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Pat Purcell Papers

1786, Making money in Carlow.

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

1786, Making money in Carlow.

Surnames mentioned: Comyings, Nowlan, Ryan, Kinsellagh, Kavanagh, Bunbury, Drought, St Leger & Lennon

[Note added 2010. A Guinea was a twenty one shilling piece. To use a modern-day saying "the boys were coining it"].

From the Pat Purcell Papers on parchment, one of seven Statements (then called Informations or Examinations). 1786.

~~~ Denis Nowlan of Ballon, Patrick Nowlan of Ballykeely Ballon, Thomas Nowlan of Temple Ballon, Francis Kavanagh of Myshal, Michael Ryan of Tinryeland, John Kinsells otherwise Kinsellagh of Tinryeland, George Comyings of Tinryeland, in the County of Carlow, and Patrick Lennon in the County of Wicklow, Yeomen, on the 28th Day of March in the 26th Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, did with Force and Arms, that is to say, with Swords, Sticks and so forth, at the Fair of Rathville in Carlow , intending craftily, falsely, deceitfully, unjustly and unlawfully to cheat, deceive, and defraud our said Lord the King, and his People of his said Kingdom of Ireland, Eight pieces of Pewter, Copper, Brass and other base mixt Metals, of the Likeness and Similitude of the good, lawful, and current Money, and Coin of our said Lord the King, of his said Kingdom of Ireland, called half Guineas did then and there falsely, fraudulently, deceitfully, unjustly, and unlawfully expose, utter, and give in Payment to one John St. Leger  and Loyal Subjects of our said Lord the King for, as the true, lawful and current Money and Coin of our said Lord the King, of his said Kingdom of Ireland, called half Guineas they the said Denis Nowland, Patrick Nowlan, Thomas Nowlan, Patrick Lennon, Francis Kavanagh, Michael Ryan, John Kinsells otherwise Kinsellagh, George Comyings they then and there well and perfectly knowing the said Pieces of Pewter, Copper, Brass, and other base and mixt Metals, to be Forged and Counterfeited, and not to be true, lawful, and current Money and Coin of our said Lord the King, of his said Kingdom of Ireland, contrary to the Peace of our said Lord the King, His Crown and Dignity, Sworn before me on the Holy Evangelists this 28th day of March 1786, (signed) Thomas Drought , this the 11th April 1786.

(signed with his mark) John - X - St Leger,
and Trulely read over by James Pue to John St. Leger before placing His Mark on this Information.

John St. Leger of Crane in the County of Wicklow, Farmer, at Several times having Dealings with Patrick Lennon in the nature of Gold Specie found they were uncommonly light, he did not attempt to pass them suspecting them to be Base Coin, when questioned Patrick Lennon told John St Leger to make the best he could of them and any that he could not pass to others he could apply at anytime to change them. John St Leger met Patrick Lennon at the Fair of Rathville whereupon Patrick Lennon gave him good money for the same without any trouble or any application to a Magistrate tho not without John St. Leger threatening to bring him to Justice and further Sayth not, Acknowledged before me this 28th Day of March 1786.

(signed) Benjamin Bunbury.


1786 Carlow.

Examination of James Paye of Rathvilly, in the County of Carlow.

On Sunday the 26th of March 1786 John St Leger of Crane in the County of Carlow and Patrick Lennon of Clogh in the County of Wicklow, Farmers, were drinking in the house of James Paye's father and James Paye heard John St Leger charging Patrick Lennon with Passing him half Guineas of Base Coin and threatening to bring Lennon before a Magistrate if he did not give him good money upon which Lennon gave him other money.

John St. Leger threw down the money and James Paye took it up knowing it to be bad with the intent to bring Patrick Lennon to Justice and further Sayth that Lennon brought Several Person to his father's house to prevail on James Paye to give up the bad coins but he refused to do so and told him he would never part with them until he gave it to Mr. Drought, Esquire or Mr. Bunbury, Esquire and further Sayth that the money he gave to Thomas Drought was the very money which he took up from John St. Leger and further Sayth not. Sworn before me this day 28th day of March, 1786. (signed) Thomas Drought (signed) James Paye.


The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Continued 1786

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