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Baptism Records

RC Parish of Tinryland

Surname Timmins

Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004

Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004
Nat'l. Lib. Dublin, film P.4192

Tinryland Catholic parish
Date of Baptism Childs Name Fathers Name   Mothers Name   Sponsor Name Sponsor Name Residence
1814, July 31 Jacobus Michael Ryan Bridget Timmony Donahue (Maria Byvern?)  
1815, 17 Mar Catherine Jacobus Hogan Maria Bolger Patrick Donahue Maria Timmins  
1815, 29 Apr Catherine Timothy Timmins Bridget (Yomnan?) Richard Neil Anna Whalen  
1815, 1 Jun daughter Jacobus Timmins Frances (Stanley?) John Brennan Whalen  
1815, 24 Nov Patrick John Timmins Ann Griffen Thomas Nolan Eliza Nolan  
1815, 18 Dec Mary (Thiciad?) Timmins Catherine (Owen?) Michael Brennan Mary Murray  
1816 Mary Patrick Heart Bridget Ward Daniel Timmins Catherine Moore  
1816, 18 Feb Eleanor Edward Timmins Mary Grady Jacobus Branagan Mary Branagan  
1816,  5 May daughter Michael Timmins Maria Murphy Branagan Rosa (McGonael?)  
1816, 18 May Alice Michael Wall Bridget  Timmins Edward Wall Maria Wall  
1816, 6 Oct Alice Timothy Timmins Bridget Gorman (Larry?) Gorman Hannah Prendergast  
1817, 27 Mch Mary (Edward?) Timmins Eliza Linnen William Timmins Judith Timmins  
1817, 5 May Alice Jacobus Timmins (Anna?) Walsh Jacobus (Finlan?) Margaret Connors  
1817, 4 Oct Michael Jacobus Timmins (Margaret?) Brennan (Brennan?)    
1818, Apr Bridget William Timmins (Hannah? Anna?) Murray (David?) Timmins (Honora?) Timmins  
1820, 1 Apr Margaret Ricardi Timmins Maria Kelly   Margaret Murphy  
1820, 16 Apr Patrick Timothy Timmins (Margaret?) Gorman Thomas Hickey Lucia Holloway  
1820, 27 May Eliza Richard Timmins (Lang?) Kelly (Thomas?) Ferrell Frances Southwell  
1820, 10 Jun Anna Jacobus Timmins (Margaret?) Brennan (Thomas?) Byrne Anna Byrne  
1821, 5 May William William Timmins Anna Murray   Esther Timmins  
1822, 3 Feb (Thomas?) Thomas Hearns Margaret Harmon Martin Murphy Mary Grady  
1822, 7 Mar Francis Charles Timmins Eliza Leanard Michael Timmins Eliza Flyn  
1823, 23 Feb (Bridget?) Timothy Timmins Bridget Gorman Jacobus Hayden Judith Hayden  
1823, 15 Jun Jacobis Jacobis Brennan Margaret   William Brennan Esther Timmins  
1823, 29 Jun (John?) Edward Timmins Mary Grady Richard McDonets Anna Cass Mortestown
1823, 23 Oct Michael Richard Timmins Mary Kelly William Timmins Mary Timmins Green (?)
1824, 19 Sep Charles Charles Timmins Betty Quin Pat Moore Catherine Quin Ballycarney
1825, 1 May Timothy Timothy Timmins Bridget Goreman Larry Murphy   (Buston, or Burton?) Hall
1825, 9 Aug Charles John Timmins Mary Hughes Robert Dillon Judith (Kennedy?) Byrne Rds
1826, 12 Mar Mary James Timmins Bridget Brennan Richard Timmins Mary Timmins Oak Park
1826, 31 May Michael William Timmins (Anna?) Murray William Dunn Catherin Kelly Green Road
1827, 26 Sep Mary Richard Timmins Honora (Jnison?) John Timmins Esther Timmins (Erin dale?)
1828, 16 Nov Charles Richard Timmins Catherine Clear George Timmins Catherine Brennan  
1829, 11 Feb Michael Richard Timmins Honor Myran Tim Murphy Ann Timmins Ballycarney
1829, 22 Mar Patrick Jacobus Branagan Margaret Cowe Edward Crowe Catherin Crowe Mortarstown
1829, 24 Apr John Charles Timmins Catherine Keating John Timmins Mary Timmins Burtons (last?)
1830, 18 Feb William John Timmins Mary Hughes James Timmins   Ballycarney
1830, 3 Aug William Seamus Timmins Bridget Brennan Darby Clowry Bridget Timmins  
1831, Feb Patrick Richard Timmins Honor (Myrons?) Richard Masterson Anna Murphy Mortorstown
1831, 21 May Juliana Charles Timmins Mary   Darby Murphy Catherine (Brice?) Green Road
1832, 24 Feb James William Timmins Mary Murray George Timmins Catherine Kelly Green Road
1832, 6 Mar James Jon Timmins Mary Hughes James Timmins Margaret (Metthass?)  
1833, 28 Feb Mary Richard Timmins Mary (Myerey?) G. Martin (George?) Timmins Erin dale
1833, 14 Jul Charles Charles Timmins Mary Neille Martin Brian Catherine Donohue Green Road
1836, 17 Jun Martin James Timmins Bridget Brennan Nolan Timmins Bullock Park
1836, 31 Jun (William?) William Timmins Betty Murphy Foley Mary Connor (Browns Hill, Bs Hill?)
1836, 13 Apr John Pat Timmins Ann Cantwell William Farrell Mary Timmins Green Road


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