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Cllr. Enda Nolan

Rally Car Driver

Loss of a great character

CARLOW has lost another great character following the death of Fianna FŠil Councillor Enda Nolan on Easter Sunday morning. Finance Minister Brian Cowen, a life-long friend, put it best on Monday night when he said that even though Enda didnít take himself too seriously he was very serious about the work he did.

When I think back, the man who sat in the council chamber arguing the toss with all comers was a completely different man to the one you met in the corridor or out socially. One man was all on for getting what he could for those less fortunate than himself, be that housing, medical cards, grants for this or that, you name it. The other man was one who could keep you entertained for hours on end, reeling off story after story about other great characters he had come across on his travels.

I remember the time, over 20 years ago, when he was first elected a Councillor, to him it was only official confirmation for the work he had been doing since childhood. After all, politics ran in his blood. From the time he could talk he was representing people, he was always a great man to contact at election time. While others carried facts and figures in books and could find out the information for you it didnít matter what the year, all you had to do was ask Enda and he could reel off the information for you. At a count centre all he needed was a few minutes to get his bearings and he could forecast the eventual outcome to within a handful of votes.

Thankfully, I had the good sense to stop the car when I saw him walking down College Street a month ago. I hadnít seen him for a while and on getting into the car he immediately started telling one yarn after another. I enquired about his own health but he brushed that aside and was more anxious to relive old times, tell stories of other characters and comment on the changes taking place or which needed to take place around the town.

Before I knew it one of the most pleasant hours of my life had slipped by and I reluctantly had to say goodbye to Enda. I wished him a speedy recovery and said I looked forward to our next get-together. But that was not to be. Iím sorry now I didnít stay a little longer in his company.

Source: Carlow Nationalist Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Best Rally driver EVER!


Carlow Car Club suffered a major loss recently with the death of one of their most successful members, Enda Nolan.

Nolan was one of the most naturally gifted drivers to grace the National and Tarmac Championship in recent times. In fact one of the last events he took part in was the Galway International Rally. With his co-driver Michael Lyster, he had a remarkable top five finish in that event two months ago.

He was at his best in the early 1990ís, driving the famous green Sierra Cosworth. Some of his best achievements were in the Cork 20 in í92 he finished third overall. The same year the dynamic combination of Enda and Lyster came fourth in the Killarney Rally of the Lakes.

Posted by his daughter Katie Nolan-O'Callaghan on