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Pollerton Road c.1940

Source: Friends and Neighbours 1986 & Michael Purcell c2008

Pollerton Road Lower 1926
Photo by Leo O’Brien
Pollerton Road Upper 1926

Taken late 1950s Pollerton Road junction with St Mary's Park looking towards JKL Ave and Kevin Barry Ave. Source: Terry Curran 2013
Pollerton Road 1986
Photo by Dermot O’Brien

Pollerton Road

THE name Pollerton is derived from the family name of Pollard, and the area was once called Pollardstown. This name can be found on the 1640 census of Ireland.

Stretching from the Shamrock Square to the Railway Line Bridge we have Lower Pollerton Road, from here Upper Pollerton Road starts, with the cutting and then the 'twelve houses' both on the left hand side. 'Out in the country' we have Pollerton Big.

When the cutting which was a banked row of houses, was demolished, a 12' high wall was built. This wall immediately lent itself to use as a handball court, which became famous throughout Carlow for its matches that lasted long into the summer nights. A dancing board also stood nearby and it was a source of entertainment.

The twelve houses which were opposite Magee's field, once incorporated a school house. This was the end of Pollerton Road, from here it was out to the country, and the Yellow Loch, a pond formed by the Askea (or Ascagh) stream. The site of which is now part of the grounds of the Presentation School.

For the children, summer afternoons were spent out in the 'three corner field' (on the Rathvilly Road) and 'tigh' was the main game played. Lady Denny's Estate, with its huge, rambling house and orchard was another favourite spot. During the freezing winter nights the children made sure to throw water down the hill at the railway bridge to ensure that they would have their own ice rink the following day.

During the '40s Pollerton Road had a number of shops and businesses. One of the well known families were Powers. John Power was an undertaker and prior to the era of the motor car, the hearse was drawn by two black plumed horses. Available for hire from Powers was a 'brake', a horse drawn vehicle which held up to 20 people and was often the transport used to travel to matches. Powers also owned a race horse called 'Pollerton Boy'.

Ned Haughney's Coal yard Pollerton Road. Carlow.
Ned played for O’Hanrahan’s “The Blues” on the 1928 /30 County Championship winning teams. He was related to the Rossiters who had a small shop on Accommodation Road, now demolished.
From the Shamrock Square go up Pollerton Road and the shed is on the left just below the Railway Bridge.  Mickey “The Guy” Brennan had a forge and coal yard on Accommodation Road just around the corner. His son Leo runs a fuel depot there now. Mickey was a brother to Dan Brennan who had the forge opposite the old RIC barracks in Graigue.
Ned Haughney died in 2004 aged  over 90 years old.
Donated by "Carloman"

One of Leo O'Brien's many photographs entitled 'Decoration'. Courtesy of Gret Bohanna.

No. 1: Ml. Doyle of the Shamrock owned this premises which was and still is being used as a store.

No. 1A: Ned and Mary Kehoe lived here. Ned worked in the Sugar Factory. Their children were Ned, Peter, Paddy, Michael and daughter Maria, who emigrated to America.

No. 2: Michael McDonald was a soldier in the British Army for some years, he later worked in the Barrow Mills. Michael came from Bagenalstown and his wife Hannah (nee Redmond) was from Wexford. Hannah was a great musician, playing the melodeon and concertina. Hannah, Margaret, May, Bridie were their daughters and Luke was a son,

No. 3: Willie Murphy married Eilis O'Sullivan. Willie is a technician in Erin Foods. Their children were Pat, married Cathy Keating from Mullingar and works in Braun. Tommy married Noelle Kenny from Pollerton Road. William works in Cyntax in Clare. Michael works in Lapple and is married to Lorraine Furlong from Arklow. Paul works in Thermo Air. They have one daughter Elizabeth.

No. 4: George Hoare. George was from Graiguecullen and played for Laoise. He married a Timmons from Barrack Street. They had two daughters, Lil married Paddy Waters, and Nancy married and moved to England.

Rath's Superstore at 4 Pollerton Rd in Carlow

 No. 5: Margaret and Jimmy Kelly were next. Margaret hailed from Wicklow. Children: John worked in the Sugar Factory, Paddy was a carpenter, Jimmy worked in the Sugar Factory and later in the E.S.B. He was a musician in local bands.

