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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1761

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

Pat Purcell Papers.

3rd August 1761.

The Examination of Thomas Gurly, Gent., of Dunleckney, County of Carlow before me this 3rd day of August 1761, Sworn on the Holy Evangelists, saith that on Monday the 3rd instant as he was on the lands of Seskin one Frances Kavanagh / a person who he believes / has no certain place of residence and is a idle and disorderly person, did without any provocation come up and with a stick in his hand made several strokes and that had it not been for a second Gent then present he believes that Kavanagh would have done him bodily harm.

(signed) Beauchamp Bagenal.
Thomas Gurly,
3rd Day of August 1761.


The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

The Examination of James Bradell of Copna, Carlow.


Sayth that he was at the Fair of Tullow when he went to Weaver Best of Ardiston and asked him why he impounded Patrick Dolan's Cattle for rent which had already being paid.

While Bradell and Best were talking, Bradell was knocked down with a belt from Cudgel on his head, while he was down on the Ground he got a wound on his thigh from a Hanger, by which he Lost much blood, a Guinea he had in his pocket was almost cut through.

His servant William Swain of Copna, Carlow took him off the Ground and held him in his Arms, Bradell asked them if they had a mind to murder him,  then Weaver Best presented a Cocked Pistol to his face and Swore he would blow out his Brains or shoot out one of his eyes ~~

This put Bradell in fear and peril of his Life.
(signed) James Bradell ~~~
Sworn before me this 30th day of October, 1761.
(signed) Fran Hopkins.

The Examination of Edward Doolin of Copna, Carlow.


He was on Lawfull occasion in Tullow Fair, he saw Weaver Best and James Bradell both Grapple at Each Other as if intending to fight at which time he saw Patrick Lynch of Tullow knock Bradell down with a Stroke of a Cudgell on the head.

While Bradell was Down he then and there, saw John Best of Carlow with a drawn hanger assault Bradell and wound him desperately on the thigh with a Stroke of the hanger about four inches long, and almost cut a Guinea through,  which Bradell had then in his Britches pocket and fears Bradell will loose the use of his thigh by said wound.

All without the Least provocation and further Saith not,

(signed with his mark) Edmond - X - Doolin.
Sworn before me this 30th day of October 1761.
(signed Fran Hopkins).

Also has Examination of William Swain who was attending his Master, James Bradell, in the Fair of Tullow, his account reads the same as Bradell and Doolin.

By kind permission of Michael Purcell
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