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The Robert Browne-Clayton Papers

Court Hearing March 1798

Court Hearing March 1798

The following is front page of an important Court hearing book dated March 1798. Copied from the Browne-Clayton Papers which were presented to Michael Purcell by Robert Browne-Clayton earlier this year. The William Browne named on the list of Gentry / Grand Jurors at the end is an ancestor of Robert. It consists of 35 pages of charges, judgements etc. It captures the build-up to the events of two months later when the United Irishmen attacked the town of Carlow in May 1798. (This has never before been published.)

Pleas of the Crown at a General Assizes and General Gaol Delivery held at Carlow in and for the said County of Carlow on Monday the 26th Day of March 1798 and in the 38th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the faith and Soforth

Before The Honorable Robert Day Justice of his Majesties Court of Chief place in Ireland And The Honorable John Toler his Majesties Solicitor General in Ireland. Justices and Commissioners of our said Lord the King assigned by Letters Patent of our said Lord the King to take all the assizes Recognitions and Certificates before any Justices whatsoever taken. And also assigned from time to time to deliver the Gaol of our said Lord the King of the said County of Carlow of all the Prisoners and Malefactors therein being. And further assigned to hear examine, discuss and determine of all Singular Treasons , Murders, Manslaughters, Burnings, felonies and Unlawful assembles, Extortions, Oppressions and All Crimes Contempts, evil doings and offences whatsoever Committed or to be Committed in the said County of Carlow By Virtue of a Commission of our said Lord the King Under the Great Seal of his said Kingdom of Ireland bearing Date at Dublin the Third Day of March in the 38th year of the Reign of our said Lord the King.

The names of the Jurors of the Grand Inquest. William Burton Esq. Sir Richard Butler Bt. David LaTouche Esq. John Rochfort Esq. John Staunton Rochfort Esq. Sir Charles Burton Bt. Walter Kavanagh Esq. William Browne Esq. Philip Nowlan Esq. Hardy Eustace Esq. John Steuart Esq. William Paul Butler Esq. Nichols Aylward Vigors Esq. Arundel Caulfield Esq. William Henry Burton Esq. James Eustace Esq. Robert Eustace Esq. Henry Rudkin Esq. Robert Cornwall Esq. Robert Bayly Esq. Samuel Carpenter Esq. Thomas Bernard Esq. James Butler Esq.

(signed) Edward Eustace Esq. Sherriff.

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