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Carlow Militia

Recruitment Poster c1795

Source: Michael Purcell April 2007

From 'Pat Purcell Papers'

and his Forces for EVER
To all brave bold ſpirited Hero's, who has a ſpirit above Slavery, that will Voluntarily inliſt themſelves in Capt. JAMES HERRINGS royal IRISH Independant Company, to pull down the pride of the bloody FRENCH who Murdered their KING, ſhall receive the beft encouragement; application to be made to Col. Herring of Graigue, CARLOW, at the Captains Quarters; or Serjeant M'Neill Tullow-ſtreet, Carlow, - Mr. Drakes Newtownbarry on Saturdays and on Thurſdays at Enniſcorty. - Every MAN 5 foot 5 inches ſhall receive 5 Guineas, 5 foot 6 inches, 6 do 5 foot 7, 8 and 9 inches, 7 Guineas and one Crown to drink his Majeſty King GEORGE's Health; enter into preſent PAY at 4s. 8d. per Week, free Quarters and full Clothing.

What pleaſure we could have brave BOYS when the WAR is over, to return home to our darling GIRLS, ſharing with them the Spoils of HONOUR.

 F No MAN need apply nor will be taken when DRUNK.

God ſave the King.


Please note that the script is in Old English form with the "long S" which resembled the letter "F" but without a line going through the letter, this type of script was in common use up to early 1800s.

Source: Michael Purcell April 2007

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