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"Private Sources at the National Archives"

Private Sources at the National Archives

999/3 Donated
10 May 1973
Photocopies made in the Archivio del Ministerio de Estado, Spain
Documents relating to the Wall family in Spain
Particularly Santiago Wall, Conde de Armildez de Toledo died c. 1860
Son of General Santiago Wall, died 1835
Son of Edward Wall, died 1795 who left Carlow, 1793
999/4 Donated
18 Jan. 1973
Vaughan Wills
Photocopies of P.R.O.I. copies of wills
Certified copy of the will of Reverend Hector Francis Vaughan, Myshall, Co. Carlow.
Prerogative Court.
999/13 Deposited
April 1973
Testamentary documents
16 June 1903.
Plain copy will and grant of Patrick O’Neill, Killinure, Coolkenno, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
Principal Registry.
999/51 Donated
31 Jan. 1975
5 Aug. 1804
Draft discharge between William Enragh and John Beasly Enragh concerning a legacy and the will of Reverend John Enragh, Ballyville, Co. Carlow.
999/92 Donated
18 Nov. 1975
Bound photocopy
“John Bruen the Minor’s Account with Robert Trench one of his guardians”
Account Book
Dec. 1796–Dec 1811
Rental of estates in Cos. Wexford and Carlow
999/130 Donated
27 Nov. 1968
6 Sept. 1839
Bargain and sale by Frederick F. and Janette M. Loder, Little Chelsea to Alicia Hobart, Kingstown, Co. Dublin and others of Garryhill, bar. Idrone and Kilbride, bar. Forth, Co. Carlow
Consideration: 10/=
999/186 Donated
3 Jan. 1978
15 Nov. 1977
7 June 1645
Grant forever by Shane (John) MacHenry O Ryan, Tomdarragh, Co. Carlow and Dermott MacShane O Ryan, Tomdarragh to Thomas Butler FitzEdward, Lowgrange, Co. Kilkenny of part of Tomdarragh.
999/217 Donated
10 May 1973
Copies Of Documents Concerning Balthasar-Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility, 1747 And The History Of The Wall Family In Ireland, 1170–1691
Typed copy of petition to the King of France by Balthesar-Francois Wale, Seigneur des Menues, formerly lieutenant in the French Guards, Governor of Ham in Picardie Est, France, son of Oliver Wale of Ballynakilly, seeking confirmation of his nobility.
The petition describes the history of the Wall family in Ireland 1171–1691 and outlines Balthasar-Francois Wale’s descent from the Wales of Johnstown and Ballynakilly, Co. Carlow.
It mentions the lands of Johnstown (par. and bar. Urglin), Ballynakilly and Killileske (? par. and bar. Urglin), Pollerton (par. and bar. Carlow), Templepeter (par. Templepeter, bar. Forth), and Graiguenaspiddogue (par. Tullowmagimma, bar. Forth), Co. Carlow.
999/217 Balthasar-Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility
It contains abstracts of other documents including the following:
1 i
May 1344
Letters of Edward III granting Richard de Wales, Johnstown, [Co. Carlow] and William Forman £60 for services in the Irish exchequer.
pp 4 and 24
1 ii
23 Aug. 1359
Letters of Edward III granting Thomas Wale, Johnstown, [Co. Carlow] Sheriff of Carlow £20 for his services in repelling the O’Nolans and killing Donald Tagson O’Nolan, Murgh fitz Stephen O’Nolan, Murg fitz Robert O’Nolan, Phelim O’Byrne and other Irish. Tested by Amory (de Saint Amand), justiciar at Dublin.
pp 6 and 24
1 iii
13 Dec. 1375
Letters of Edward III granting Geoffrey Wale, Johnstown, [Co. Carlow] sheriff of Carlow £20 for his services.
pp 6–7, 24
1 iv
26 March 1378
Letters from Edward III granting Geoffrey Wale, Johnstown, [Co. Carlow] sheriff of Carlow 20 marks.
pp 6–7, 24
9999/217 Balthasar–Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility
1 v
29 Nov. 1389
Commission for Simon de Vale, sheriff of Carlow to take into the king's hand the lands held by Thomas de Vale in Dougho Beg and Beneswyll at the time of his death.
p. 24
1 vi
5 Nov. 1562 Chancery
Judgement for Edmond Wale, Urglin, [Co. Carlow] against Edmond Wall, Ardnelue.
p. 25.
1 vii
10 June 1565
Conveyance by Geoffrey Wale, Ballynakilly, [Co. Carlow] of lands of Ballynaberne alias Ballynakilly and Killileshe.
p. 25
1 viii
Documents concerning the patronage of par. Templepeter, dio. Leighlin [Co. Carlow].
pp 7, 25–7
1 ix
18 April 1588
Conveyance by Edmond Wale, Urglin, [Co. Carlow] to Edmond Keating, Cowleneryen, and Edmond Leyn, Shrowboe, in trust for Peter Wale of the lands of Pollerton, [Co. Carlow].
pp 7, 26
1 x
1 June 1601
Document concerning the patronage of par. Myshall, dio. Leighlin, [Co. Carlow].
