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Pat Purcell Papers

County Carlow 1804

From Pat Purcell Papers.

Surnames mentioned: Nowlan, Morris, Harland, James, Cornwall & Butler

11th Day of February 1804

John Nowlan being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists and examined saith that on Friday the 10th of February 1804 between the Hours of five and six O'Clock in the Afternoon as John Nowlan was at the Out-Offices of Major Cornwall in Myshall he saw Anne Morris alias Harland - House-Maid to Major Cornwall - with a Parcil under her Arm, John Nowlan thought with the intent of milking Cows, soon after John Nowlan saw Anne Morris alias Harland meet Benjamin James of Myshall at the Out-Office and as soon as she passed by him he saw her draw a Pistol from under her Clothes and present it at Benjamin James saying she would shoot him -- shortly after John Nowlan heard a Noise outside the Yard and upon him going to the Yard to see what was the matter he saw Anne Morris alias Harland knock down Benjamin James aided and assisted at same time by Thomas Harland, Gardener to Major Cornwall.

(signed) John Nowlan.
Sworn before me this 11th Day of February 1804
(signed) John Butler.
James Nowlan against Anne Morris alias Harland for firing a Pistol.


From Pat Purcell Papers.

Nowlan & Olehan 1804.

Patrick Nowlan maketh Oath that he usually resides at Ballon in the Parish of Ballon in the Barrony of Forth in the County of Carlow and will appear in his proper person in Open Court to prosecute Patrick Kinsela, Michael Maher, William Treacy, Owen Redmond.

(signed) being first truly read to Patrick Nowlan ~
Patrick, his X mark, Nowlan,
Taken and Acknowledged before me this 18th day of July 1804


Ask me A. says Holland 1804.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


THE Examination of Samuel Tierny of the town of Carlow, Butcher, taken before John Whitty, Esquire, one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

Samuel Tierny being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists, and examined -- Saith that on Monday morning last about the hour of ten O' Clock he was peaceably attending his business at the Meat Market at the Market Cross in the town of Carlow when Patrick Holland of Carlow, Cobbler, came up to him and asked in an angry manner what is the reason his (Samuel Tierny's) mother did not pay her Rent -- Samuel Tierny asked him was he the Landlord or his Agent - Patrick Holland then desired him to ask his Arse, and at the same time gave Samuel Tierny a Stroke on the Mouth with his Hand which made him bleed, Without any lawful Provocation.

(signed) Samuel Tierny.
Sworn before me this 9th day of February 1804.
(signed) John Whitty.
Printed by William Moore, Printer, Tullow Street, Carlow, opposite the Collector's.

Source: M. Purcell c2011&2012. Old newspapers in the PPP.

DeRenzy & Hickey 1804.

Pat Purcell Papers.

Recognizance 1804.

Thomas DeRenzy, Batchelor of Physics, maketh Oath that he usually resides at Clonegall in the Parish of Mycombe in the Barony of - ( ?) .

(signed) Thomas DeRenzy.

The condition of the foregoing Recognizance is such that the above bounded Thomas DeRenzy shall appear in his proper Person in open Court to be held at Carlow and Prosecute for the murder of Anastatia Hickey late of Clongurran.

Sworn before me this 17th Day of October 1804.
 J. Byrne (?) , Coroner.
Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


As directed by the Act of the 47. George. 3. Entitled an Act to prevent improper Persons from having Arms and Gunpowder in Ireland. County of Carlow.

I James Clowry of Ballybreen in the Parish of Myshall in the Barony of Forth in the Town-Land of Ballybreen in the County of Carlow
Do hereby give Notice that I Keep Arms, and that the place where the same are usually kept, is at my Dwelling-House at Ballybreen in Carlow and the Number and Description of said Arms are one sword, one blunderbuss ~ 1150 I
James Clowry do swear that the above Notification is True and that I believe I am by Law entitled to Keep Arms ~~~~
(signed) James Clowry.
Sworn before me at a Special Sessions held at Carlow this 20th Day of June 1804 [ ? ].
(signed) Hen Bunbury.
Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.
Nest Year 1805

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