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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1809

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012


[This reminded me of the song:

"When the m-m-m-moon shines,
Over the c-c-c-cowshed,
I'll be w-w-w-waiting there,
me darling j-j-j-John for you"]

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of John Donahue of Copenagh, Carlow, taken before Henry Bunbury, Esquire, One of His Majestys Justices of the peace for Carlow.

John Donahue being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined Saith that on Tuesday [ ? ] the 24th day of Feb 1809 as John Donahue was going on the high road at Rathlyan, Carlow, he met with Michael Donahoe working at Labouring work on the side of the road - John Donahoe told him it was time for him to do that and in reply Michael Donahoe made answer and told John Donahoe - that he was the man that would take his life - John Donahoe Saith that at Several other times and places the said Michael Donahoe has Expressed himself in the Strongest terms that he would have Michael Donahoe's life either by day or night as also his Mothers and also declared that he would in one night or other destroy or Consume John Donahoe's Property and from such threats on the 24th as also at Several other times - he is in Dread and fear of Michael Donahoe ~ as he is Generally deranged in his mind and a lunatick at the full of moon and becomes Outrageous ~ (signed) John Donahoe.

Sworn before me this 30th of March 1809
(signed) Hen. Bunbury.

Names: Bunbury, Wring & Fowler.

 From Pat Purcell Papers.


Before Henry Bunbury, Esquire, one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

The Information of Robert Bunbury of Ardnehue, Carlow, Esquire, Sworn Saith that on 15th March last he was told by his servant Peter Wring that a Silver Bowl and Large Silver Ladle inheirited from his fathers family of high Sterling value was missing for some days past from the Library Room at Ardnehue, the Bowl has engraving of twisted rope designed along the rim the Silver Ladle has the Letter "B" craved on the handle, the week before the Bowl and Ladle was noted gone a kitchen maid by the name of Ann Fowler departed from service at Ardnehue and has not been sighted since,

Robert Bunbury and servant Peter Wring verily believe she has absconded to London and that she has brought the Bowl and Ladle with her in the hope that she would make contact with a dealer and thus in this manner raise the fare required for passage to America where some of her family have settled, Robert Bunbury craves justice and further saith not.

(signed) Robert Bunbury.
Sworn before me this
17th day of March 1809
(signed) Hen. Bunbury.

 At end of Robert's Statement it is noted: "The Bowl has Head of Loin & stamp ~MW~ of Silver-Smith maker under the base.

Curse as well as Bless

Pat Purcell Papers.


Further Information of John Whitty of the Parish of Hacketstown, Servant to the Reverend Patrick Hickie, Popish Parish Priest of Hacketstown Carlow sworn on the Holy Evangelists Saith "that this morning he went in search of potatoes that had been stolen out of a pit last night he went into the house of Thomas Byrne commonly known as Bonnet maker, he found some potatoes washed in the kitchen and on going up to the loft he found more in a sack full of clay and seemingly newly taken out of the ground when he questioned the people of the house as to how they came by the potatoes that Susannah Byrne the woman of the house told him that she did not know, he told them that he knew the potatoes, being of a small kind of Cork reds and that to the best of his knowledge he verily believes the potatoes are his Masters and that his Masters potatoe pits have been lately and frequently robbed".

John Whitty further Saith on this day before me that he told aforesaid Byrne and his wife that his Master possessed by his Station the power to Bless and possessed by his Station the power to Curse and to rob his Master of his goods was to bring a Curse down on their head and on all who gain from such evil doing. He further Saith naught.

(signed) John, his X mark, Whitty.
Sworn before me this 7th day of March 1809.
(signed) James Hozier.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

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