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To the People of Carlow. Ireland

Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
No. XI. February, 1833.

On the 22d of October last, the persons whose names are subscribed to the following address were arrested. This masterly document will explain their feelings. (NOTE REF 22 October 1832)

To the People of Ireland

We, the undersigned, now prisoners in the Gaol of Carlow, under a process issued against our persons at the suit of his Majesty's Attorney General, on account of arrears of tithes alleged to be due of us, adopt this mode of protesting before Heaven and the nations of the earth against the punishment inflicted on us, and of appealing to you for sympathy in our confinement, whilst we pray you to imitate our obedience to the constituted authorities, our constancy in trial, and our legal opposition even unto chains and prisons, to those claims which our conscience, the voice of nature, and the judgment of the whole civilized world proclaim to be unjust.

We have heard, with sorrow of heart, of the blood of our countrymen shed in struggles produced by the enforcement of tithe. May we hope, that from the depth of a prison our voice may be heard, imploring our fellow-subjects and fellow-sufferers to oppose no resistance but such as is legal and constitutional, and such as we have given to those agents of power who execute against us laws which we detest. Our strength is in suffering, and not in opposing our naked breasts or excited passions to the armed force which is arrayed against us. By patiently submitting to the loss of our goods, or imprisonment of our persons, we will expose the injustice of the laws which oppress us; we will collect and strengthen the indignation of three whole nations England, Ireland, and Scotland; and direct it through Parliament to the destruction of that old iniquity, which, in the name of Christ, deprives us of our peace and of our property, and repays us with stripes and insult.

But what fills us with affliction, and adds peculiar pain to our confinement is, that we suffer at the suit of a government to whose support we contribute some thousands of pounds sterling annually to a government whose measures and stability we maintained with all our strength and mind against the very men who sought its overthrow, and factiously opposed, and still oppose, all their measures; but whose alleged claims this same Government have adopted, and have now enforced by the imprisonment of our persons.

Our pain in this respect is no way alleviated by the specious but uncandid allegation, that a government is obliged to uphold existing laws: for the law under which we suffer was introduced into parliament by the Government itself, and instead of being called for by the country, was denounced, in and out of Parliament, as injurious to all the feelings and interests of the people of Ireland. From our prison we protest against this law; we blame the Government which introduced it, and we believe that no friend to Ireland consented to its enactment, or shares in its execution.

We therefore conjure our countrymen who are fellow-bondsmen with us, or likely to become so, to submit patiently, as we have done, to the loss of goods, and even to incarceration of their persons ; and to protest aloud and unceasingly, but at the same time constitutionally, legally, and peaceably, against the injustice exercised against us to deprecate the Government from warring against their own subjects from oppressing those who would be their friends; and to petition, with one voice, the Legislature utterly to abolish tithes, and apply the residue of what is called church property to those purposes of religion and charity which the wisdom of Parliament can so easily discover.

The Very Rev. Dr. FITZGERALD, President of Carlow College.
Mr. J. HANLON, Proprietor, Coffey's Hotel.
Mr. J. COFFEY, 80 years of age, and the richest trader in Carlow.
Mr. J. HAUGHTON, of the Society of Friends, and Distiller in Carlow.
Mr. R. PAUL, Brewer.
Mr. R. IVERS, Shopkeeper.
Mr. J. LENNON, Farmer.
Mr. Js. BERHAM, Farmer.
Mr. Js. D'ARCY, Farmer.

Transcribed by: Terry Curran

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