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County of Carlow to witt~~~~~~~~~



The Information of George Anderson of Tullow Street in the Town of Carlow in Said County who being duly Sworn Saith that on the Evening of the Sixth day of July 1841 Deponent was Standing at his own door in the Town of Carlow when a person named Patrick McCarthy came up to Deponent and called Deponent "a Bloody Orange thief" and Several other names, and collected a large Crowd of persons numbering from Seventy to One hundred persons round Deponents House, which Crowd the Said Patrick McCarty addressed in inflammatory language endeavouring to excite Said Crowd against Deponent and against his trade and business and ordered Said Crowd not to deal or hold any Communication with Deponent, Said Patrick McCarthy there repeatedly called on Deponent to fight him and endeavoured to provoke Deponent to Commit a breach of the Peace. Deponent not wishing to raise any disturbance in the Street took no notice of Said Patrick McCarthy's threats when the Said Patrick McCarthy came up to Deponent and Struck Deponent a blow of his clenched hand on the arm and threatened Deponent with a knife he Said he had in his possession on his person.

Deponent Saith that on two Several Occasions previous to this transaction and on the Said Sixth day of July as Deponent was walking along the Street on his business he was assaulted by the Said Patrick McCarthy who called Deponent Such names as aforesaid and endeavoured to excite the popular feeling to the injury and danger of this Deponent.

Deponent further Saith that he believes that if the Said Patrick McCarthy be allowed to go at liberty during the ensuing week when the County Elections are proceeding with that the Said Patrick McCarthy will excite the populace against Deponent and that the person and property of Deponent will be endangered by the violence the person and property of Deponent will be endangered by the violence of Said Patrick McCarthy.~~~~~

George Anderson.
Sworn before us this 8th day of July 1841.~~
J. G-----, R.M.
J. Gallwey, J.P.
G.H. Tunkey, R.M.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document
This document was transcribed by Michael Purcell 

Note added by Michael Purcell Carlow c2008.

George Anderson carried on the trade of Chandler at 37 Tullow Street, Carlow. By 1841 he had been in business in Carlow for many years, he lived over his shop. He was in business with his brother Robert Anderson who lived in Dublin Street. It is difficult to ascertain what McCarthy's problem was but both Anderson brothers frequently served on jury panels in Carlow Courthouse. George may have made an enemy because of a verdict or it may have had to do with the County Elections that he refers to in the above statement but this is just a guess and unless other documentation surfaces we may never know the reason for McCarthy's outburst. What is very unusual and surprising is the fact that it is recorded on the rear of the above statement in another hand "No Prosecution..... The Crown will not interfere in this case"

In 1841 George was a practicing member of the "Scots" Presbyterian church, all of the Magistrates at this time were members of the Church of Ireland community, that may be a reason why they did not assist George in his complaint !. So it seems that poor George was left to deal with this "danger" without the protection of the Magistrates . Whatever happened following this incident we find that in December 1843 George was still in the Chandler business on Tullow Street when we find him signing a Bond as guarantor for Edward Hopkins, Gentleman, Carlow, in a legal action against Job L. Champion, Gentleman and Attorney at Law, Carlow. George was supported as guarantor in this action by John Mullin, Publican. Carlow. Listers may be interested to know that a Chandler was a person who supplied candles, soap, oil, paint, tallow, wicks, holders, lanterns, household cleaning items and sometimes a small selection of groceries, a very lucrative trade / business to be involved in. This was the trade that the Anderson brothers established in Carlow in the 1830s. One could also trade as a Corn Chandler, dealing in corn or as a Ship's Chandler dealing in canvas and shipping requirements. George and his brother Robert were related to Bryce Petersen from Utah, USA who wrote in 2001 of his visit to Carlow in search of his Anderson ancestors in part six of the following article which may be read on the website links below:

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