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The Presentation Convent


Co Carlow

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Main entrance of the Presentation Convent
The Presentation Convent
The Presentation Convent

Source of images: National Library of Ireland & eBay.

Presentation Convent, Bagenalstown, is located in Regent Street and was founded on 4th August, 1838 from Carlow and Maryborough, at the request of Rev. Dr. Prendergast of Dunleckney. Its founding Sisters were Mother Magdalene Breen, Sr. John Harding and Sr. Austin Keogh. It was founded because of the need to educate the poor in religion and secular subjects while teaching all how to pray and to relate to people in a respectful way and to give a human and Christian education to young people.

The initial benefactors were Mrs. Horan, Foundress and Sister, who donated £27 in 1845 and an annuity of £27.00. The first school dates back to 10th September, 1838. (Benefit school opened on 1st December, 1838) An annuity of £15.00 was paid for books. This was a new experience in education, coming only 10 years after Catholic Emancipation was achieved in 1829.

An Orange Lodge became the first convent on 4th August, 1838. A primary school opened on 10th September 1838 - benefit school girls paid £46.00. In the 1840s disease and death stalked the land as crops failed, so widespread poverty led to starvation and death. There were 11 burials of famine victims in one day in Bagenalstown. Two blood sisters died and were the first to be buried in the convent cemetery in 1847. As part of famine relief 1842, a small library was built and books were loaned out. Children were fed and clothed. In the school there were over-crowded classes in the yard.

In 1852 there was a new school and the convent was enlarged. This remained the primary school for the next 100 years until 1957 when a new primary school was built in Regent Street. In 2007, the new primary celebrated its Golden Jubilee. Bishop Moriarty said the open air Mass and pupils provided music. From 1967, free Education gave greater opportunities for poorer children. More children could avail of the Leaving Certificate examination which widened their choice of careers.

The Presentation Secondary school and De La Salle Boys school amalgamated in 1983. A new school, Presentation de la Salle College, was built on Royal Oak Road. The new school was a joint venture between three trustees (Parish, de la Salle Brothers and Presentation Sisters). There is a strong emphasis on a holistic approach to education, on the development of self esteem and conflict resolution skills. Fr. Damien, a de la Salle Brother, was appointed as Principal. Mr. Eddie O’Toole became the Vice Principal. In May 1986, the old Presentation Convent and primary school were demolished where B.E.A.M. now stands.

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The 1911 census of Ireland shows us who was teaching in the convent at the time

Surname Forename Position Age Born Occupation
Kehoe Margaret Head of Family 54 Co Wexford School Teacher
Roche Margaret Boarder 54 Co Carlow School Teacher
Doyle Ellen Boarder 41 Co Carlow School Teacher
Wyer Kate Boarder 53 Kings Co School Teacher
Maker Elizabeth Boarder 68 Co Kilkenny School Teacher
Church Kate Boarder 66 Co Derry School Teacher
Thornton Margaret Boarder 64 Co Dublin School Teacher
Byrne Anne Boarder 67 Co Carlow School Teacher
Byrne Ellen Boarder 67 Co Carlow School Teacher
* Brennan Anne Boarder 56 Queens Co School Teacher
Wyer Mary Boarder 59 Kings Co School Teacher
Lowe Ellen Boarder 36 Co Wicklow School Teacher
Power Kate Boarder 36 Co Waterford School Teacher
Cooney Nora Boarder 35 Co Clare School Teacher
Hayes Ellen Boarder 44 Co Tipperary School Teacher
Hayes Anastasia Boarder 40 Co Tipperary School Teacher
Brereton Brigid Boarder 36 Co Tipperary School Teacher
Larkin Mary Boarder 33 Co Tipperary School Teacher
Dillon Elizabeth Boarder 33 Co Carlow School Teacher
Wynne Anne Boarder 32 Co Carlow School Teacher
Ryan Mary Anne Boarder 29 Co Carlow School Teacher
Kelly Kathleen Boarder 25 Co Carlow School Teacher
Brereton Teresa Boarder 25 Co Tipperary School Teacher
Donoher Ellen Boarder 51 Co Kildare School Teacher
Hennessy Ellen Boarder 25 Co Kilkenny School Teacher
Hennessy Anne Boarder 18 Co Kilkenny School Teacher
Ryan Mary Boarder 31 Co Carlow School Teacher

* Anne Brennan was my Great Aunt

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