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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1935

Source: Michael Purcell

From: Michael Purcell <>

1835, Bowles, Crowe, Bunbury & Alexander.

Carlow Sentinel.

March 21st 1835.

Application to Register to Vote.

William Bowles, huxter, Dublin Road, householder, house and concerns, Dublin Road, 10.

Thomas C. Bunbury, Russellstown, rent charger, Lands, townland of Russellstown, 20.

George Alexander, Milford, Gent, rent charger, Lands, Clocristic, Carlow 20.

Pat Crowe, Ballybar, Farmer, freeholder, House and Lands, Ballytarsna 10.


Pat Purcell Papers

John Cloury 1835.

I John Cloury do swear that I usually reside at Ballytarsna in the Parish of Nurney and will attend the General Assizes at Carlow to prosecute John Pierson on behalf of our Lord the King for Perjury.

So help me God
(signed) John (page torn).
Taken before me, the day and year aforesaid,
(signed) Thomas Haughton.

Surnames: Strahan, Dunn, Conran, Doyne, Whelan & Butler.

Pat Purcell Papers


I John Strahan do swear that I usually reside at Bellshill in the Townland of Bellshill, Carlow.

So help me God.
(signed) John, his X mark, Strahan.

I John Dunn do swear that I am a Householder, and have a House wherein I usually reside, at Eagle Hill, Clonmore, Barony of Rathvilly, Carlow. And that I am worth the sum of 5~~

(signed) John Dunn.

I Denis Conran do swear that I am a Householder, and have a House wherein I usually reside, at Davis Hill, Clonmore, Barony of Rathvilly, Carlow. And that I am worth the sum of 5~~

(signed) Denis Conran.
Sworn before me at Tullow Petty Sessions this 24th day of October 1835.

The condition of this Recognizance is that the above bounden John Strahan shall appear in his proper person in open court and answer all such Matters and Things as shall be objected against him on behalf of our said Lord the King by James Strahan~~

Taken and acknowledged before us this 24th Day of October 1835.
(signed) Robert Doyne, Pillsworth Whelan, & ...? Butler.

Source: Michael Purcell. 2012

Surnames: Nowlan, Collier & Fishbourne.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Bryan Nowlan, Labourer, of Kellestown, Carlow, who being duly sworn saith that on the night of the 20th or early this morning a quanity of potatoes to wit one Cwt (8 stone weight) the value one shilling, the property of Bryan Nowlan was stolen out of a pit on lands of Kellestown and Bryan Nowlan saith he found the Potatoes in the possession of a woman who gives her name to be Honor Collier. Sworn before me this 21st day of May, 1835.

(signed) William Fishbourne.

(signed) Byran, his, X mark, Nowlan, having first being truly read to Bryan Nowlan.

Source: Michael Purcell. 2012

From: Michael Purcell

1835, Woods, Halford & Chambers


Carlow Sentinel 1835

Robbery by a soldier.

Charles Halford, a soldier was charged with stealing a gold ring, the property of Mr Woods, of Tullow Street, Jeweller.

Mrs Sarah Woods stated:- I reside in Tullow Street; the prisoner came into the shop to buy a gold ring and after he examined it he exchanged it for a brass ring and left the shop.

Captain Chambers, 46th Regiment, produced the ring and it was identified by Sarah Woods. It had been found by a sergeant and corporal of the 46th on the prisoner's person.

The prisoner, Charles Halford pleaded intoxication for his conduct.

The Chief Justice considered intoxication no justification whatever.

The prisoner was found guilty, and sentenced to six months imprisonment and hard labour.

From: Michael Purcell <>

Thomas Crawford Butler, 1835, widower/husband

On a note in the PPP it states "Thomas Crawford Butler's wife died in Dublin 1835".

On the Carlow Sentinel dated December 1835 it states:-

At Timolin church, on the 2nd of December 1835, Thomas Crawford Butler of Rose Ville, Carlow married Lavinia Sophia Yates, eldest daughter of Benedict Arthur Yates of Moone Abbey, Kildare.

From: Friend of Carlow <>

1835, Grand Jury, Bunbury, Clowry, Cummins, Anderson, Crowe, Haughton, etc, etc.

From P.P.P.

Document in T.C. Butler legal papers.

Grand Jury sworn in at Carlow Sessions held on Saturday 4th April 1835 to enquire, with rigid impartiality, before The Carlow Borough Registry, into eligibility of persons to hold a franchise to vote at Elections in and for the County of Carlow.

Chairman - Samuel Robinson, Esquire, Gentleman. Lawyer.
Assistant Barrister - James Bessonett, Esquire, Gentleman.
Recorder - Thomas Crawford Butler, Esquire, Attorney.

