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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1800

Courtesy of Michael Purcell

Names: Clowry, Fenelon, Kavanagh & Cornwall 1800.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Recognizance to appear in open Court at the next General Sessions at Carlow.

Timothy Fenelon maketh Oath the he usually resides at Dunleckney in the Townland of Dunleckney in the Parish of Dunleckney in the Barony of Idrone East. (signed) Timothy, his X mark, Fenelon. Indebted unto our Sovereign. 20 Sterling.

John Kavanagh is a Householder and actually resides at Myshall.
(signed) John Kavanagh. 10 Sterling.

Peter Clowry is a Householder and actually resides at Ballaghmore in the Townland of Balaghmore in the Parish of Myshall in the Baront of Forth

(signed) Pete Clowry. 10 Sterling.
Sworn before me this 23rd Day of September 1800.
(signed) Robert Cornwall.
(being first truly read to Timothy Felelon)

Names: Darcy, Moore, Burton

& King George, his Dignity and Crown.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Mary Darcy wife of Edward Darcy of the Town of Carlow, Carpenter, taken before Sir Charles Burton, Bart., One of His Majestys Justices of the Peace for Carlow, Who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined Saith that on Friday the 14th day of October 1800 she Went to the House of Andrew Moore of Carlow, Publican with an Affidavit Signed by Sir Charles Burton, Bart, made by Mary Darcy and her Husband on account of a Three Guinea and a half note left with the said Moore's wife, Margaret Moore in lieu of Twenty Shillings owed to Mary Darcy's daughter, and that on presenting the Affidavit to Andrew Moore he abused her and Called her Offensive names, caught a tremendous hold of her by the arm, pulled and dragged her with intent to throw her out into the Street.

And that on her making some Resistance, he pulled her and dragged her with intent of putting her into the Back yard with an intent to abuse and ill treat her as she Very believes.

And on her making some Resistance from putting her out, he Immediately dragged and hauled her a Considerable distance into his Shop to the door - Pushed and Knocked her down - and when down took her by the feet and threw her Out into the publick Street - and Mary Darcy was put in great dread and terror of her Life by Andrew Moore~~~

(signed) Meary Darcy.
Sworn before me this 15th day of October 1800.
(signed) Charles Burton.

NB ~ This is a direct abuse of my Power as Magistrate to Administer Affidavits and Justice and furthermore to the Peace, Crown and Dignity of  our Sovereign Lord George the third, King, and the Sworn Information must be harshly dealt with, I will not suffer my Authority and Appointment granted in the name of our Sovereign Lord George the third, King to be abused in this manner, publican Moore and his wife should be placed in Publick Stocks at Market place until they relent and to the example to his class.

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow <>

Surnames: Lawlor, Cummins, Bryan & Kavanagh.

 [Note added 2012.
Monibeg =- Bagenalstown.
Guinea = one pound, one shilling,
Crown = five shillings].

 Pat Purcell Papers.


Thomas Lawlor of Kilkenny, Huckester, came before me this day and made an oath on the Holy Evangelists that on the beginning of February last he sold a mare to Richard Bryan of Ballycavis which mare he had bought before from Michael Cummins, of Monibeg, Publican, believing it to be his lawful property for the sum of three Guineas and a Crown~

(signed) Thomas Lawlor.
Sworn before me this 17th day of June 1800.
(signed) Walter Kavanagh.

Surnames: Neal, McDaniel, Delaney & Rochfort.

Pat Purcell Papers.


By Robert Rochfort, Esquire, one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

The Examination of James Neal of Ballinabrannagh, Parish of Cloydagh, in the County of Carlow, by trade a Cooper, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists and examined saith that on Wednesday the 23rd July 1800 between the hours of ten and eleven O'Clock at night two men came to his house.

They were Dennis McDaniel and Sylvester Delaney both resident in Graige, Queen's County. Dennis McDaniel came up to the house of James Neal and immediately demanded admittance upon which James Neal asked him what he wanted at that hour of the night, his answer was "open the door you rascal until I search your house for rebels", upon which James Neal was obliged to open the door and instantly received a punch on the breast from the muzzle of a pistol in said McDaniels hand.

McDaniel immediately swore he must have money or his life, upon which saying his wife bounced out of bed and ran to a trunk and opened it and shewed McDaniel some receipts, McDaniel immediately threw them about the floor saying to Mrs Neal  "you whore this is not what  - I want I must get money".

McDanial immediately ran into the bedroom and took hold of James Neals breeches and out of the Pocket book in the breeches took the amount of 7 Guineas, -- one of which was a 5 Guinea note and the others two 1 Guinea notes -- upon which McDaniel went to the fire and lit some chips and while they were lighting he said he must look at his watch as he said he must go that night elsewhere.

McDaniel made James Neal and his wife and his son swear that they would never give out or inform that they were robbed of either a Shilling, paper or money -- in consequence of what McDaniel had done in the house Mrs Neal was immediately taken violently ill and died in 14 days after and further James Neal sayth not ~~~

(signed) James Neal.

Sworn before me this day at the house of James Neal the 2nd day of August 1800.

(signed) Robert Rochfort.

James Neal further swears that during the time McDaniel was robbing the house the said Slyvester Delaney was guarding James Neals son in an out-house and prevented him from coming to assist James Neal and that Slyvester Delaney had a Gun in his hand.

James Neal bound in the sum of 10 to prosecute at the next General Assizes to be held in Carlow.

 Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

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