p. 26
999/217 Balthasar-Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility
1 xi
20 March 1603/4
Conveyance by William Wale, Johnstown, [Co. Carlow] to his son Ulick of lands of Ballynakilly, [Co. Carlow].
pp 8, 27
1 xii
25 Feb. 1606/7
Agreement for lease by William Wale, Patrick Mac–Finn O'Byrne, William O’Byrne and others to Robert Everson and Frederick O'Gomorckan, in trust for William Wale, Edmond Wale and others of lands of Johnstown, [Co. Carlow].
pp 8, 26
1 xiii
24 Dec. 1619
Will of William Wall.
Published 15 May 1620.
pp 8, 27 bis.
1 xiv
24 Aug. 1624
Letters patent for delivery to Edmond Wall, Johnstown, [Co. Carlow] of his demesne as heir of William Wale.
pp 8, 27
1 xv
15 Nov. 1630
Settlement on the marriage of Garret Mac Phelim O’Byrne, Ballenegore and Joan Wale, Ballynakilly, [Co. Carlow].
p. 28
999/217 Balthasar–Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility
1 xvi
14 May 1633
Settlement on the marriage of Margaret Sarsfield, Tully, Co. Kildare and Edward Wale, Ballynakilly, [Co. Carlow] affecting lands of Ballynakilly, Pollerton and Templepeter, bar. Forth [Co. Carlow]
p. 28
1 xvii
Letters patent confirming Edmond Wale in his demesne of Ardnelue, Pollerton, Ballynakilly etc. [Co. Carlow].
p. 27
1 xviii
27 April 1640
Document in which Ulick Wale, Ballynakilly, [Co. Carlow] sheriff of Carlow, named Michael Caulfield, Leighlinbridge, [Co. Carlow] as his under sheriff.
p. 28
1 xix
18 Feb. 1640/1
Declaration made after the death of Ulick Wale that he had married Joan Wale.
p. 28
1 xx
Documents concerning Edmond Wale’s duties as an official of the Confederation of Kilkenny
pp 9, 28
1 xxi
23 Feb. 1648/9
Commission by James Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Edward Wall, Ballynakill, [Co. Carlow] as Military Governor General of Leinster.
pp 9, 28–29
999/217 Balthasar-Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility
1 xxii
6 April 1650
Will of Edward Wale, Ballynakilly, [Co. Carlow].
pp 11, 29
1 xxiii
24 Feb. 1650/1
Acquittance to Ulick Wale for a fine payable by his father for contempt of an order from Patrick Weyms and Lieutenant Colonel Wheeler emissaries from the English parliament.
p. 29
1 xxiv
23 Jan. 1651/2
Acquittance to Ulick Wale for payment of a contribution to the troop of Major Bolton.
p. 29
1 xxv
17 Feb. 1653/4
Acquittance to Ulick Wale for payment of a contribution to the company of Captain John Bennett.
p. 29
1 xxvi
24 March 1655/6
Recognisance by Cecille Dunsany of effects received from Edward Wale and James Sarsfield.
p. 29.
1 xxvii
7 May 1655
Settlement on the marriage of Peter Wall, Templepeter, [Co. Carlow] and Margaret Barnwall, Archerstown, Co. Meath.
Trustees: Patrick Barnwall, Crickstown, Co. Meath and Matthew Barnwall, Archerstown.
p. 30
999/217 Balthasar-Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility
1 xxviii
14 May 1657
Judgement awarding Ulick Wale 400 acres in Connacht.
p. 29
1 xxvix
16 Sept. 1667
Acquittance by R. Gibbs, Under-Sheriff, Co. Carlow, to Ulick Wale, Graiguenaspiddoge.
p. 29
1 xxx    12 Feb. 1678/9
Letters patent of Charles II granting to Patrick Wale the lands of Ballynakilly, [Co. Carlow] etc.
pp 10, 30.
1 xxxi
22 Feb. 1678/9
Settlement on the marriage of Patrick Wale, Graiguenaspiddoge and Mary Barnwall, Archerstown, affecting the lands of Graiguenaspiddoge, Templepeter, Pollerton, etc. Trustees: Patrick Sarsfield, Lucan, Co. Dublin, and Thomas Warren, Cooleduffe, Co. Dublin.
p. 30.
1 xxxii
15 Aug. 167…
Will of Peter Wall, Templepeter, [Co. Carlow].
p. 30
12 May 1747
Typed copy of decree of the Council of State confirming Wale's nobility.
999/217 Balthasar-Francois Wale's Claim To Nobility
7 Nov. 1968
Letter by Georges de Wall to Lt Colonel Gallwey concerning the Walls in France and stating that documents 999/217/1–2 are drawn from Paris, Versailles et les Provinces au 18e Siecle.
999/236 Donated
25 Sept. 1979
Searches in Chancery for recognisances against John Lennon. It refers to two recognisances in Chancery.
The first dated 5 Oct. 1818 by John Lynnon, Aghado, Co. Carlow conditioned that Barnaby Lynnon pay rent pursuant to an order in the matter of Pim’s Minors (999/236/76)
The second dated 1 Aug. 1829 by John Lennon, Esker, Co. Westmeath conditioned that Dennis Lennon pay rent pursuant to an order in Hodson v Wright.
Searches in Queen's Bench for judgements against John Lennon.

