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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1815

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Names mentioned: Little Scotland, Loyd, Hannon, Cloury & Pierson.

James Loyd maketh Oath that usually resides in Little Scotland in the Parish of Hacketsown in the Barony of Rathvilly and he shall appear in his proper person to prosecute John and William Hannon for assault.

Sworn before me this 9th day August 1815.
(signed) Philip Watters.


Names: Clowry, Doyle, Crowe, & Gorman

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Edmond Clowry and Thomas Clowry maketh oath that he usually resides at Knockbrach in the Town-land of Knockbrach in the Parish of Aclare in the Barony of Forth and in the County of Carlow.

Edmond Clowry and Thomas Clowry to keep the Peace and be of good behaviour towards his Majesty's Liege Subjects and particularly towards Owen Doyle for the space of Three Years.

Owen Gorman, Householder, Farmer of Aclare and James Gorman of Aclare act as Bond for 10 each.

Sworn before me [blank]. 10th January 1815.


Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Names: Rigney & Eustace

Caroline Hatter 1815.

[Note added 2012 by Michael Purcell, the handwriting is quite clear on this document, the occupation of Luke Walsh as "Caroline Hatter" has not being recorded elsewhere in the PPP, it appears from this statement that a "Caroline Hat" could be worn by a man and possibly a uniform-wearing man (of course Laurence could have bought it for the woman in his life?, I have consulted some archivists on this but it remains a mystery ~ any ideas anyone ?]

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Luke Walsh of the Town of Carlow, Caroline Hatter, taken  before Hardy Eustace, Esquire, one of his Majesty's Justices of the peace for Carlow.

Who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined Saith, that on the Evening of Friday the twenty first day of July 1815 -- Margaret Rigney, Servant to this Informant, was upstairs in Informants bed room Where he had a Box Containing some articles the property of Informant, and that the said Margaret Rigney did force the rings of the Box,  Broke it open and feloniously stole thereout a Small tea Chest, Containing the sum of thirty seven pounds Sterling, in Bank Notes and Silver, and also that the said Margaret Rigney feloniously stole Out of Informants dwelling House one Black Body Coat, a small pair of Pantaloons, the property of Informant and his son -- and one Caroline hat, the property of Laurence Kinchella, mail Coach man -- and that the said Margaret Rigney has made off ~~

(signed) Luke Walsh.
Sworn before me this 31st day of July 1815
(signed) Hardy Eustace.

Names: Conran, McDonald & Neill.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Patrick Conron of Hacketstown Maketh Oath that he is a householder and has a house where he actually resides at Hacketstown in the Townland of Hacketstown in the Parish of Hacketstown and in the Barony of Rathvilly and in the County of Carlow and that he is worth the sum of five pounds Sterling over and above his just Debts and that he Supports and maintains himself by his Honest indeavours and said farm. (unsigned)

Patrick charged along with George McDonald of Ballyredmond and Michael Neill of Ballyredmond to answer charges from George McDonald, Francis McDonald and Garret McDonald on behalf of our Lord the King.

Sworn before me this 21st Day of July 1815.

(signed) John Whitty.

Surnames: Cummins, Bunbury, Wilkinson, Clear, Ugan & Date,

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Thomas Hurly Cummins, Farmer, of Tinryland, Barony of Idrone East, Carlow taken before Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire, one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace for Carlow, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists saith that on the tenth day of April last he received information from Gardiner Homer Wilkinson, Esquire, Horse Dealer and animal Healer of Carlow town, that Moses Clear, Stone Clever, of Ballon, Carlow and Thomas Date, Farmer, of Rathvindon, Leighlinbridge, Carlow, and George Ugan, Huxter, of Carlow Town had afore information of the robbery of a mare feloniously stolen on the ninth day of April 1816 from the lands of Thomas Hurley Cummins at Tinryland and that Moses Clear and Thomas Date and George Ugan have knowledge of the present whereabouts of said mare.

Thomas Hurley Cummins asks for a petition to be placed before the next Assizes at Carlow for justice to be done[ ? ] by calling Moses Clear and Thomas Date and George Ugan before the next Assizes to be held in Carlow in order that they may swear on the Holy Evangelists of what knowledge they are in possession of  concerning the mare, Thomas Hurly Cummins further saith nought.

(Signed) Thomas Hurley Cummins.

Informant acknowledges himself indebted to Our Sovereign Lord, George the Third, King, Defender of the Faith, and so Forth in the sum of Ten Pounds Sterling Conditioned to attend at the next Assizes to be held at Carlow.

Sworn before me this 12th Day of April 1815.

(signed) Benjamin Bunbury.

[in a different hand the following comment is recorded]

Gardiner Wilkinson is considered by the Gentlemen of this County to be a person of evil repute, Clear, Date and Ugan are considered of bad character, it is my belief that Perjury and not true information may be laid before the Court. (signed) B.B.

1815, Hill, Ugan, Archdeacon & Humpry.

Pat Purcell Papers.


Thomas Hill maketh Oath that he usually resides at  ?town in the Parish of Rutland in the Barony of Carlow and acknowledges himself indebted in the Sum of Ten Pounds Sterling to our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God King, the condition of which is such that Thomas Hill shall appear in open Court on the first day of next General Quarter Sessions to be held at Carlow and prosecute George Ugan and Pierce Archdeacon for assault.

(signed) Thomas Hill.

Taken and Acknowledged before me William Humpry this 20th day of February 1815.

 Source: Michael Purcell c.2012-2013