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Pat Purcell Papers

County Carlow 1812

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Names: Kelly  & Fitzgerald 1812.

[Note added 2012 by Michael Purcell.

Another reminder that allegations as sworn on Informations before magistrates may not be reliable, here Patrick Kelly signs a "Recognizance to Prosecute"  against Patrick Fitzgerald for Perjury.

The courts took a very serious view of charges of perjury. A person, if convicted, could face transportation for committing perjury. Patrick Pacey was transported to Australia in 1839 following his conviction for perjury.]

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Patrick Kelly maketh Oath that he usually resides at Clascanny in the Parish of Saint Mullins in the County of Carlow.

Be it remembered that Patrick Kelly came in his proper person before me and acknowledged himself Indebted unto our Sovereign Lord King George the Third in the sum of twenty Pounds Sterling.

The condition of the foregoing Recognizance is such that Patrick Kelly shall appear in his proper person and prosecute Patrick Fitzgerald of Carlow, Pedlar, for Wilful and Corrupt Perjury by him committed in an Information Sworn against the said  Patrick Kelly.

(signed) Patrick Kelly.
Sworn before me the twenty fifth Day of March 1812.
(signed) John Bennett.
Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

Names: Byrne, Kavanagh, Finlon & Hozier.

Pat Purcell Papers.


Whereas I Received Information Upon Oath of Susana Byrne of Hacketstown in the County of Carlow that on the 15th day on December 1812 Mary Kavanagh met me Susana Byrne in the lane I live in in Hacketstown as I was buying Meal from a Girl and Without any Sort of Provocation Whatsoever Pursued me and Swore she Would have my life and as I was terrifyd by what I heard her repeat I Walked Back to my House And Had Not Got Well within Doors When the said Mary Kavanagh, her Daughter Mary Finlon and her Son Laurence Kavanagh Pelted in Stones into my House and Struck my Daughter in the hip with a Stone and the Child of mine in the leg With Another Stone and Cut him and has At Several times the said Mary Kavanagh threatened My life Without me Given her any Provocation

(signed) Susannah, her X mark, Byrne.

Sworn before me this 9th Day of December 1812.

(signed) James Hozier.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Surnames: Purcell, Nowlan, Decey & Bennet.

Page 1 of John Purcell

Page 2 of John Purcell

Copies of the original PPP documents which are transcribed below

[Note added Tue, 29 May 2012 by Michael Purcell - 200 years ago today 12 year-old John Purcell swore the Information posted below.

A scan of this document was posted recently by Michael Brennan, my thanks to Karen Conderon in Canada for her help in transcribing the document.

The 1788 General Directory for Carlow lists: Edward Decey, soap boiler and chandler, Castle Street, Carlow.

Obviously Decey owns a few cattle as well because in this "Information" John Purcell, a 12 year-old boy, states his occupation as "Cow Boy to Mr Edward Decey" John Nowlan is employed as an apprentice to Mr Decey, he has stolen some grease from Decey.

Nowlan enlists the aid of John Purcell to sell the "Grease or Fat" offering him "five pence and a glass of Spirits" if he manages to sell it. Purcell sells the Grease, Nowlan gives Purcell the five pence and a Glass of Spirits!

Here is the "Information" with some adjustments for the modern reader.]

Pat Purcell Papers.


County of Carlow to Wit.

The Information of John Purcell of the Town of Carlow, Cow Boy to Mr Edward Decey of said Town, who appears to be about Twelve Years of Age or there abouts and who Testifys a most Astute Observation as to his Conception of the Nature of an Oath and the Dreadfull Consequences attendant on Perjury,=

Saith that on Tuesday the 26th Inst. as Informant [John Purcell] best recollects John Nowlan now a Prisoner in Carlow Gaol, apprentice to Mr Edward Decey, Chandler, in said Town called to Purcell in the Publick Street of Carlow and asked Purcell could He keep a Secrett, Purcell Replyd he did not know until he would hear it.=

Whereupon said John Nowlan did say to Purcell that he had a Little Bitt of Grease to sell and if Purcell would sell it he would give him five Pence and a Glass and to say the grease was at the Mess House.

John Nowlan got the grease, and particularly desired Purcell to Deny His Name, and Desired Purcell also to get him nine Pence Per Pound for said Grease if He could.

 Purcell further saith He did dispose of said Grease or Fat as directed by said John Nowlan to a Person of the name of Kenny? [or Keary?] an Inhabitant of Carlow and received as Purcell Recollects Eight or Nine Shillings or thereabouts which Purcell Returned to said John Nowlan and he gave Purcell five Pence and a Glass of Spirits for his Trouble.

Purcell further saith he heard and Believes said Grease or Fat was the property of Mr Decey and not the Property of John Nowlan or any other Person.

Sworn before me this 28th day of May 1812 ~ [ ? ]

(signed) J. W. Bennett John, his X mark, Purcell, Truly read, JWB.

To Prosecute at Next Assizes.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Next Year 1813

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