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Browne-Clayton Papers

"Sarah Hesitrige of Carlow"
5th day of Sept., 1785
By kind permission of Michael Purcell

County of Carlow to witt... }  The Examination of Mrs. Sarah Hesitrige of Carlow in said County taken before William Browne Esquire.
Who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined Saith that about a fortnight ago, this Examinant upon looking over her desk, in her lodgings in the House of John Lynch of Carlow she missed a Silver Meddal of Wm. Pitt, a Silver Doleard six thirteens in Silver, a Quarter Doleard and several other pieces of silver Coin the property of Examinant, which were feloniously Stolen out of her said Desk, And saith that on this present Thursday the first of September Inst. she was sent word by George Sikes of Carlow aforesaid Watch maker that he had stopped a Silver Meddal of William Pitt, which was brought to him to know the value thereof which said Meddal is the same that was so stolen out of her desk, And saith that the said pieces, were so stolen by some person or persons at present unknown to Examinant and are of the value of Sixteen Shillings & three pence & upwards. ~ Sarah Hesitrige

Sworn and acknowledged before me this 5th day of Sept., 1785

Wm. Browne.

This said Examinant is bound to our
Lord the King in the sum of 50 Sterling.
Conditionally to appear and prosecute at
next General Assizes to be held in
and for said County ~~~~~
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It is interesting to note that the piece of quill and string that holds the two pages together were attached on the original documents and date from 1785. The documents will give viewers an idea of the genealogical importance of the Browne-Clayton Papers. Besides giving us an account of some events taking place in 1785 they name people that we would not have had knowledge of . The exceptions would be the Magistrate ,William Browne, who is well recorded in Deeds etc. and the Watch maker George Sikes, George is well recorded through his headed invoices and examples of his work which are still to be found.
Signed: Michael Purcell 12/2007
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
Transcribed by Noel Roche c2007
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