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Pat Purcell Papers

Recognizance 1820

Courtesy of Michael Purcell 2012

From PPP.

1820. Nowlan


Nancy Nowlan and her two daughters Mary Nowlan and Briget Nowlan all of Ballon, Carlow.

So help us God. (unsigned).

I Patrick Nowlan am a Freeholder and have a House wherein I usually reside at Raheen in the parish of Kiltennell Barony of Idrone East, Carlow and that I maintain myself by Husbandry and I am worth £5 sterling over and above my just debts.

(signed) Patrick, his X mark, Nowlan.

I Darby Nowlan am a Householder and have a House wherein I usually reside at Ballinree in the parish of Slyguff Barony of Idrone East, Carlow and that I maintain myself by Husbandry and I am worth £5 sterling over and above my just debts.

Sworn before me at Mountgerald the 3rd October 1820
(signed) Fitz – Gerald.

The Condition is such that Nancy and Mary and Bridget Nowlan named above attend open court to answer charges by Esther Watters for an assault.

Taken and acknowledged before me the day and year aforesaid.
(signed) Fitz – Gerald


Name: Donohue 1820.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Information of Anne Donohoe of Copenagh in the County of Carlow, Widow, who being Duly sworn and Examined Saith that after the hour of Sun Sett of Monday the ninth day of October and before the hour of Sun rise of Tuesday the tenth of said month of October some evil disposed person or persons did maliciously and felonisily set fire to the dwelling House of Anne Donohoe situate at Copenagh in the parish of Tankardstown Barony of Rathvilly, Carlow whereby the Dwelling House with a Quanity of Furniture and Turf were totally Consumed.

Anne Donohue Saith that she Cannot from her knowledge, information or belief Set forth the names of the person or persons who Committed the said Felony neither Can She Set forth [the following words are crossed out] of what Religious persuasion such person or persons [ ? ] ~~

(signed) Anne, her X mark, Donohoo.
Sworn before me this 30th day of October 1820 (signed) P. Whelan.

Names: Clowry, Dawson & Nowlan 1820.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Patrick Clowry maketh Oath that he is a Householder, and has a House where he actually resides at Ballintrain in the Townland of Ballintrain in the Parish of Templepeter in the Barony of Forth in the County of Carlow and that he is worth £10 and that he supports and maintains himself by farming.

(signed) Patt Clowry.
11th Jan. 1820.

Note from M. Purcell

Pat Clowry and Peter Nowlan of Rathanna, Parish of Kiltennele, Barony of Idrone East.  act as bondsmen for Patrick Dawson of Cranyoughan Parish of Fenagh who has to appear in court at Tullow to answer charges by William Leech.


Names: Dennis, Neal & Byrne

Some things never change? 1820

From Pat Purcell Papers.


By Thomas Dennis, Esquire, one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace forCarlow.

The Information of Elizabeth Neal of Knocklishen, Carlow who came before me this Day and being examined and duly Sworn on the Holy Evaneglists Sayth Augustine Byrne of Knocklishen has at Different times laid Hands on her in an imodest and unchaste manner and Struggled with her and Insisted to act with her as he attempted and wished to do, and endeavoured to tempt her with Pressing her to take cash or Bank Paper from him to get his will of her which offers she always and often refused notwithstanding which he still assaulted her and threw her down but she was able to get away from him.

(signed) Elizabeth, her X mark, Neal.
Sworn before this 29th September 1820.
(signed) Thomas Dennis.

Informant acknowledges to stand Bound to our Sovereign Lord the King in the sum of Ten pounds to Prosceute Agustine Byrne at the next General Quarter Sessions of the peace to be held in Tullow in and for Carlow and not Depart the Court without Licence.


Names: Clowrys galore, Nowlan & Minon

From Pat Purcell Papers


Before Reverend James Mcgrath.

The Information of John Miron of Corries in the County of Carlow, Farmer, Saith that on Monday the 18th September 1820 he purchased at an Auction held at Boolybrun, [Ballybreen?] Carlow under and by Virtue of a Civil Bill Decree in a Cause in which one William Miron was plaintiff and Patrick Clowry of Boolybrun was Depnt. two fields Stacks of Wheat for the sum of Two Pounds Sterling and that between the Hours of Eleven and Twelve O’Clock  on the night of said day while John Miron and others were on said lands in the care of the Two Stacks of Wheat the said Patrick Clowry, Darby Clowry, Martin Clowry, Peter Clowry, Edward Nowlan and a party of upwards of Twenty other persons whose Names are unknown at present entered in and upon said Lands of Boolybrun and Feloniously by force and Violence armed with pitch forks possessed themselves of said Two Stacks of Wheat of the Value [ page torn ] away with horses and Cars taking a direction toward Ballin, Carlow others of said party pursuing John Miron and his assistants Shouting Vehemently [second page missing] at him meaning him and his assistants Saith that he with difficulty affected his escape by running along the ditches until he and his assistants got into a house conveynant to said Lands.

(signed) John Miron.
Sworn before me this 19 Day of September 1820
(signed) James Magrath

Names: Clowry, Miron & Nowlan

From Pat Purcell Papers.


John Miron resides at Corries in the Parish of Lorum, Barony of Idrone East in Carlow.

Be it remembered that the above named John Miron hath this day come before me and acknowledged himself Indebted unto our Sovereign Lord King George the fourth in the Sum of twenty pounds Sterling.

The condition of the foregoing recognizance is such that John Miron shall appear in Court and prosecute Patrick Clowry, Darby Clowry, Martin Clowry, Peter Clowry and Edmond Nowlan.

(signed) John Miron.
Taken Sworn and Acknowledged before me this 19th day of September 1820.
(signed) James Magrath.

Surnames: Warren, Browne & Carter.

Pat Purcell Papers.


James Warren maketh Oath and Saith that he usually resides in the Townland of Ballymurphy in the Parish of TullowPhelim, Barony of Rathvilly and County of Carlow and that he supports himself by his income and farming.

Sworn before me this 16th Day of June 1820.
(signed) William Carter.

The above named James Warren acknowledges himself to be indebted to our Sovereign Lord the King in the sum of Ten pounds Sterling.~

(signed) James Warren.

The Condition of the above Recognizance is such that if the above Bound James Warren shall be and appear in his proper person at the next General Sessions of the peace to be held at Tullow in and for the said County of Carlow and attend from day to day from Sessions to Sessions and prosecute Robert Browne, Patrick Browne and Peter Browne in the annexed Information named and not depart the Court without Leave that then the above Recognizance to be void else to remain in full force and virtue in Law ~

Taken and acknowledged before me the day and year aforesaid
(signed) William Carter.

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

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