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Threatening Notice 1827

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

From P.P.P. written as seen

Carlow on Sunday 30th September 1827.

Threatening Notice posted at the Chapel gate at Drumphea,

Take notice Frank Dillon, William O'Neal of Garryhill the Catholicks and your Church cannot agree by no means, -- I must remark all Landlords of this County to look into the state of their tenants at large but I send this as such to Dillon who has done he is worse than Paul Jones that robbed the seas, he robbed Michael Nowlan of Garryhill of his natural support , we will be the better after dealing with Thomas Bradley whether to kill him or let him live and other men, subjects to his majesty's crown.

You are a devil and you are worse than the rean of Queen Bess who persecuted the church but do not be mistaken but that Martin Curran of Drumphea will die first and then William Byrne and also Glass eye Pat Kelly for it is neither sin or shame to walk in Streams of crimson blood for you living --the Hanibal and Caesar and Alexander and Boneapart waded in streams of crimson in the field of battle and the common private Soldier who fits for their living ~~

Why not men in Ireland slain before them. Now in the name of God I do charge and command you that bought at Michael Nowlans cant (auction) to have your choice to be served like Bishop Mara's brother in Kilkenny who was shot as he rode from his own door. Dillon you do not know how soon some may walk into your house and kill you in your own bed and likewise O'Neal so if you attempt stirring Michael Nowlan out of his place your done - and whether or not  you stand in great danger you will be deprived of Curran if he does not give up his post. Anymore doing rongs from this out be warned of loosing his life.

Any man seen taking down this notice will be dealt with.

[Note added 2011. The warning notice, tied to the church gate pillar, was removed by Bryan Cosgrave of Garryhill and brought to Mr Dillon. Another warning pasted to the wall of Drumphea Chapel was removed by Martin Curran who gave it to Denis Coogan. Both warnings was brought to the attention of local Magistrate, Adam. B. Feltus of Hollybrook, who contacted James Stokes, Sub-Constable.

Stokes went to Rathnegerha where he met Richard Holmes and found a book with pages torn out that matched the Notices, he interviewed three of his sons, Thomas, Laurence and James, he then arrested another son, Christopher, who he noted "reads and writes well".

 Source: Michael Purcell <>

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

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