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Pat Purcell Papers

Unusual surnames

Source: Michael Purcell c.2010

From Pat Purcell Papers.

Some unusual surnames found in the Pat Purcell Papers.

(We have checked the spelling of each surname.)

Peter Swords usually resides at Rathgeernaugh townland of Bageran in the parish if St.Mullins.

(signed) Peter, his X mark, Swords.
(signed) Fitz - Gerald. 1st Sept. 1819.

From: Bridie Lawlor <>

Peter Swords usually resides at Rathnageeragh (Rath na gCaorac, Fort of the Sheep). townland of Rathgeran (Rath Gearan, Gearan's Fort) in the civil parish of St. Mullins.

Peter Swords, originally from the adjoining townland of Coonogue, (Cun’g, a Nook or Corner), married Bridget (Biddy, Bedy) Fox prior to the start of Church Records for Borris parish in 1782.

Their children were:

Mary bap. Mar. 6, 1783 at Ragerin (Rathgerin)
Thomas bap. Jan. 7, 1786 at Coonogue
Anne bap Feb. 17, 1789 at Radgeran (Rathgeran)
Brigt. bap. Feb 3, 1792 at Rageran (Rathgeran)
Judith bap. Feb 17th 1795 at Rageran (Rathgeran)
James bap. Sept 21, 1796 at Rageran (Rathgeran)
Martin bap. Oct 21, 1800 at Rathgeran and
Eleanor bap. April 29, 1803 at Rathgeran.
Peter Swords appears to have had brothers Michael, James and Martin living at Coonogue.

In the 1850's and 60's all those with the family name Swords are living in the townland of Knockroe (Cnoc Ruaidh, Red Hill),  which adjoins the townland of Coonogue.


In the townland of Rathgeran, there is evidence of human habitation back to the the Stone Age (4,000BC).  Situated here is a large coffin-shaped stone slab, richly decorated with with five groups of concentric circles, two of which seem to be connected. It is known as the Rathgeran Stone. Nearby, are the encircling stones of what is believed to be a Bronze Age passage.

Source: Bridie Lawlor, Curator
St. Mullins Heritage Centre


George Scarf , Farmer, usually resides at Nockabran in the townland of Nockabran in the Parish of Old Leighlin in the Barony of West Idrone.

(signed) George, his X mark, Scarf.
(signed) William Fishbourne. 3rd August 1816.


Joseph Spears usually resides at Carlow.

(signed) Joseph Spears.
(signed) Henry Watters, 27th November 1823.


George Pepper usually resides at Crahan in the Parish of Barragh in the Barony of Forth. Charging Peter Byrne for an assault by making his dog bite George Pepper.

(signed) George Pepper.
(signed) A.B. Feltus.24th August 1831.


Lawerance Pigeon usually resides at Tullow.

(signed) Lawerance Pigeon. 14th Feb. 1835.



Jane Perrin of Knocklonigad, Carlow, Widow, states that William Curran forcibly broke open her front door without any lawful Warrant. In the third year of the Reign of our Sovereign, Lord George the fourth, King.


Patt Prandy resides at Knockinrane in the Parish of Myshall.

(signed) Patt, his X mark, Prandy.
(signed) Henry Rudkin. 3rd Feb. 1815.


William Pinnon resides at Kilmichael in the parish of Kilnahue, Barony of Gorey, County Wexford.

(signed) William Pinnon.
(signed) Pilsworth Whelan. 5th Jan. 1835.


Michael Silk and Judith Silk his wife reside at Strawhall, Carlow.

(signed) Michael, his X mark, Silk.
(signed) William Fishbourne. 5th June 1824.


Mary Shiloo resides at Carlow.

(signed) Mary, her X mark, Shiloo. 13th July 1826. (and yes Shiloo it is !)


Mary Ann Saywell resides at Carlow.

(signed) Mary Ann, her X mark, Saywell. 28th June, 1820.


James Smee, sub-Constable, resides at Hacketstown, Carlow. He arrested Pat Toole for being drunk, Pat dragged him and tore his appointments.

(signed) James Smee.
 (signed) C.H.Tuckey. 6th June 1844.


Andrew Slaven resides at Ballnabrannagh, in the Parish of Cloydah, Barony of Idrone West.

(signed) Andrew Slaven. 19th Feb 1812.

Some more unusual surnames for Carlow in the Pat Purcell Papers.

Richard Budds, Town of Carlow, 1810.
Arthur Church, Shoemaker, Town of Carlow, 1821.
Sam Briathwaite, Grangeford.and Peter Mosse 1821.
William Vass, Carlow Town, 1824.
Richard Blanchfield, Baurrigh, Carlow, 1841.
Michael Berney, Straduff, Carlow, 1847.
Thomas Burrows, Glannahary, Carlow. 1820.
Edward Box, Carlow town, 1820.
Nicholas Pembrick, Heathcoran, Loram, 1813.
Garret Nugent, Kildavin, 1826.
John Brownriggs, Ballypierce, 1826.
Edward Lynott, St Mullins, 1826.
Thomas Noblet, Hacketstown, 1817.
Janes Hethernson, Hacketstown, 1817
John Lloyd, Hacketstown, 1817.
Robert Watts, Knockroe, 1817.
Patrick Helehan, Carlow, 1809.
Patrick Cloven, Ullard, 1833.
Francis Bedlow, Carlow town, 1828.
William Brooder, Carlow town, 1828.
Stephen Esmond, Carlow town, 1828.
Laurence Ponosby, Carlow town, 1810.
Joseph Hench, Carlow town, 1810

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

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