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Pat Purcell Papers

"Robbery !"
By kind permission of Michael Purcell
Names: Maher, Fishbourne, Clowery & Cummins

3rd May 1817.

Timothy Maher of Castlemore, Carlow declares before William Fishbourne that John Clowery came to him and asked him for a Gun or Pistol, sometime in February last, as he wanted to rob the Rev. Mr. Cummins (his Uncle ) of Clonegal. Timothy replied and said he had no arms and also advised him against robbing the Priest. Clowry told him that there was another Man from Straboe, Carlow to go with him to commit the Robbery.

In about two weeks after this conversation Clowery called to Timothy Maher again and told him he could not get at the money as his Uncle's Housekeeper watched him so close that he could not effect his purpose. He had now changed his mind as to him and said he would now Rob the Rev. Mr. Conran's house, (Parish Priest of Ballon), he having more money and a man near his place had set his house for Clowry and that he the aforesaid John Clowry was determined either to have his Life or his Money.

Sworn before me this 3rd May 1817 at Carlow .

(signed) Timothy Maher
(signed) William Fishbourne.

14th July 1817.

The confession of William Townshend now a prisoner in the Gaol of Carlow,

Saith that on his return from the Assizes of Carlow on the evening of the 29th March last, he met Patrick Donahoe of Tullow, who had been discharged from Carlow Gaol that day going on the road. Said Donahoe applyed to William Townshend to know would he meet him on Sunday night to which he replyed he would, and on Sunday night said Donahoe called on Townshend, and asked him to join him to commit a Robbery on Mr. Bunbury in this county who had a quantity of money and that more help of Men with plenty of Fire arms were to join them. On Thursday he called ....?.... that the help were not coming in, and that he would wait no longer, and that they would go rob another House belonging to an Old Priest that had plenty of money belonging to the Farmers.

That on same time Patrick Donahoe desired him to meet himself and John Dalton on the river side that night outside the Town of Tullow, that on Townshend going to the place appointed he met there John Dalton, and Patrick Donohoe soon joined them , they showed what arms they had, Donahoe produced a long Butchers knife with a penny cord, and Dalton produced a large flesh fork with another cord, on Donahoe making an observation that they were bad arms to commit a Robbery, Dalton made answer that he would Rob the house without any Arms. That then they proceeded towards the house mostly keeping to the fields, until they came to the Rev. Mr. Conran's house near Ballon in this County, after coming to the house they passed it by and went into the Haggard where they remained until the Rev. Mr. Conran came home and after remaining some time they went to the door and rapped at the door which being opened they all rushed in , when said Donahoe threw a Coat over the Boys head in the Kitchen of said House and desired Townshend to tye said boy with one of the cords, which he did, then followed Dalton into the Priest's room, who gave him the Fork to guard the Priest in the bed while Dalton should rob the desk, while Dalton was robbing the desk some money fell from him on the floor, and a struggle took place between the Priest, Dalton and Townshend on which Donahoe ran away and they extricated themselves from the Priest and made off towards Tullow.

Taken before me this 14th day of July 1817.

(signed) William X Townshend
(signed) Townshend Fishbourne
First being truly read
This document was transcribed by Pat O' Reagan

Surnames: Kehoe, Bunbury & Bessoninet.

[Note added 2012. John Bessoninet or Bissonnette descended from early Huguenot settlers in Carlow, there is more on the family in the PPP, unable to locate it at present.]

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Affidavit of Mark Kehoe of Ballybit, Carlow,Farmer, taken before James Bessoninet? one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

Deponent / Mark Kehoe / being duly Sworn and examined, Saith that he hath planted or caused to be planted since the first day of February last past, on the Lands of Ballybit, being Part of the Estate of Thomas Bunbury,

Esquire, in said County Viz:

2200 of Scotch Fir Trees.
170 Larch Trees.
80 Spruce.
30 Chestnut.
290 Ash Trees.
Further Deponent Saith Not. (signed) Mark Keogh.
Sworn before me this [blank] Day of January 1817.
(signed) James Bessoninet?.
Read at a Grand General Sessions held at Tullow, January 17th 1817
(signed) Alex Humfrey, Clerk of the Peace.

Transcribed by Michael Purcell

1817, Kinsela, Carnel, Butler & FitzGerald.

Pat Purcell Papers. Transcribed by Selina Lawlor.


The Examination of Catherine Kinsela of Schaugnerane, Carlow who being this day duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists deposeth and saith that on Saturday the 25th day of January last ~~ she went with her husband Edward Kinsela to a Doctor in Newtown Barry to get a remedy for his illness and she further saith that she left her Chest in the house of widow Butler of Schaugnerane with several articles of furniture and wearing apparel in her Chest among the articles were a Cotton quilt, a pair of Cotton stockings, a large wooden dish, a pair of Muslin sleeves, ~~~ all the property of Catherine Kinsela and a pair of Cloth shoes the property of her sister the widow Carnel.

And Catherine Kinsela further saith that the articles were feloniously taken, stolen and carried away in her absence.

Her sister the widow Carnel went to the house of Andrew Kinsela and saw her Cloth shoes that was stolen out of Catherine's Chest with Andrew Kinsela's wife Mary Kinsela.

Then the widow Carnel demanded the shoes and Mary Kinsela gave her shoes to the widow Carnel.

 Catherine Kinsela further saith that she does not suspect any other persons for stealing the rest of her articles of property that was stolen from her but the aforesaid Andrew Kinsela and his wife Mary Kinsela in whose home part was found.

(signed) Catherine, her X mark, Kinsela.
Being first truly read to Catherine Kinsela
Sworn before me this 10th day of February 1817.
(signed) FitzGerald.  ~ A Magistrate for County Carlow.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

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