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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1808

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Names: Fenelon, Doyle & McCarthy 1808.

[Note added 2012, the following is example of the most common type of statement recorded in the PPP - everyday happenings back in the day, of no great consequence - but yet may be of genealogical value to some readers. This Examination is interesting for the fact that Fenelon is able to produce a Dollar from his pocket to have a bet!]

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Examinations of John Fenelon of Ballinvally, Carlow, Farmer, who being duly Sworn and Examined Saith that on yesterday evening the 28th April as he was returning home from the Quarter Sessions of Tullow in Company with Michael Carty of Cranmore and some other Neighbours they overtook on the road leading through the lands of Ardiston a man by the name of William Doyle, a Tailor, who usually resides on the lands of Carrick Slaney, that after some conversation, a Hackney Post chaise happened to pass by, when one of the persons asked whose Chaise that was , to which John Fenelon replied it belonged to Richard Cullen of Tullow, to which it was answered by the said William Doyle that it was not, uttering at the same time an Oath.

John Fenelon sayed he was sure it was and would bet a Dollar on it, pulling one out of his Pocket when Doyle put his hand also in his Pocket and pulling out a Stone instantly struck John Fenelon in the forehead with it which Cut him and caused an effusion of blood and by which means his Dollar was knocked out of his hand and never could after find the same, that after William Doyle had so struck him with the stone, he took up several other others swearing he would have Fenelons Life before he should pass Carrick Slaney and John Fenelon is convinced that William Doyle would have attempted the same were it not for the persons in the company who prevented him ~~~

(signed) John Fenelon.
Sworn before me this 29th day of April 1808.
(signed) Robert Cornwall.
Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.
Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Pat Purcell Papers.

Surnames: Largan, Cullen & Bennet.


The Examinations of Ann Cullen and Thomas Cullen of Staplestown Road, Carlow, taken by John Bennett, Esquire, Sovereign of the Town of Carlow.

Ann Cullen and Thomas Cullen who being Each duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined their Information ~~

Ann Cullen Saith that on Monday the fourteenth day of November 1808 John Largan of the Town of Carlow, Publican, Assaulted and Struck Ann Cullen with his fist on the left side of her head and Caught a Violent hold of her by the throat and would have Choked her if not timely prevented by her son Thomas Cullen who prevented him by forcing John Largan's hand from the hold he had of Ann Cullen.

Thomas Cullen Saith that at the same time John Largan made at him tripped him up, Knocked him down on the flag floor by which his left arm is hurt ~~

And while down John Largan leaped on him and struck him with his Shoe on the left eye by which he was Cut, Battered and Hurt and John Largan would have Kicked and ill treated him a Second time if not hindered by his mother and other people present as Ann Cullen and Thomas Cullen verily believes ~~

(signed) Ann, her X mark, Cullen, Thomas, his X mark, Cullen. Being first Truly read by me to Ann Cullen and Thomas Cullen.

Sworn before me this 14th day of November 1808 (signed) John Bennet.

Transcribed by Selina Lawlor From “Friend of Carlow”. Courtesy of Michael Purcell 2012

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