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Shades of "Hanging-Gale B"...

By kind permission of Michael Purcell  12/2009

Shades of "Hanging-Gale B"...

(Front page headline).

Nationalist, October 27th 1951.

Anne Doyle's House.

Three hundred years ago you would have found a family of Doyles in the parish of Ballon. Anne Doyle, a frail old lady of 70 years, is the sole descendant of that ancient family living in the district to-day. Her friends think of her as the wretched queen of an unfortunate tragedy.

Seven years ago she handed over one acre of her four-acre holding to Carlow County Council in return for a promise that they would build her a house there. She occupied the house for a few brief days, but on October 10th the bailiff and his men put her and her belongings on the side of the road. For generations the Doyles of Rathrush lived in a thatched cottage on four acres, from which they won a bare existence.

Long after her brothers, now dead, had married and left, Anne and her sister Mary lived on in the home, which was already showing signs of age. When Mary died, Anne on the advice of neighbours made a statue acre over to the County Council, believing that they would build her a cottage. The plot was fenced off, but the war halted all building. For seven years she paid the rent of the plot, and was the acknowledged tenant.

Meanwhile she had left the decaying homestead and went to lodge with neighbours. At last the builders arrived and week by week she saw the house she believed to be hers take shape. Then came the blow. When the cottage was complete, the Authorities decreed that it would not go to her. Exasperated the old woman took up unauthorised occupation.

The Law held that she had no legal claim on the house, an Ejectment Order followed, and on the 10th October she watched her belongings being carried to the roadside. The County Council Secretary, Mr. P.A. Lawler outlined the official view to our reporter.

Miss Doyle and her sister were alive when the Council first said they would build the cottage, and had it been built right away, they would have been appointed tenants. Mary Doyle has since died, however, and Anne is alone, and instead the house will go to a married man with several children.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010

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