No. 6: Christy Nolan and his wife Annie (O'Reilly) lived here. Christy worked in the Sugar Factory. Their son Christy 'Crook' married Gladys Martin from England and worked in England for many years.

No. 7: Thomas Maher married Nan Green and had a large family. They went to England. They had one daughter, Kathleen, who is now living in Kernanstown.

No. 8: John Redmond and family were next. John, originally from Wexford, was a lamp-lighter. The children were May, Hannah, Bridie and Luke. Luke married Maisie Monks from Graiguecullen, they had two children. John married in Birmingham and Mai Jackie Owens, Drogheda.

No. 9A: Jim Byrne married Ellen Hadden from Tullow. Jim worked in Doyles of The Shamrock making wheels for cars and Ellen was a nurse in St. Dympna's. Jim and Ellen had four children: Bridie married Charlie Smith from Waterford. Mary married Seamus Carson from Ducketts Grove and they now life at St. Patrick's Ave. Ellen married George Roberts in England. Mick married Josie Nolan from New Street and is now living at Church Street, Graiguecullen and Seamus married Betty Murphy from Milford.

No. 9B: Next was John Brady of Pollerton Road and his wife Annie Moran, Staplestown Road. They had three sons. Michael, Aiden, who worked in the Post Office and now lives in London; James, who married Breda Rea, Bridewell Lane, now living in New Oak Estate, they have three children. James appointed a Peace Commissioner in 1982 and elected to Carlow U.D.C. in 1985, is currently Eire Og Club Secretary.

No. 10: William Hpgan worked in the Sugar Factory and was in the army. He married Kathleen Keogh from Pollerton Road who worked in Doyles Bread Shop. William and Kathleen had five children. Willie married Mary Farrell from Charlotte St. and played football for Eire Og. Mary married James O'Connor from Browne St. Brigid married Peter Bond (England). Joe, who also played for Eire Og, married Jean Brudeherst (England) and Kathleen married Colm Coogan from Kilkenny.

No. 11: James Kehoe married Mary Butler from Pollerton Road and their children were Margaret, married John Moore, and Liz, who married William McGrath and lived at No. 23.

No. 14: Mary Kavanagh married Joe Keogh, both were originally from Pollerton Road. They had two daughters, Sarah (Mrs. Tremblin) and Mary, who married Murta Conville and lived at Little Barrack Street.

No. 15: Brigid Doyle, single, was next. She worked in the laundry in the Fever Hospital.

No. 16: Peter Kelly, a plumber, worked with the Council. He was married to Hannah Kavanagh from Bridge Street. Peter played with O'Hanrahans and later teamed up with his uncle Bertie Kelly, to play with the Shamrocks. Their children were Denis, Jim and Mary & Bridie. Denis married Elizabeth McGrath from the 12 houses, they have children and live at Roncalli Place. Jim is married and living in Dublin. Mary married John Kinsella from Bridewell Lane and lives in St. Mary's Park. Bridie married Patsy Donovan and lives in Graigue-cullen, they have four children.

No. 17: May Fitzpatrick lived here with her brother Mickey, both were single.

No. 18: Tom Kenny married Nancy Swain, their son Mile married and lived next door.

No. 19: Mike Kenny married Polly Waters and their children are Tom, married to Anne-Marie Meyer; Ann, married to Brian Walsh; Brigid. John, who married Breda Comerford; Maurice, whose wife is Clare McDermot; Margaret. Noel and Michael.

No. 20: Ml. Murphy married Mary McGrath, both were from Pollerton Road. Michael 'Rickie' worked in the Sugar Factory and Mary worked in the Boot Factory. They had two sons and three daughters, the lads both played football for the Shamrocks.

No. 21: Thomas McGrath, Shoemaker married Mag Moore. They had three children, Liz, Mag and Tom, who all emigrated to England.

No. 22: Was occupied by James and Harriet Byrne. Harriet (nee Murphy) was from Clonegal. Jim who worked in Thompsons for over 60 years, played with the Shamrocks at one time. They had two children, Maura a nurse in New York and Jim, married to Margaret Walker from Graiguecullen, they have two children. Jim was involved with Eire Og from its infant years in Pert Nolan's field.

