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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow to Wit 1782

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

County  of Carlow
     to Wit


The Examination of Lewis Moore of the City of Kilkenny Cooper


Who being duly sworn on the holy Evangelists Examined Sayeth that on the 16th day of July Inst as this Examt, was pafsing through the town of Wells in said County he met with Catherin Masterson who Seduced him into the House of James Tomlinson of said Wells ale Dreaper when she then and there prepared a bed for Exam't where he lay a sleep for a Considerable time, but in some time after Exam't awoke from said sleep he missed five Guineas in Gold and three shillings and three pence in silver which this Examt had in his pocket when seduced into said Tomlinson’s house as aforesaid and which said sum was feloniously taken from this Examt by the said Catherin Masterson or someone employed by the said Catherin Masterson for that purpose ~~~ [6 words blotted out] ~~~ Examt Craves his Majesty's peace and so forth.

Sworn before me this 17th day of July 1782
(Signed) Lewis Moore
Sworn before me this 17th day of July 1782
(Signed) T. Perkins.

Examt Bound on twenty pound to prosecute at next Assizes General Goal Delivery to be held in afore said County)~~~

[Note added 2012 by Michael Purcell:

Lewis Moore, a Cooper, from Kilkenny passing through Wells in Carlow in 1782 is lured by Catherine Masterson into, what appears to be, a "dodgey" house. The house is owned by James Tomlinson who is described as an "ale Dreaper" (18th century slang for an "Ale House Keeper" or a Pub selling only Ale without a license to sell Spirits.)

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From Pat Purcell Papers 2012. Transcribed by Michael Brennan.

"Extracts from old research notes compiled by the late Pat Purcell"

Pat Purcell Papers

Surnames: Largon (Largin), Lemon, Watson & Tarleton.


John Largon of Carlow, Carpenter, of the Town of Carlow, Last Will dated 9th February, 1780.

Proved 3rd September 1782.

Daughter, Mary, wife of Joseph Lemon [ ? ].

His son Michael Largin enlisted in Carlow with the famous "Tarleton's Light Dragoons" in 1783, he served as Lieutenant.

In 1779 he was listed as Sergeant in Captain Needham's Troop.

He served in the war in America 1779 - 1782 with the British Legion Cavalry forces of King George the Third, where he was stationed in Boston, America and fought in the Guards alongside Colonel Watson of Carlow up to the time of the "British Establishment of Peace with America".

He married in Nova Scotia, Halifax in 1783.

He was appointed Naval Officer at the Port of Shelburne, Nova Scotia in 1784.

He accidentally drowned when his boat sank on 4th July 1790 in the Port of Shelburne, his wife Elizabeth and four children, the eldest, George Tarleton Largin, aged six years, survived him.

His 1782 Commission as Adjutant in the Cavalry Corps signed by King George the Third reads.

GEORGE THE THIRD by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith and so Forth.

TO our Trusty and Well Beloved, Michael Largin,

Gentleman, GREETING~~~

We do by those Presents, Constitute and Appoint you to be Adjutant to our Regiment of Light Dragoons commanded by our Trusty and Well Beloved Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Banastre Tarleton.

YOU are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the DUTY of Adjutant by doing and performing all and all manner of things thereunto belonging. ~~~

AND you are to observe and follow such Orders and Directions from Time to Time as you shall receive from your Lieutenant Colonel Commandant or any other Superior Officers according to the Rules and Discipline of War.~~~

GIVEN at Our Court at St. Jame's the Twenty Fifth day of December 1782 in the Twenty Third of Our Reign.

BY his Majesty's Command.

(signed) George 111 Rex "

Source: Mick Purcell (Facebook)


Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Banastre Tarleton

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