered by the reverend President, Mr. O'Reilly, and Mr. Conlan, after which the election of officers for coming year took place and resulted as follows:- Pres., Rev. E. Kavanagh; Hon. Treas., John Whelan; Hon. Secs., Michael O'Reilly and J. Hosey. Committee- Country District- Rev. James Robinson, Rev. John Robinson, Matthew Butler, Timothy Dowling, Thomas Kehoe, Wm. Hade. Town District- Rev. James Byrne, Michael Governy, Michael Molloy, P.J. Conlan, E.T. Mulhall, Patrick Lawler.

Rathvilly, Ticknock, and Talbotstown League.- At last meeting in Rathvilly Rev. J. Phelan, President, in the Chair. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted:- That this branch begs to place on record its profound regret at the removal from Rathvilly of an influential and practical official of our Executive Committee, Rev. Patrick Byrne, who is transferred to Rathangan, County Kildare. That John Kepple, Tobinstown, a Protestant Nationalist, be selected to represent the Williamstown electoral division of the Baltinglass Union, in the room of John  Kehoe (Catholic), who contemplates resigning his seat.

The Croppies' Memorial.- At last meeting of the Committee a letter was read from John J. Dolan, New York, expressing his great interest in the fund and his assurance of support from the Irishmen of America, and requesting the Committee to have some person authorized by name to receive subscriptions there. On the motion of John Kelly, seconded by John Clowry, the following resolution was adopted:- That John J. Dolan, Honorary Secretary of the Carlow Association of New York, be empowered to receive subscriptions to the '98 Memorial Fund, and that Mr. Dolan be requested to obtain the assistance of his association to forward the success of this laudable object.

Information transcribed and provided by Sue Clement 2011

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