No. 23: William McGrath and his wife Liz (nee Kehoe) were next. Their children Jamie, Maudie, Sheila, Teresa and Tom all left Carlow.

No. 24A: James Bolger from Tinryland married Henrietta Keating from Sleaty Road. James worked in the Boot Factory. Children: Jim married Phylis Condron and they live in Graiguecullen. Jim used to train soccer teams. Gretta married Tom Dunbar from Wicklow. Breda married Michael Corcoran and lives in Graigue. Catherine and Brendan went to America. Tom married Monica O'Connor from Kerry. Mary married Joe Fitzpatrick from McGamhna Road and Oliver married Mary Aylsbury from Graigue. Brendan won an All-Ireland event with Carlow Rowing Club.

No. 24B: John (Jack) Lawler married Liz Morrissey. One son 'Locky' Lawler is now living at Staplestown Road.

No. 25: Patrick Dempsey married Mary Maher, Leighlinbridge. He worked in Knockbeg College. Children; Lou, Denis married Elizabeth Redmond, he worked in St. Dympna's and later the Sugar Factory, they had 3 children and lived at O'Hanrahan Ave. Jack worked in the Post Office, he married Peg Haughney and they moved to America. Terry married Eileen O'Brien and moved to Clonmel where he worked as a driver from Clonmel Post Office. Mick, whoalso worked in the Post Office, married Mona Cooney and lived at College Street.

No. 26: Here dwelt Patrick Green from Staplestown Road, married to Katie Meaney, originally from Leighlinbridge. Their children are Michael, known as 'Lou', Christy, both of whom still live here. Kathleen married Paddy Sullivan who starred on the Tinryland and Co. Teams of yesteryear and received the Eire Of Hall of Fame Award in 1984. Kathleen and Paddy lived at J.K.L. and have six children.

No. 27: Thomas Roche was originally from Staplestown Road. When he married Annie Watchorn they moved to 27 Pollerton Road. Thomas played for O'Hanrahans around 1929, he also played hurling. He worked in the Sugar Factory and in later years became caretaker of the Tennis Club. Children: One son died young, Michael, single; Ann married Paddy O'Brien and they live in England; Imelda married Joe O'Neill and they now reside in Rathnapish.

No. 28: Jack Ryan married Kate Moore from Brewery Lane. Jack was a well-known bird catcher. The only surviving child, Jimmy, worked in the Sacred Heart Home.

No. 29: Patrick Byrne married Margaret < nee Byrnei. Margaret was from Rathanna and Patrick was a farm labourer. They had one daughter — Mary. Mary married Joe Pender, who worked in the Malt House in Graiguecullen. Mary and Joe lived in the 'Cutting' on Pollerton Road and later moved to No. 5 where their daughter Sarah now lives.

No 30: Jack and Julia Kehoe were next. They had one son, Charlie who went to England.

'Smut' Deegan in Pollerton Road, 1932. Photo courtesy of Aggie Hennessy31: Here dwelt James 'Smut' Deegan and his sister Kathleen, both were single.

Photo: 'Smut' Deegan in Pollerton Road, 1932.
Photo courtesy of Aggie Hennessy.



No. 32: Thomas O'Brien was English, he married to Allie Bohanna. Thomas worked as a poultry farm instructor in England before moving here. Their children were Leo, Laz and 'Dodie'. Leo was a' well-known photographer and many of his photographs are still to be found in Carlow. He later married and moved to Cambridge, as did Laz. 'Dodie' was single and he died young. Leo served during the 2nd World War as a reconnaissance pilot with the Royal Air Force.

No. 41A: Was owned by Mr. and Mrs William Jackson, they both ran a little shop. Jacksons son Jim became a priest in England and their daughter Maureen became a nun. The business is now owned by John O'Toole.

 Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Jackson with Maureen Jackson and Tom Rice.
Courtesy of Pat Healy.

Jacksons shop on Pollerton Road today (2010)

Source of image: Google Maps.

No. 41B: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mooney were next. Jim worked as a baker in Mary Walshe's Cake Shop (now Celtic Linen). Mooneys had no family.

