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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Carlow Old Graves

County Carlow

Burial Plots for the Old Graves

By Kevin Kennedy "Carloviana" 1990/1991

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The following is an alphabetically list of names found on headstones in what is referred to as 'Carlow Old Graves'. There are approximately 322 names listed.  The graveyard is situated close to the River Barrow in Carlow Town and was granted during the Reign of James 1 (1603-1625) for the burial of Catholics of the Town of Carlow.

Please note that there is no plan of Burial Plots for the Old Graves, if there is not a stone erected it would be nearly impossible to place a particular burial spot. There is a map complete with index of the gravestone locations which was drawn up by an OCS member Kevin Kennedy in the 1980s lodged with Carlow County Museum. M. Purcell

Please follow the page numbers below for the inscriptions.
Adetly: (Lawlor) Curran: Fox: (Brennan) Lacy: (Byrne) Purcill:
Ballai; Currin: French: (Mulhall) Lalor: Quigley:
Barrington: Darey Furlong: Largtsnt: Quinlon:
Beaghan: (Rafter, Deagan) Dargan: Gardiner: Lawler: Qvigly:
Belton: (Davoren) Davis: Gaskin: Lawler: (Seymour) Rafter:
Bergin: Davoren: Geddes: Lawless: Ray:
Bernard Deagan: Geoghegan: (Parker) Lawlor: Reddy: (O'Brien)
Berry: (Kelly) Deerin: Gernon: Leech: (Barrett) (Kehoe) Redmond:
Bigley: Deering: Gone Gise: Lennon: Reilly:
Bowles: (Donnelly) Deevey: Gorman: Leonard: Roche:
Bray: Devoy: Grant: Levifton: Rogers:
Brazel: Dillon: Gregan: Linam: (Woodhouse) Ryan:
Breen: Donnelly: Grifeth: Loughman: Saunders: (Gernon)
Brennan: Donnohoe: Harvey: (Holmes) Lynam: Seerey:
Brophy: Donnohue: Haughney: Lynch: Seymour:
Bryan: Doran: Haughney: Haughney Mulhall: Shelly: (Whelan)
Burbridge: Doran: (Burbridge) Haughn'y: Murphy: Sherlo….
Burdell: Doran: (Doyle) Hayden: Murray: Short:
Byrne: Dormer: Haydon: Murray: (Manning) Shortly:
Byrne: (Cullen) Dowling: Headn: Neill: Smith:
Byrne: (Curran) Dowling: Heffernan: Nichiolfon: Smyth:
Byrne: (Flyn) Doyle: Helehan: Nicholson: Spencer:
Byrne: (Thornton ) Doyle: (Oliver) Hendrick: Nolan: St John: (Fitzgerald)
Cahill: (Brady) Dunnahoe: Hepeny: Nolan: (Leonard) Staunton:
Carpenter: Dunne: Heyden: Norton: Storey:
Carr: Dunne: (Dunny) Hickey: O'Brien: Suluane:
Carroll: Dunne: (McNamara) Higgins: O'Bryen: Thornton:
Carter: (Nolan) Dunne: (Murphy) Hoey: O'Doherty: Thrnbull:
Carty: (Fennel) Dunny Hogan: O'Keeffe: Timmins:
Clifton: Dwigan: Hogan: (Brophy) Oliver: Tobin:
Coady: Ega-: Holmes: O'Meara: Tynan:
Coalman: Ellis: Horan: (Coyle) O'Moore: Vreslin: (Byrne)
Coffey: Euers: Hughes: O'Neill: Walker:
Coffey: (Finn) Farel: Hughes: (Devoy) O'Neill: (O'Sullivan) Wall:
Coffey: (Ward) Farrel: Hyland: O'Sullivan: Wall: (Conor)
Connelly: Farrell: Hynes: (Dowling) Pallinger: Walsh:
Connelly: (Tynan) Fay: Johnston: Parker: Ward:
Connor: Fennell: Kealey: Pendergras: Warren: (Brien) (McDonald)
Cooke: Finn: Keating: Pierson: Wauers:
Corcoran: Fisher: Keegan: PolIen: Webster:
Corr: Fisher: (Largant) Keenan: Prendergast: Welch: (Finn)
Corr: (O'Moore) Fitzgerald: Kehoe: Preston: Whealan:
Cosgrave: Fitzharris: Kelley:   Whealan: (McGuinness)
Coyle: Flaharity: Kelly:   Whelan:
Cross: Flood: Kelly: (Brennan)   Whelan: (McGrath)
Crowe: Flyn: Kelly: (Cummins)   Williams:
CuIlen: Fogerty: Kennedy:   Wright:
Culuane: Foiuley: Kenny:   Young:
Cummins: Foley: Kerry: (Hendrick), (Foley)    
Curran:   Keysbery:    
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6
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