999/236/52 refers to judgements in the Earl of Kingston v John Lennon (Michaelmas 1823, no. 1), Samuel Hoey v John and Patrick Lennon, Glenary, Co. Antrim (Hilary 1824, nos. 152–153), and James Bell v John, Aghadalgon, Co. Antrim (Michaelmas 1832, no. 4).

999/236/53 and 999/236/55 refer to judgements in Martha Lennon v John Lennon, Mortarstown, Co. Carlow (Michaelmas 1838, no. 233), and John Treanor v John Lennon Jnr., John Lennon Snr., Patrick Lennon and Eneas McIvers, Cladymore, Co. Armagh (Hilary 1839, no. 207).

Searches in Common Pleas for judgements against John Lennon.
999/236/56 refers to judgements in Rowley Low v John Lennon and another, Aughadalgin, Co. Antrim (Trinity 1819, no. 280), Jeremiah McCarthy v John Lennon (Easter 1821, no. 9?), George Minchin, executor of Reverend Humpfrey Minchin v John Lennon, Carlow (Hilary 1823, no. 49) and James Cody John Lennon, Carlow (Hilary 1829, no. 14).
Searches in Law Exchequer for judgements against John Lennon.
999/236/60 refers to judgements in Reverend Humphrey Minchin v John Lennon, Carlow (Trinity 1821, no. 212), John Loveland, legatee of John McMahon, and others v John Linane (Hilary 1822, no 467), Richard Dunne v John Lennon, Carlow (Trinity 1829, no 130), William Alley v John Lennon, shoemaker, Henry St (Michaelmas 1832, no 134), Reverend Peter Kavanagh and Patrick V. Kavanagh,. John Lennon, Mortarstown, Co. Carlow (Hilary 1837, no. 108), Daniel McClary v John Lennon, Drumlet, Co. Armagh (Hilary 1837, no 289) and William Cinnamond v John Lennon, Ballymacarret, Co. Down (Michaelmas 1837, no. 231). 999/236/61 and 999/236/63 refer to a judgement in Law Exchequer in Patrick Reid v John Lennon, Glenavy, Co. Antrim, and others (Hilary1839, no. 48).
Searches in Chancery for recognisances against Thomas Lennon the younger or Thomas Nugent Lennon.
999/236/76 refers to three recognisances:
The first dated 5 Oct. 1818 by Thomas Lynnon, Ahado, Co. Carlow conditioned that Barnaby Lynnon pay rent pursuant to an order in the matter of Pim’s Minors (cf 999/236/51).
The second dated 26 June 1824 by Thomas Lennon, Aughafarrell conditioned that he pay rent pursuant to an order in the matter of Leathly's Minors.
The third dated 27 June 1833 by Thomas Lennon, Knockballistine, Co. Carlow conditioned that Pilsworth Whelan pay rent pursuant to an order in the matter of Bailie a Minor.
999/282 Donated
30 June 1982
Documents Concerning The Swiny (Sweny/Swiney/Swinny) Family,
18 April 1846
Settlement on the marriage of Shapland Swiny, Clohamon House, Co. Wexford and Georgiana Mary Keogh, Kilbride, Co. Carlow affecting lands of Kilbride, Knockdoorish and Beggan, pars. Aghade, Ballon and Barragh, bar. Forth, Co. Carlow and lands of Loughlinstown, par. Donaghcumper, and Stacumny, par. Stacumny, bar. South Salt, and Celbridge, par. Kildrought, bar. North Salt, Co. Kildare.
Trustees: Edward Ledwich, Kilglass, Co. Kildare and Reverend Henry Clapton Keogh, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow.

