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Pat Purcell Papers

County Carlow 1803

Riotous Disorderly Manner

From the PPP.


The Information of Patrick Nowlan and Thomas Ellard both of Ballon Hill, Carlow, Labourers, taken under Oath before me one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

Partrick Nowlan saith that between the hours of nine and ten of the Clock on the night of Sunday the 27th day of November 1803 as he together with Thomas Ellard were peacfully passing through the town of Ballon they were met by the following persons Viz: Owen Cummins of Monmore with his three sons Patt, James and Terence, Tim Maher and John Maher of Killane, Labourers, Peter Regan (Rugan?) of Thurstown, Labouror, John Byrne of Clonbolly, Labourer, Simon and Luke Nowlan of Meuing ?, Labourers and Thomas Cummins, Monmore, together with several others unknown to the Informants, all of them appeared in the most Riotous disorderly manner carrying with them Clubs etc.

That then and there the said James and Patrick Cummins most Violently Struck and Knocked down the Informants without any provocation which Strokes has greatly Bruized Patrick Nowlan about the head and eyes. When Patrick Nowlan was Knocked down Owen Cummins laid fast hold of him and gave him several Strokes and at the same time bid him not to   ? (3 words ?).

Thomas Ellard states that Terence Cummins Struck him without any Provocation.
Sworn this day 30th August 1803, (signed)?


Fenlon, Geehan & Knott.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Examinations of Maurice Fenlon of Shehan, Carlow, Farmer, taken before me William Knott, Esquire,  one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for Carlow, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists saith that on Tuesday night last about six Kishes of turf were stolen from off the lands of Carrigbeg, Carlow the property of Maurice Fenlon that he could easily have sold the six Kishes for ten shillings --- he further saith that on the Wednesday morning about eleven O'Clock he traced the marks of a horse and Car to the house of Patrick Geehan of Carrickbeg, labourer, --- that the tracks of the horse and Car were quite fresh and that the tracks were only visible between the place where the turf was stacked and the house of Patrick Geehan,----- he further Saith that he found some turf which he verily believes was some of the turf feloniously taken away and this is the reason for so believing is that Geehan made but about ten Kishes of turf last Summer which had been consumed a long time before, ---- he further saith that Geehan during the last Summer when all the rest of the County were making their  turf he said that the County was making turf for him and that he would not want for turf as long as it was in the Bog --- he further saith that on searching Geehan's house he saw a bridle in the [?] Room which had been stolen from him during last November he can positively swear that the Bridle was the one stolen as the Bit had been broken and was welded in a particular way and from several other particular marks and Maurice Fenlon further saith not ~~

(signed) Maurice, his X mark, Fenlon.
Sworn before me this 7th day of April 1803.
(signed) William Knott.

Names: Goff (Goss), Murphy& Thomas

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Catherine Goff maketh Oath that she usually lives at Portrisian in the Town-land of Portrisian in the Parish of Rathvilly in the Barony of Rathvilly and in the County of Carlow.

10 Recognizance to Prosecute Denis Murphy for beating and abusing her.

(signed) Catherine, her X mark, Goff. [should this be Goss ?]
Sworn before me this 5th day of August 1803 (signed) Francis Thomas.

Names: Kinsela, Butler & Walsh.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Informations of Thomas Kinsela of Ballon in the County of Carlow who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evanaglists and Examined Saith that on the night of 18th March last John Butler, Esquire, having first fired several shots in the street of Ballon forcibly broke open and entered into Kinsela's Dwelling house in Ballon assisted by Peter Walsh and the said John Butler being Armed with a Pistol abused Thomas Kinsela by calling him a Rebel and that he kept Rebels in his house and that if Thomas Kinsella stirred he would blow his brains out after which John Butler and Peter Walsh searched Kinsella's house and on John Butler returning he again fired his Pistol in the street.

Thomas Kinsela Saith he is in dread and fear that John Butler means and intends to do him some bodily harm.

(signed) Thomas Kinsley.
Taken and Examined before me this 20th day of April 1803
(signed) [ ? ]

Surnames: Cummins, Keegan, Nowlan, Byrne, Maher & Callughan

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Jurors for our Lord the King upon their Oath, say and present, That Owen Cummins, Patrick Cummins, James Cummins, Terence Cummins all of Monemore, Carlow, Farmers.

Timothy Maher and John Maher of Killane, Labourers.
Peter Keegan of Thurstown, Labourer.
John Byrne of Clonbolly, Labourer.
Simon and Luke Nowlan of Mening, Labourers, and Thomas Cummins of Monmore, Farmer.

All in Carlow.

They with many other evil disposed Persons and Disturbers of the Peace of our said Lord the King, whose Names the Jurors are ignorant of, on the 27th Day of November in the 44th Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, with Force and Arms, that is to say, with Swords, Sticks, and so forth at Ballon in the County of Carlow, did then and there riotously, routously and unlawfully assemble and associate themselves together, and the said Persons being then and there so riotously, routously and unlawfully assembled and associated together as aforesaid, did then and there make a great affray contrary to the peace of our said Lord the King, his Crown and Dignity.

(signed) William Callughan.

Names: Cummins, James, Wolfe & Weld 1803

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Reverend Richard Straubenzie Wolfe maketh oath that he usually resides at Kilsallahen County Dublin.

(signed) R. S. Wolfe.

Michael Weld maketh oath that he usually resides at Lodge in the Townland of Moneybeg Parish of Dunleckney and Barony of Idrone East

(signed) Richard Weld.
Sworn before us this 7th July 1803.
(signed) John Stewart and [ ? ].

Be it remembered that the above named acknowledge themselves bound in the sum of [ ? ] on condition that if Stephen James now a Prisoner in Carlow Gaol do make his personal appearance in open court to be held in Carlow for the prosecution of Michael Cummins of Moneybeg.


Note from Michael Purcell 2012

On the 23rd July, just 16 days after signing this document, Reverend Richard Straubenzie Wolfe, sometime vicar at Dunleckney, was piked to death by followers of Robert Emmet.

Richard was travelling in a coach with his grandfather's brother Arthur Wolfe (Lord Kilwarden) and Arthur's daughter when their coach was stopped on Thomas Street in Dublin, by a group of insurgents.

When requested to identify themselves it was said that Lord Kilwarden put his head out through the coach window and shouted:-

"It is I, Kilwarden, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench"

The rebels could not believe their luck and dragged him from the coach.

 Lord Kilwarden was piked, some soldiers came to his rescue, he died the following morning.

Arthur's daughter escaped by hiding in some nearby houses but Reverend Richard Wolfe was piked and his mangled body was removed to Dublin Castle.

 Lord Kilwarden, from Kildare, was a regular visitor to the Browne family in Carlow, on many occasions he presided at trials in Carlow Court House.

In June 1800 he was promoted to Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench in Ireland.

A portrait of Richard Wolfe was sold last year at a Dublin auction house, I drew attention of the sale to a present-day descendant of the Wolfe family, I was requested to purchase the picture on their behalf, when handing over the picture I gave the original of the 1803 Wolfe / Weld document from the PPP to the family.

Names: James & Cummins 1803.

Stephen James and Julia James of Moland [ ? ], Moneybegg in the Parish of Dunleckney, Carlow came before me voluntary to make Oath that to the best of their knowledge Michael Cummin of Moneybeg is not to be believed on his Oath that his head has not been considered steady since his imprisionment at Leighlinbridge in 1798.

So help us God (signed) Stephen James, Julia James.

Sworn before me on this 5th day of July 1803.
(signed) Richard Weld.

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

Source: M. Purcell c2011&2012.

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