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Pat Purcell Papers

Doyles Plucking Sheep 1762

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Doyles Plucking Sheep 1762.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Examination of Edmond Wall of [ ? ] Carlow taken before Henry Colclough, Esquire ~

Edmond Wall Saith that for a Considerable time past he has had several of his Sheep plucked and the Wool barley taken of the skin and has sustained a Considerable loss thereby.

He Saith that he went in search of this Wool in the House of William Doyle of Knockandrane and on he seizing the Wool, Mary Doyle wife of William confessed the Wool to be the property of the aforesaid Edmond Wall but told him that the Wool was brought into the house by one of her daughters who she sayd was young and foolish.

Edmond Wall Saith he hath for these several years past lost a Considerable Quanity of Wool by having his sheep plucked and further Saith he verily believes his sheep has been so Plucked and the Wool disposed of by William and Mary Doyle and their children by their Directions and further Saith not ~~~

(signed) Edmond, his X mark, Wall.
Edmond Wall bound in 20 to Prosecute at the next assizes for the County of Carlow.
Sworn before me this 10th day of March 1762.
(signed) Henry Colclough

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow <>

By kind permission of M. Purcell c2012.

From: Michael Purcell <>

1762, Dawson, Bunbury, Gurley, Carmichael, Proctor, Dobbyns, Jackson, King & George!

Abbreviated transcription from a long account of property transaction on faded parchment in the PPP.

The present-day location of the property is the offices of Carlow County Council.

Indenture 1762.

This Indenture made the fourteenth day of July in the Second Year of the Reign of our Sovereign and Chief Lord, George, King, and so Forth, of the Kingdom of Ireland, between the Honourable Arthur Dawson, of Athy Street in the County of Catherlough, and the Court of the Exchequer in Ireland, Dublin, Esquire, one of the Barons of our Lord the King of the one part and Henry Bunbury, of the same, Esquire, one of our Justices of the Peace of our Lord the King, of the other part.

 Witnessed here that in consideration of the yearly Rent and Covenants herein mentioned to lett the house, out offices and garden adjoining, situate on Athy Street, in the Town and County of Catherlough, bounded on the West by the River Barrow walk, on the East by Athy Street, on the North by Gurley's Plotts and on the South by Dobbyn's and Proctor's Holding.

All That  To Have And To Hold All That herein mentioned for and during the Reign of our said Lord the King, by the said Henry Bunbury, his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, the said House and the Ground adjoining commencing the twenty first day of July in the Second Year of the Reign of our said Lord the King.

(signed) George Dawson, Bart. Henry Bunbury, Esquire, J.P.

Witnessed this the Fourteenth Day of July in the Second Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord the King, (signed) Walter Carmichael, Clerk for Catherlough, James Jackson, Assistant Clerk.

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