No. 57-57A: John Hutton married Brigid Doody from Portlaoise. The Hutton family owned a lot of land in the area, including the sites of St. Mary's Park and the plots. John was in the market gardening business. Their children were Jack, Tom, Ned, Billy, Jim and Agnes, Cis, Mary and Nan. Jack and Tom both worked in Jack Walshe's Bakery (now Dunnys). Jack married Elizabeth Bowling, Brownshill and lived in Kernanstown. Tom married Noeleen Doyle and lived at Rutland Terrace. Agnes (Aggie) married James Hennessy from Graiguecullen and lived at O'Hanrahan Avenue, her brother Jim, single lived here also. Ned worked in the Sugar Factory and married Peggy Shannahan. Billy was married to Marcella Lawler, and they lived at St. Patrick's Avenue before moving to Pollerton Big. May and Cis both married and lived in Kent. Nan married Andrew Fullard from Roscommon and moved to London. The Hutton Family has very strong Eire Og connections, Jim and Billy were involved from the early days. Jim was a committee member and Billy served two periods as Chairman of the club.  Jamsie Hennessy was also a club official and sons John-Jo was a player and Ber, involved both on and off the field, is currently a trustee.

No. 58: Ned Walsh married 'Nownie' Burke and they had one daughter named Lil. Lil married James Fenlon and lived at No. 12 Little Barrack St. Ned's brother Jack owned the bakery mentioned above (Hutton Family).

No. 59: John Browne married Kate Byrne. Children: Mick married Betty Germaine. Mick worked in Drummonds and Sugar Factory. They had 6 children. Mick lives in Whitney Place, Graiguecullen. John Married Josie O'Brien and he worked in Drummonds. They had 4 children and lived in St. Killian's Crescent. Billy married Judy Hutton, Staplestown Road. Bill worked in Jacksons Garage around the 1930's where the Post Office is/was. He worked in industrial vehicles in Athy.

They had 4 children and lived in Athy. Molly was married but had no family. She lived in England. Chrissie married Billie Bunce, she was a bookies-clerk with Slaters. They had one son and lived in England. Rosie (single) worked in England. Kitty married and worked in England. Joe married, they had one child and he worked in Drummonds.

No. 60: Pat and Mary (Nolan) Healy. The Healy Family were originally from Bestfield and Mary Nolan was from the Fighting Cocks. Pat and Mary had two children, Mary and Richard. Mary married James Reed from Bennekerry who worked in the Sugar Factory. Richard married Kathleen (Brennan) from Castlecomer. He was a keen athlete and did long distance running with Carlow Rovers. Dick became manager of Slaters Bakery in Tullow Street. Dick and Kathleen now live in College Street.

No. 61: Thomas Burke from Pollerton Road married Julia Walsh from Co. Kilkenny. Thomas worked on the railway, he was a bandmaster. Tommy (Jnr.) married and emigrated to Australia. Johnny, single, lives at McGamhna Road. Jim is in England, Richie married Kathleen Connors from Ballinabranna and worked in the Sugar Factory as did Eddie who married Rita Moore and lives in Dereen Heights. Judy married James Nolan who was from the Numbers, he worked in Corcorans. Judy now lives in O'Hanrahans Avenue.

No. 62: Willie Treacy, single, worked in Leverette and Fry.

No. 63: Bill Fleming worked as a keeper in St. Dympna's, his wife was

Mary Hade and they had two children. Helen, single, lives in Potato Market and works in the Ard Ri Cleaners, Tullow Street. Mollie married Jack Fitzpatrick from Potato Market.

No. 64: Was occupied by the Pierce Family, the girls, Mary married Paddy Puddin' Byrne of Staplestown Road and they went to England, and Chrissie married Peter Ryan, who worked for Carberys, they lived here before coming to St. Patrick's Avenue where they still reside.

No. 65: Mr. and Mrs. Lambe, John Lambe married Mary Nugent from Moone, their children were Judy, Angela, single, living at McGamhna Road. John, a superintendent in the Gardai is married and living in Limerick. Jimmy and Frank were both Civil Servants and Frank is now in Dublin.

No. 66: Patrick Norris married Annie (O'Neill). Annie was originally from Tullow. Both Annie and Patrick Norris were psychiatric nurses. They had six children. Annie now lives with their son Denis and family at McGamhna Road. Cathleen married Eamonn Long. Michael lives in Tullow, he married Helena Callinan. Michael was a butcher. Annie married and was a nurse. Denis married Celina Doyle from Rathvilly and lives at McGamhna Road, they also have a son called Peter. Frank married Una Smith from Graigue. Both Frank and Denis worked in Thompsons.

