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Letter dated 31st August 1831.

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

From the Bunbury Papers in the PPP.

Preserving the Public Tranquillity

Letter dated 31st August 1831.

Sir. I am commanded by the Lord Lieutenant to direct you to select and appoint to the Constabulary force of the County of Carlow, 30 of the Persons lately nominated by the Magistrates of the County, pursuant to His Excellency's Proclamation.

The addition will Augment that force to the Complement of 16 men for each Barony :-.

Upon the expediency of any further Augmentation, His Excellency does not mean at present to form any determination, but I am instructed to apprise you that a Military force will be immediately ordered to the Town of Carlow, and until the result of these measures for preserving the Public Tranquillity shall have been ascertained, His Excellency will Suspend any further Augmentation of the Constabulary.

His Excellency desires that you will inform the Magistrates of the import of this communication

I have the honor to be

(signed) William Gosset.
Under Secretary of State for Ireland.

List of Constabulary appointed:

William Thorotan, James Sunderland, William Marshall, Henry Townshend (brother in Police), Thomas Burroughs, Robert Wright, William Gilltrap, Christopher Everard, Henry Tudor, William Leabrooke, Francis Sherlock, John Langrill, Robert Meredith, James Rigly, Pierce Brereton,  (?) Groves, John Lannon, William Rose, Edward Holbrook, Robert Allen, John McLean, John DeRenzy, Walter Newton, Samuel Vignoles, Colonel Rochfort, Mathew Flanagan (brother in Police), Thomas Henry (brother in Police) Thomas Bookey, Thomas Carter (father in Police), Mark Hughes (brother in Police).

Source: Michael Purcell <>

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

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