Barristers - Mr. Hayes, Esquire, Barrister; Mr Berwick, Esquire, Barrister. Henry Carey, Foreman; Benjamin Bunbury, Thomas Elliot, Samuel Haughton, William Galbraith, George Anderson, James Kehoe, Thomas Donoghoe, Patrick Finn, William O'Neill, James Smith, Thomas Maher, James Lalor, William Bernard, John Curran, Patrick Kehoe.

Witnesses - Sir Thomas Butler, Bart., Major Cornwall, Colonel Bruen, Captain Vignoles,  Mr.  Alexander, rep. John Alexander, the elder, John Alexander, the younger, Guilelmus Earl, George Faircloth, George Crofton, Henry  Faulkiner, George W. Colcough, James Hardy Eustace, Thomas Watson, Samuel Watson, Robert Browne, William Galbraith, Thomas C. Bunbury, Patrick Hickey, Patrick Neill, Thomas Nolan, Peter Nowlan, Simon Hennesy, James Ruddick, James Clowry, John Clowry, John Crowe, James Butler, Archibold Sly, Michael Nolan, Joseph Malone, Michael Hennessy, Patrick Byrne, Thomas Murphy, John McDaniel, George Rigney, Owen Cummins, Patrick Kinsella, Hugh Cummins, John Kinsella, John Byrne. George Colcough, John Leonard, Timothy Murphy, Thomas Wynne.

Popish priests - T. Tyrrell, J. Cummins, J. Gahon, J. Walsh. J. Maher. T. Kehoe.

From: Michael Purcell <>

1835, Malone, Bunbury, Clowry, Byrne, Nolan etc.

[note added by Michael Purcell 2013 --- abbreviated extract of Session held to determine if Simon Hennessy of Grangeforth, Michael Nolan of Grangeforth and Pat Byrne of Ballytarsna, County Carlow,  own lands worth over a certain amount and therefore are entitled to hold a franchise to vote.

Here Thomas Bunbury, John Clowry and Joseph Malone deliver evidence.]

Carlow Sentinel.

April 1835.

The Sessions was well attended by the gentry Conservatives.

The Radicals (agitators) had their witnesses in training to swear each other into the franchise.

Mr Hayes, Barrister, attended specially on the part of the Conservatives and Mr Berwick, Barrister, attended on the part of the Radical agitators.

The Chairman was Samuel Robinson," he was greeted by several gentlemen on this his first appearance in Carlow in his official capacity, and from his courteous demeanour, urbanity of manners, and experience as a lawyer, will we have no doubt, give general satisfaction".

Simon Hennessy of Grangeforth, applied for franchise to vote, stated he was the tenant of James Hardy Eustace, Esquire, and held 28 acres of land at Grangeforth he swore the land was worth 46 shillings per acre.

John Nolan swore it was worth this sum per acre, in answer to Mr Hayes, John Nolan stated he held no land but that he was purely a volunteer to serve his neighbours, and held them obtain a franchise.

Another witness, Michael Nolan, a Tailor, who held but four acres of land swore that Hennessy's farm was worth 10. Mr Hayes asked - how much rent does Hennessy pay? Nolan replied - I can't tell. Mr Hayes then challenged him asking -- How can you swear it is worth 10 if you don't know that?

This Witness was turned away.

The next witness was Mr Thomas Bunbury he was examined by Mr Berwick. In evidence Thomas Bunbury stated that he was positive that Hennessy made 20 a year over the rent expenditure of his farm because he is a very industrious man.

Mr Hayes -- How much rent does he pay?

Mr Bunbury -- I can't immediately say.

Mr Hayes -- Then how can you answer Mr Berwick's question so flippantly?

[further questioning by Mr Hayes discredited Mr Bunbury's evidence].

Mr Joseph Malone was examined as to the value of Hennessy's farm, and in his role as being High Constable of the Barony, was well acquainted with the land -- Mr Malone stated that the utmost value any person could set upon the lands was 40 shillings per acre.

Mr P. Mosse was next witness and as Tithe Commissioner he agreed with Mr Malone's assessment of 40 shillings.

The application by Simon Hennessy was dismissed.

Michael Nolan of Grangeforth next applied  for franchise to vote, stating he was the owner of a thatched cabin and four acres at Grangeforth, he swore the land was worth 4 per acre.

A host of witnesses swore point blank to this fact.

Mr Hayes asked Nolan ---

Do you have any other witnesses as to the value?

Michael Nolan replied -- "Oh yes, Mr Bunbury" -- (Loud laughter).

The Sessions immediately rejected Nolan's claim.

Pat Byrne of Ballytarsna, was next called, he swore his land was worth 46 shillings per acre.

John Clowry, one of the leading valuators for the agitators, said the land was worth 48 shillings per acre.

Mr Clowry underwent a severe cross-examination by Mr Hayes.

Henry Faulkiner, Esquire, stated that Brynes land was rocky and said it was worth no more than 40 shillings per acre.

The application by Pat Byrne was dismissed.

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