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Pat Purcell Papers

'Charge of Theft'
By kind permission of Michael Purcell

County of Carlow to wit ......June 1800

The Examinations of Henry Bunbury of Bunbury Lodge in said County Esq. Taken before William Browne of Browne's Hill one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said County.

Who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and examined saith, that the Joice Floors Doors Windows, Door and Window Cases Boards Rafters Lentals and other Timber and valuable Articles having been lately feloniously stolen at different times and carried away from Johnstown Mansion House in said County. He this Examt. on Sunday Evening the first of June Inst. went in search thereof with a Party of the Tullow Yeoman Infantry now quartered at Grangeford and after searching several Houses for the same, found in the dwelling House of Michael Wall of Johnstown aforesaid Six Boards and Pieces of Boards most of them foreign Deal which had been in Floors and Doors and one Square piece which appears to have been a Lental to a Door or Window, all which he verily believes were stolen by the said Michael Wall or with his privity or connivance from Johnstown House aforesaid and also a fresh Sawed Piece of Ash Plank or Joice and Examt. further saith that at the same time and with the said Party of Yeomanry he found in the Dwelling House of Lawrence Dempsey of Johnstown aforesaid two Boards or pieces of Boards which from being of the same description of those found in the Dwelling House of said Michael Wall he verily believes were likewise feloniously stolen by the said Lawrence Dempsey or with his privity or connivance from the Mansion House of Johnstown aforesaid.

And Examt. further saith that from the circumstance of he and the said Party of Tullow Yeomanry having on the said Evening of Sunday the first of June searched several other Dwelling Houses on or near the Lands of Johnstown aforesaid and from not having found any part of Floors Doors Joices Boards etc. feloniously taken from Johnstown Mansion House aforesaid, - ? - therefore He this Examt. has just reason to suspect and verily believe that the said Michael Wall and Lawrence Dempsey Stole and carried away or caused to be stolen and carried away all or most of the Floors Doors Window Cases Boards Rafters Lentals and other Timber and valuable Articles which were lately feloniously Stolen and carried away from said Johnstown Mansion House aforesaid. And Examt. further saith that he also verily believes if said Michael Wall or Lawrence Dempsey could have accounted Satisfactorily to this Examt. how they honestly came by Boards and Pieces of Boards and Joice found in their respective Dwelling Houses they would have done so in three Days the space between their been so found in their Dwelling Houses on Sunday 1st and Thursday the 5th June Inst. when these Examinations were taken

Sworn before me this 5th Day of June 1800

William Browne.

Examt. acknowledges himself bound to our Sovereign Lord the King in the Sum of 20 to prosecute at next ensuing Quarter Sessions to be held in Carlow for said County.

Hen. Bunbury.

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The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document
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(Due to the size of the document the bottom half had to added as an extra image to the main document which is on the left of the page)

Foot-note from Michael Purcell 01/2007:
The images above are laser-copy's of the original's which are written on handmade paper.  The above forms part of the Bunbury documents in the Pat Purcell Papers. The documents were handed to Pat by a member of the Bunbury family in the 1940s in order to carry out research on the Bunbury family and much to the delight of present day historian Turtle Bunbury the documents have recently surfaced in the P.P.P. They provide a very informative account of events during the 18th and 19th centuries in Carlow and are a superb genealogy utility, giving us names, occupations, addresses etc. I have already posted 2 documents and with the help of Michael Brennan will attempt to display some pictures of the originals alongside typed transcriptions so Carlow Listers may check the data for themselves.

Please note that the placing of Capital letters is the style from that period. The original is on handmade paper, dated by the watermark as made in 1799. It is a very fragile document and heavily stained with age. It took almost an hour to transcribe. Of course one has to remember that the accusations / charges are only alleged and those named would have had to face a trial by jury to decide if they were guilty or not.  Bear in mind that a photocopy is much clearer than the original as it comes out black on white, whereas the original is brown on brown and even brown on black in sections. (Michael Purcell - Jan 2007)

Transcribed by: Michael Purcell  c2007

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