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Carlow 1825

Co. Carlow

Names: Wall & Gorman 1825.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Informations of James Wall and Michael Wall both of the Town of Carlow, Masons, who being duly sworn Saith that on Friday 14th January 1825 they, by the directions of William Fishbourne, Esquire, a Magistrate of Carlow County, went to the residence of Patrick Gorman at Ardnahue, Carlow to return an unsound Pig which they had purchased from his son, Hardy Gorman, when and where James Wall was assaulted by Patrick Gorman and his son Timothy Gorman of Ardnahue.

And Michael Wall saith that he went with his brother James Wall to return the Pig and that he was assaulted on the same day and at the same place by Patrick Gorman and Hardy Gorman of Ardnhue.

(signed) James Wall, Michael Wall.
Sworn before me this 20th day of January 1825.
(signed) William Fishbourne.

Surnames: Hoisten, Fishbourne & McDonald 1825.

Patrick Hoisten maketh Oath that he usually resides at Graigue in the Townland of Graigue in the Parish of Killeshin Barony of Slievemarigue in the County of Queens this 22nd day of September 1825.

(signed) Patrick Hoisten.

Be it remembered that the above named Patrick Hoisten came in his proper person and acknowledged himself to be indebted unto our Sovereign Lord King George the Fourth in the Sum of Ten Pounds.

To appear at Carlow Court and Prosecute Michael McDonald for Assault on behalf of our said Lord the King.

Taken and acknowledged before me the day and Year aforesaid.
(signed) William Fishbourne.

From PPP.


I John Nowlan do swear that I usually reside at Roslee in the parish of Myshall in the Barony of Forth and that I support myself by my trade as a Tailor and will Prosecute Michael Clowry for an assault.

So help me God.
(signed) John Nowlan.
Taken and acknowledged before me this 13th day of May 1825.
(signed) Robert Cornwall.

1825, Trees planted

 Pat Purcell Papers.


16th day of January 1825

I William O'Neill do Swear that I have planted or caused to be planted within Twelve Calender Months last past on the Lands of Garryhill otherwise *Clon ...e (?)  in the Parish of Dunleckney held by me from The Right Hon the Earl of Bessborough -- 500 four years old Scotch fir, Five Hundred four years old Larch, one Thousand three years old Beech, Eighty Ash about four years old, twenty Sycamore about three years old and that I have given notice to the said Landlords agent of my intention to register said Trees, Twenty days at the least previous to this day ~~~~

Sworn before me this 16th day of January 1825
(signed) William Fishbourne and William O'Neill.

Surnames: Walker, Bradly, LaTouche, Carr, Doyne & Newton.

Pat Purcell Papers.



John Walker of Ballyknocken?,Carlow, came before me, one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace, and Voluntarily made Oath on the Holy Evangelists that he has planted  / or caused to be planted  / the twelve calendar months last past, on the lands of Ballyknocken? in the Parish of Fenagh, Carlow, lands held by him / as asigned by Henry Bradly / from David LaTouche, Esquire, and being the property of the Right Honourable William Carr, Lord Beresford, the following trees, viz ~~~

1,300 Larch. 500 Spruce Fir.
1,000 Scoth Fir. 200 Ash.
1,300 Birch. and 50 Lime.

And that he has given notice to Charles Doyne, Esquire, accreditted agent of the said Right Honourable William Carr, Lord Beresford, of his intention to register said trees more than thirty days previous to the date hereof.

Dated October 19th 1825.
(signed) John Walker.
Sworn before me the 21st October 1825.
(signed) Philip Newton.

Pat Purcell Papers.


 Second Sworn Information of James Butler.

The Information of James Butler of the Town of Carlow, Shopkeeper, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists saith that on Monday the 31st October 1825 he missed a Piece of twilled Fustian out of his shop on Tullow Street, Carlow and in consequence of receiving information from Rose Nowlan he followed a Woman who had been described to him whom he overtook in Tullow Street and on whose person he found the Piece of Fustian which had been stolen from his shop. And James Butler understands that the woman whom he found said Fustian with gives her names as Julia Beringham, alias Doyle, alias Sarah Hobatt and is a low class woman of bad notice and a common scald on the town's shopkeepers.
(signed) James Butler.
Sworn before me this 3rd day of November 1825,
(signed) William Fishbourne.

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow & Michael Purcell 2012.

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