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Sean & Peter O'Neill


Source: Carloviana - December. 1998 Page 7

A proud Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neill, 3 College Street, Carlow, in 1938 with her two soldier sons (Peter on left and Sean on right)
The occasion was the commissioning of her younger son Peter in the army.
Lieut Col. Sean (John) O'Neill
3 College Street, Carlow
Fianna Scouts - Carlow. 1915-1917.
Brigade Staff- Carlow Brigade, I.R.A. 1917-1920.
2nd Lieut. 1st Battn. Cavan Brigade I.R.A. 1920 - 4 months.
Captured & sentenced to be hanged but sentence was commuted to10 years Penal Servitude, because he was under 18 years of age.
Belfast Prison - 4 months 1920-2 1
Mountjoy Prison - 3 weeks 1921
Portland Prison - 6 months 1921
Dartmoor Prison - 5 months 1921-22.
Released February 1922 (General Amnesty).
Joined National Army - March 1922. "B" Coy. Dublin Guards
I.R.A., Beggars Bush.
Asst. Barrack Q.M. at Kilkenny Bks., Portobello Bks., & Collins Bks. from April 1922 to May 1924.
Asst. Brigade Q.M. Kilkenny (No.5) Brigade, May 1924-1926.
Asst. Command Q.M. Eastern Command, 1926-1927.
Staff of Inspection Branch (Chief of Staff), 1927-1928.
Staff of Inspector-General of the Forces, 1928-1931.
Personal Staff Officer to the Chief of Staff, McKee Bks. 1931-1940.
Promoted Commandant April 1939.
P. S. O. to Chief of Staff July, 1939 - February 1940.
Staff Officer i/c F.C.A. Western Comd. 1/4/1952.
Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 31/3/1952.
O i/c Bk. Service Section D.O.D. 14/2/1953.
Retired from army on 15 April, 1959.

Sean died on 8 June. 1984 and was interred in Dean's Grange Cemetery, Dublin, with full military honours. He is survived by his wife Nancy (formerly Annie Nolan, Bennekeny) and 4 of his five children - Brian (Dublin), Malachy (Canada), Aidan (Waterford) & Maura (Wicklow). At the time of his death, he was the last surviving member of the Carlow Pipe Band. The only surviving family member of his generation in Carlow is his sister, Mrs Kathleen Finnegan, 26 Barrack St., Carlow, who remembers his release from prison in February 1922 when crowds went up to the Railway Station in Carlow to greet him carrying sods of turf soaked in paraffin & set alight. He was carried shoulder-high home to 3 College Street. Carlow.

Lt-CoL Peter O'Neill
3 College St. Carlow
D.O.B 9/8/15
Corps:  Artillery
Enlisted 6/11/34
Appointments held
Staff Officer - Directorate Artillery,

O/C 3 FAR. FCA. O/C Kerry Area. FCA To. CDA S, Comd. SO. TRG & L OPS. S.Comd. Bat. Comdr. I. FAR O/C A Coy. 4BN. O/C 4AA.  Cadre. O/C I. FAR

Over seas service

42 BN 1965

Mil OBS 1968 Suez Canal.

Source: Carloviana - December. 1998 Page 7

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