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Murray otherwise Murphy, Gurney otherwise Holmes.

By kind permission of Michael Purcell


Murray otherwise Murphy, Gurney otherwise Holmes.

From the PPP.

Statement made before P. O' Grady, having Sworn on the Holy Evangelists

25th of March 1824.

Jane Gurney otherwise Holmes of the Town of Carlow, Widow, Saith that on 23rd day of September 1821 she was married in the Parish Church of Carlow to Bernard Murray formerly a Soldier in the Leitrim Regiment of Militia according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by the Reverend Joseph Jameson, Curate of the Parish.

And Jane Gurney otherwise Holmes saith that having lately heard that the said Bernard Murray had been on the 26th of February 1811 married to Anne Murphy then of Ross in the Parish of Killarney at Killarney by the Reverend Cornelius Egan, a Roman Catholic Clergyman then officiating.

And having been called upon at her residence in the Town of Carlow by Anne Murray otherwise Murphy in January 1822 and was warned by Anne Murray otherwise Murphy  that Anne Murray otherwise Murphy was the lawful wife of the said Bernard Murray.

Anne Gurney otherwise Holmes did lodge information for Bigamy against Bernard Murray before William Fishbourne, Esquire, his Majesties Justice of the Peace in Carlow, who thereupon further committed Bernard Murray to imprisonment but that he the said Bernard Murray was already being at the time a prisoner in the Jail of Carlow upon another charge.

Anne Gurney otherwise Holmes procured a Crown Summons for the purpose of obtaining the attendance of Anne Murray otherwise Murphy and Reverend Cornelius Egan and Daniel Murphy and John Connor, two witnesses who were present at the marriage of Bernard Murray and Anne Murphy which summons was lodged with John Murphy, Summons Server of the Town of Carlow.

John Murphy of Carlow did serve Summons on Anne Murray otherwise Murphy at Killarney and also on Reverend Cornelius Egan at Tralee and others at respective Places of Residence.

Reverend Cornelius Egan is now in Attendance on this Honourable Court and believes from the records that he married a person by the name of Bernard Murray to Anne Murphy but that he is unable to identify the Parties but further states that Daniel Murphy who is the father of Anne Murphy otherwise Murray and John O'Connor who is the Roman Catholic Parish Clerk who recorded the Marriage , could and will identify Bernard Murray as being the person who married Anne Murphy now addressed as Anne Murray otherwise Murphy.

Jane Gurney otherwise Holmes has heard and believes that Anne Murray otherwise Murphy is unable to attend from poverty in not being able to procure money to bear expense of coming to Carlow at so short a notice but saith if the trial is postponed she will procure the attendance of Anne Murray otherwise Murphy without which Jane Gurney otherwise Holmes is advised she cannot at present prosecute to conviction Bernard Murray.

Signed in order that substantial justice to Jane Gurney otherwise Holmes and Anne Murray otherwise Murphy may take place ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(signed) Jane Gurney otherwise Holmes, (signed) P. O' Grady. 25th of March 1824.

[Note added 2010. The recording Court Clerk of the day made a mistake when writing "Daniel Murphy who is the father of Anne Murphy otherwise Murray" he should have wrote "Daniel Murphy who is father of Anne Murray otherwise Murphy" ...

Source: PPP and Michael Purcell <>

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

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