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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1801

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell - 2012

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Surnames mentioned: Nowlan, Kelly, Barrett, Lannon & Kilwarden.

[Note added by Michael Purcell 2011.

This Statement is signed by "Kilwarden" - Viscount Lord Kilwarden (Arthur Wolfe from Naas, a Kildare man) he served as Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench in Ireland.

He was piked to death by followers of Robert Emmet on Thomas Street, Dublin on 23rd July during the failed Rising of 1803.

He was travelling in a coach with his daughter, Marianne and his nephew, Rev. Henry Wolfe, when their coach was attacked by some of Emmet's group.

Lord Kilwarden put his head out through the coach window and shouted:-

"It is I, Kilwarden, The Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench"

The rebels could not believe their luck and dragged him from the coach.

Lord Kilwarden was piked, he lived a short while, some soldiers came to his rescue, he died shortly after.

His last words were "murder must be punished ~ but let no man suffer for my death, but on a fair trial, and by the laws of this country".

His nephew was piked to death during the attack; his daughter was saved by a local man who brought her into his house on Thomas Street.

In 1798 Lord Kilwarden made representation to have Wolfe Tone's life spared, it was rumoured at the time that Wolfe Tone was the illegitimate son of Lord Kilwarden.

Lord Kilwarden acted as Judge at Carlow Court House on many occasions.

A similar Statement to the one below states that Martin Kelly is also suffering from a "dangerous fever" and unable to attend at the same murder trial.]


Anastatia Barrett maketh Oath and Saith that she this day saw James Nowlan of Liselican in the County of Carlow at his house and that he was in his bed extremely sick of a dangerous fever according to the best of her skill, knowledge and belief - That she has been informed and verily believes that James Nowlan is a very material witness on the trial of James Lannon and Margaret Kelly for the murder of Patrick Kelly late of Laselican and that it is impossible for James Nowlan to attend at this present Assizes without imminent danger of his life.

(signed) Anastatia, her, X mark, Barrett ~~
Truly read by me to the said Anastatia Barret (signed) John Corcoran.
Sworn before the Court this 21st July 1801. ~ (signed) Kilwarden.

Surnames: Conron & Byrne.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


James Byrne of Portrishin, Farmer, in the Parish of Kiltegan in the Barony of Rathvilly, Carlow, to attend open Court at Tullow and ordered to keep the peace and forbear from injuring Michael Toole, his family or property.

Bondsman, Thomas Conron.

Thomas Conron maketh oath that he usually resides at Borkfil in the parish of Kiltegan the Barony of Talbotstown as he believes in the County of Wicklow and that he is worth ten pounds Sterling.

(signed) Thomas, his X mark, Conron.
Sworn before Edward Whitty February 27th 1801.
Documents transcribed and provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - 2012.

Highway Robbery, 1801

Thursday night last, the Cork mail coach, on its way to Dublin, was attacked about two miles on this side of Carlow, by a band of nearly forty robbers, well armed; the efcort of dragoons and the guard attending the mail, returned feveral rounds of piftols and musketry; but at length, the cavalry having exhaufted their ammunition witihout effect, the greater number of the robbers firing from behind the walls of Mr. Bruen's demesne, they were obliged to retreat to Carlow, and the coach and paffengers were left at the mercy of the robbers, who contented themfelves with plundering every thing they could lay their hands upon, and made off.

The Times of London, March 12th, 1801, p. 3.

Source: Turtle Bunbury April 2012

Names: Ryan, Clowry, Curran, Hayden, Saunders. Bigley & Burton.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Examination of Mary Ryan of the Barrack Street in Town of Carlow taken before Sir Charles Burton, Bart, having being first duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists Saith that on the 2nd day of January 1801 she was walking down Tullow Street in the Town of Carlow about her lawful doings when James Clowry, Leather Dealer, of Pollerton stood in her path and without any provocation called her a robber and proclaimed that her father Michael Ryan, Huxter, of Barrack Street was also a robber.

James Clowry demanded of Mary Ryan in a most menacing manner that the Twenty Guineas paid to Michael Ryan for the hand in marriage  of the said Mary Ryan should be returned to him forthwith saying that he would not have a common Whore of Scandalous reputation for the mother of his children, James Clowry continued such provocative Language forcing Mary Ryan to seek protection in the cellar of Margaret Curran, Bonnet Maker, at Tullow Street.

James Clowry remained on the publick road loudly proclaiming in the most dreadful and abusive language directed at Mary Ryan so that all assembled in the street could hear.

The aforesaid Margaret Curran with the aid of a grate pincher flung a hot coal in his direction to compel him to withdraw James Clowry kicked the coal through the window breaking the glass and could if he had his evil desire have the House of Patrick Saunders, Tullow Street. consumed by  fire,  saying he would consume the house with fire and rid the Town of the two Whores within.

Mary Ryan was forced to climb out through a low window and seek protection in the house of big Daniel Hayden, Smith,  Bridewell Lane, having tore her Petticoat and lost her shoe in the escape, from where in the dark of night she was escorted by Daniel Hayden son of big Dan and Bridget Bigley to her fathers house in Barrack Street and further Saith that she (Mary Ryan) is now afraid of been confronted in the Publick Streets or on the Kings Highway by James Clowry intent on accomplishing his evil design on her and she is prevented from going about her Lawful doings in the Town of Carlow and further Saith that she had no knowledge of her father having made a marriage settlement on her with the aforesaid James Clowry and would have no objection to such an arrangement if she had and Mary Ryan further Saith that she has no knowledge of the purpose of James Clowry in calling her a Whore and further Saith naught~~.

Mary Ryan now in her eighteenth year craves for the Protection of the Magistrates.

(signed) Mary, her X mark, Ryan,
having first being read to her by Michael Whitmore,
Sworn before me this 6th day of June, 1801. Charles Burton.

From Michael Purcell & Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.
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