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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1807

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Names: Goss, Lyons, Deane, Carney & Kennedy.

Pat Purcell Papers


Recognizance to Prosecute. John Goss and William Lyons maketh Oath they usually reside at Portrition in the Parish of Killtegan in the Barony of Rathvilly, Carlow Acknowledge themselves indebted unto our Sovereign Lord King George the Third in theSum of 20 Sterling. The condition of the foregoing Recognizance is such that they shall appear in open Court at Tullow to Prosecute Thomas Carney, John Kennedy and Thomas Deane for false Imprisonment. Sworn before me this 9th day of June 1807.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Pat Purcell Paper's

Case of Mathew Byrne - 1807

The information of Henry Bunbury esq. of Bunbury Lodge. One of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said county taken before Hardy Eustace esq. another of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said County Carlow.

Who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists and examined saith that about four o'clock in the afternoon of Friday the 13th of November inst. as this Deponent was walking down Tullow St in the town of Carlow he saw a mob or crowd assembled a ring formed at a standing or standings of fruit and other things usually there upset and tossed about the centre of said Market Cross... upon Deponent applied to Mr James Smyth, saddler, who stood on the steps at his own door adjoining said Market Cross to know the cause of said mob being so assembled and who informed this deponent that it was occasioned by one Mathew Byrne, a fellow of very bad character and ill behaviour, who lived in a neighbouring cellar and who had been beating his wife and otherwise violently outrageous in the street was continually doing so, even within a day or two of her lying in, raising rids in the street and a nuisance to the neighbourhood, and observed it would be a very proper act or words to that effect in a Magistrate to interfere and prevent further riot and mischief upon which this Deponent conceiving himself in some degree called upon and his undoubted Duty as a Magistrate to interfere and suppress such outrageous and violent conduct at the publick Market Cross in the county town this Deponent requested said Mr James Smith to point out said Mathew Byrne to this Deponent which being complied with this Deponent went up to said Matthew Byrne who was standing in the centre of a ring formed by the crowd or mob and this Deponent having as a Magistrate commanded said Mathew Byrne to go home about his business and desist from such outrageous and violent conduct said Mathew Byrne positively refused to comply there with and used some very impertinent and abusive language to this Deponent upon which Deponent finding himself so disobeyed and insulted in the execution of his duty as a Magistrate endeavoured by force to take said Byrne to stocks which said Byrne violently resisted struck at this Deponent and seized or collared the Deponent with such rage and violence that had it not been for a silk handkerchief which Deponent had then fortunately about his neck and which yielded Deponent verily believes said Matthew Byrne would have strangled or choked this Deponent as he tore this Deponents shirt and great coat in several places and the Deponent made every effort to extricate himself there from and got said Matthew Byrne down yet he would not let his grip go until said Mr James Smyth and Sgt. Dobbs of the Carlow Militia with some others came up to this Deponents assistance and with extreme difficulty unloosed said Mr Byrne's hold by Deponents collar when said Matthew Byrne kicked at and endeavoured otherwise again to assault this Deponent until said Mr Jas. Smyth and Sgt. Dobbs carried by force said Matthew Byrne who made every resistance in his power and left him said Matthew Byrne in his cellar shortly after which this Deponent applyd to Col. Phare of the Wexford Militia to get a guard and apprehended said Matthew Byrne and lodged him in a goal who resisted struggled and in various ways particularly by striking two officers of said Regiment by seizing one private's bayonet and assaulting several of them and attempting to draw one officers sword resisting and opposing said military guard until with much difficulty and great exertion after much struggle and time said Matthew Byrne was by dint of force lodged in Carlow goaol and further saith not ~~

Hen Bunbury

Sworn before me this 14th day of November 1807

H. Eustace

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell c2006

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