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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1752

County Carlow

Surnames: Kavanagh, Bryan & Buxton.

County Carlow to Wit }
The Examination of Silvester Kavanagh of Clonaleigh in the said County -

Who being duly sworn on the hold holy who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists : list and Examined Deposeth that there was two Ewes and one Weather felloniously stole from the lands of Clonaliegh of his property, about ye first Day of March instant and says the 17th instant at night James Bryan of Knockbarragh came to this Deponent and told him if he would give him half a Crowns worth of Ale he would engage to give him his said sheep either dead or alive and says the next day being the 18th the said James Bryan came to him again and bid him loock into a sink on the said lands of Knockbarragh and that he would find the skins of his said sheep there and says he verily believes in his conscience the said James Bryan was the person that stole his said sheep and this Deponent says he gave said James Bryan ten pence worth of ale towards finding his said sheep and that he went to the sink as he directed him on the Lands of Knockbarragh and found some peaces of sheep skins there but can not say - whither they were the skins of his sheep or no they being all tore with Doggs.
Sworn before me this 31st March 1752

(signed) Silvester Kavanagh [his X mark]

Will Buxton
Silvester Kavanagh bound to the King in the sum of ten pounds to prosecute next assizes at Carlow - acknowledged as above.
(signed) Will Buxton.
(signed) Silvester Kavanagh [his X mark]

Copies of original documents transcribed by Susan Warren March 2013

31st March 1752 Part 1

31st March 1752 Part 2


Source: Michael Purcell c.2012


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