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"Hannah Jackson of Tullow"
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The Examinations of Hannah Jackson of Tullow in said County, Servant Woman.

The said Examinant being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist's & Examinant deposeth that on the twenty seventh day of April last in the morning on opening the back door of her masters, Mr. John Brough's house in Tullow aforesaid, and on her going out of said house some small distance she saw Walter Magee and Henry Whaley run out of a back house of her said masters armed with pistoles in their hands making toward the back door of said dwelling house where she the Examinant endeavoured to prevent their getting in, the said Walter Magee presented a pistol at this Examinant and swore he would shoot this Examinant if she attempted to hinder him from getting into said dwelling house, which put this Examinant in very great terror dread and fear of her life and obliged her not to give the said Walter Magee or said Henry Whaley the least opposition, whereupon the said Walter Magee and said Henry Whaley forcibly rushed through the said back door into her said masters dwelling house he being then and there in bed, upon which this Examinant asked them what they were about to do, but they made her no answer, and immediately after two men, more followed them into said house and continued all in the kitchen and hall of said house for some time, and until she alarmed her said master and called him up.

Hanna X Jackson
Sworn before me the
7th day of July 1782
 - Carbery Hendley

The said Examinant bound to our Sovereign Lord George King and so Forth in the sum of twenty pounds sterling on condition she appear at the next General Assizes to be held at Carlow in and for said County and not depart the County without Licence...

Taken and Acknowledged before me the day and year above mentioned
~ ( signed) Benjamin Bunbury, Carbery Hendley

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

This document was transcribed by Susie Warren

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