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Pat Purcell Papers

"Feloniously Stolen"
By kind permission of Michael Purcell

The Information of Esther Byrne, Widow, of Moneybeg, Carlow.

Saith that Friday the 24th January 1817 about 5oc in the morning she was in the room with her husband William Byrne of Moneybeg who was dangerously ill and who died in a few minutes afterwards and that Thomas Byrne and John Byrne turned her out of of the room and shut themselves up with her dying husband and that on her going down the stairs she could hear the footsteps of said Thomas and John Byrne going to a part of the room where her husband's Desk was and in which he usually kept his money and in which a large sum was there Deposited to the best of her knowledge the Exact amount of which she does not know but her husband had Two Hundred Pounds and upwards in Cash at the time of his decease.

That after his Death Thomas and John Byrne removed the Desk into another room which they locked and Refused to permit anyone to enter therein or to See the Contants of said Desk until Esther Suspecting that they were robbing her and the Child of her Deceased Husband , brought a Constable for the Purpose of Ajurtaining the Amount of the Money and property which her Husband died possessed and when in the presence of Respectable Witness the said Desk and everything was regulary Inspected no money of any description nor Banks Notes were found therein nor any Articles of Value Save and Except Two Silver Salt Sellers two Tablespoons and a Silver Watch but on Searching a Box in said House which Thomas Byrne Saith was his own property there was found therein the Watch of her Deceased Husband, William Byrne, Six Silver Teaspoons the property of her said husband, forty five Pounds in Bank Notes and four Guineas in Gold All of which money Esther Verily believes to be part of the Money feloniously Stolen from Her Husband, but is Positive and Certain that the Watch and teaspoons before mentioned were her Husband's property and were feloniously Stolen by the said Thomas Byrne and John Byrne and she also saith that she Verily believes that Thomas Byrne and John Byrne did feloniously take the Entire of the Large Sum of Money Deposited in Her Husband's Desk as before Mentioned,

(signed) Esther Byrne.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
This document was transcribed by Pat O' Reagan

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