No. 67: Was occuped by the O'Neill Family. Tommy, Johnny and their sister Mary, all single. The lads worked for farmers in the area.

No. 68: Jimmy McGrath from Green Lane married Elizabeth McGrath from Athy. Jimmy worked loading cattle onto ships for England, he was also an All-Ireland handballer and used to go to Liverpool to play charity matches. Jimmy and Elizabeth had thirteen children, four of whom died young. Bridget (Biddy) married Bernie Keating and lived in St. Killian's Crescent. Jim worked as a yardsman in Shevlins — he used to play the accordian with Paddy Quigley for Irish dancing in the Town Hall. Jim married Annie Tobin. Paddy worked as a builder's labourer with Thompsons. He married Mary Dowling from Castlecomer and they lived with his uncle Billy McGrath in Green Lane. Vesty was a cattle loader, some time after the death of his brother Jim, Vesty married Annie (Tobin) McGrath. They lived in St. Killian's Crescent. Vesty played football for Shamrocks and O'Hanrahans. He hurled for Marble Hill Rovers (Dublin Road). He played handball also. Jack married Sarah Tobin from Graiguecullen and worked in the Sugar Factory, both Jack and Vesty worked on the building of Dr. Cullen Park. Anne married Paddy Cullen from Wexford. Margaret married Martin Doyle who was a builder's labourer with Thompsons and Carberys and lived in O'Hanrahans Ave.

No. 69: Thomas O'Brien was married to Bridget Murphy from Muinebheag, both of who were attendants in St. Dympna's. Their children were: Jimmy married to Rose Kearney from Birmingham, won a minor football championship medal with O'Hanrahans and served his time as a barber with Alec Burns, College Street. Tommy (Jnr.) worked in St. Dympna's, he married Breda Cassidy and lives in Birmingham. Pierre, a carpenter by trade, married Rose Moore of Green Road and lives in London, he played football with St. Dympna's team at one time. Mary, single, died young. Nancy who also worked in St. Dympna's married John Dwyer from Tinryland, many will remember John's father who used to switch on and off the electric lights in the town (individually) .Their son Tommy played on the All-Ireland team against Australia in 1985.

No. 81: Paddy Murphy married Mary McDonnell from Kildavin. Paddy was a gardener for Haddens and Mary also worked there as a housekeeper. Children: William married Eileen O'Sullivan, now living in Graiguecullen, he works in the Sugar Factory. Annie worked in the Blade Factory before her marriage to Michael Nevin, they now live in England as does Sarah who married George Williams. Nellie married 'Browney' Deere from Bridewell Lane. Marie married Jim Nolan, Kevin Barry Avenue.

No. 82: John Kenny married Mary Creagh from No. 83. Willie married Iris Mungel, they lived in England, he played for O'Hanrahans. Mollie was well-known for her step-dancing talents, she married Leo Meaney from O'Hanrahan Ave. Ellen married John Ralph from St. Patrick's Avenue.

No. 83: Here dwelt Timmy and Ellen Creagh. Timmy originally from Cork, worked in Limerick at one time as a' whipper'. The children were Lizzy (Moran) who worked in Tynan's Hotel (later the Ritz). Lillie, single, Mick went to Limerick and was a 'whipper'. Willie played for O'Hanrahans and later went to Manchester. Maggie was married to Harry Martin and lived in England.

No. 84: John and Mary Nolan were next, John worked in the Sugar Factory. Their only child Michael, married Bridget Scully and they had seven children. Michael worked for the County Council and Bridget now lives in St. Mary's Park.

No. 85: Was a shop owned at this time by Jackie and Maisie Rossiter. Maisie (nee Haughney) was from Graiguecullen. This shop is now being run by Paddy Byrne.

No. 86: Was occupied by William Thompson and his wife Kathleen (nee Fitzgerald). William worked for D.J. Carbery, Building Contractors. Children: Mary married to Tom Pollard and living in England, Michael and Ann living in O'Hanrahan Avenue; Kitty married Noelie Proctor, they have three children and live in New Oak Estate. Biddy married Michael Shannon. Richard worked in the Sugar Factory, he married Annie O'Brien and they are now living on the Tullow Road, as is his brother Willie. Neddy worked in Carberys, he married Chrissie Bolger from Graiguecullen. They have three children and live in Askea Lawns.

No. 87: Patrick Davis and his wife Catherine (Bohana) dwelt here. Their children were Joe, single; William, Sean, living in Pollerton Road; Frank, Delia, who married John Becker and lived at No. 96, and Alice (O'Keeffe) who lives at St. Patrick's Avenue.

No. 88: Was owned by Mary-Ann and Paddy Devine, Paddy worked for years in the Boot Factory, the family later went to England.

No 89: Bill Leonard, an ex-British army man, was married to Elizabeth Brennan from Barrack Street and they had four daughters, two of whom died young. Elizabeth 'Lil' married Tom Kelly from No. 99, Staplestown Road and now lives at Kevin Barry Avenue. Esther lived in England with her husband Bill Evans.

Pollerton Road 1986

No. 90: Was owned by Mrs. Alice Cummins (nee Fleming) and family, Martin, Dick and their sister who went to England. Dick was well-known for his music and played for the dances on the Dancing Board which was on the Square, and on the 'Cutting'.

No. 91: William Hogan and family were next. William married to Hannah Kavanagh from Pollerton Road. Their children: Paddy married A. Keating from Graiguecullen. Bridget married Bill Burr (England). James married Mary Hayden from Bridewell Lane. Molly and Richard, both single. John 'Bollum' married Elizabeth Slater, Graiguecullen. The Hogan family worked for many years in the Ritz, the men were well-known footballers.

No. 92: Next was John Sweeney, fireman (already mentioned in Accommodation Road). John was married late in life and had no children.

No. 93: Edward Shaw from Pollerton Road spent some years in the British Army, he later returned to Ireland. He joined the Irish Army and married Johanna Haughney, Graiguecullen. Edward and Johanna had ten children: Joan married Brendan McCormack (electrical contractor) and lived at Bridge St. Colette, single, lives at St. Killian's Crescent as does Kitty, married to Oliver Scully from Killeshin. Margaret is married to Francis Lacey, Graiguecullen. Paddy, Charlie and John are all married and live in England, Eddie married Anne Scully, Dinny is married to Kathleen Moran and Mick married Colette Amond and lives at Hanover.

No. 94: Was occupied by Joe Walsh and his wife Liz (Nolan). Their children were Christy, single, and Jim who married Bridget Farrell and lived at 114A, Staplestown Road.

No. 95: Mary A. Butler and family lived here. The children were 'Wig' (Jer) who was married and lived at Accommodation Road. Margaret married William Brooks, they had three daughters and the family lived at St. Killian's Crescent. 'Monch' was single and she lived with her sister Jenny (Mrs. Long) for some years. Jenny now lives at O'Hanrahan Ave.

No. 96: Was owned by John Becker and his brother Billy. Billy was known to a lot of people for his interest in birds. Nancy O'Brien is a daughter of John Becker and now lives at Riverside, Carlow.

No. 97-100: John Power from Grange married Catherine Hanlon from Muinebheag. John, farmer and landowner, was also an undertaker. The Power Family at one time owned 'the twelve houses'. The children were: Alexandra, who was a buyer in Shaws, where she worked for 31 years. Mary was a solicitor's clerk. Madeline, single, lived at home. Francis married Michael Waters. Georgina married Michael Smith, a building contractor, she worked in Switzers.

 No. 102: Michael Lawlor married Catherine Moore. Michael's family had lived in Pollerton Road for many years. Michael himself was a carpenter and he worked in the Mill. Catherine and Michael had three children. Michael married in Northampton; Tom married in London and Ena married to Gerry Purcell and is living in Idrone Park.

No. 103A: Was a foundry which was owned by T. McHugh.

No. 103B: Here dwelt Captain A. F. Dykes. Captain Dykes was a vet and his wife kept borders. This house faced Barrack Street and has since been knocked down.

Source: Friends and Neighbours 1986 & Michael Purcell c2008

Pollerton Road, Carlow
Junction of Pollerton Road & Barrack Street
Image by W. Muldowney c2006

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