999/317 Deeds Relating To Property In Kilkenny City And Co.

31 Oct. 1825
Assignment by William Disney, Aughmalog, Liberties of the City of Kilkenny, farmer (son of late Robert Disney and Mary Disney, Moneybeg, Co. Carlow) to James Menton, City of Kilkenny, shopkeeper of an old house adjoining gateway leading to late Robert Disney's premises in Coal Market and also gateway lately bequeathed by R. Disney to Mary Disney, bounded on N. by New Building Lane, on S. by Town Wall, on E. by New Building Lane and on W. by Rd. or passage leading to Late R. Disney's premises in Par. St. Mary and City of Kilkenny.
(By lease 17 Oct. 1815 William Disney let premises to Martin Freeman, grocer).
Consideration: £14 stg.

999/317 Deeds Relating To Property In Kilkenny City And Co.

19 June 1841
Assignment by John Ryan, City of Kilkenny, shopkeeper to Michael Byrne, Town of Carlow, shopkeeper (on the Marriage of his daughter Margaret to Michael Byrne) of a house and concerns where John Ryan resides in Coal Market, City of Kilkenny.

999/321 Miscellaneous Private Deeds

25 Feb. 1887
Certified copy of a judgement in the Exchequer Division of the High Court in the case of the Munster Bank Ltd. v. William H.A. Croker, Clonegal, Co. Carlow.
1 July 1869
Postnuptial settlement on the marriage of Honoria Mason née Garvey and Oliver A.T. Mason, Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow.
26 Feb. 1904
Appointment of new trustee
999/492 Donated
5 Dec 1986
21 April 1776
Lease for 1 year by William Wall, Monaghram, Co. Carlow to William Graham, Carlow Town of part of Ballyvas and Hubbertstown.
Rent: 1 peppercorn, if demanded
22 April 1776
Bargain and sale by William Wall, Monaghrim, Co. Carlow to William Graham, Carlow Town of part of Ballyvass and Hubbertstown, bar. Kilkea and Moone, Co. Kildare.
Consideration: £280 stg.
21 March 1805
Copy will of William Graham, Carlow Town
Probate dated 22 July 1806
29 May 1815
Letters of administration of the unadministered estate of William Graham, Carlow Town
Prerogative Court
Will dated 21 March 1805
29 April 1858
Release forever by Robert S. Doyne, Wells, Co. Wexford to William Fishbourne, Foulhill, Co. Carlow of Ballyvass and Hobartstown. [Co. Kildare]
Rent: £230.14.11. p.a.
27 June 1867
Grant by William Fishbourne, Forthill, Co. Carlow to Robert W. Wall, Gosport, England of Hobartstown East, bar. Kilkea and Moone, Co. Kildare
Rent: £78.9.11
Map included
999/562 Certified Copy Entries in Parish Registers
Ardstraw, Derry
26 Sept. 1847
Isabella J. Burton
Borris, Carlow
Clonagoose, Leighlin
11 Aug. 1859
Benjamin Cain, Nurney, Carlow
Nurney, Leighlin



2 Dec. 1881
Will of Robert Keppel, Ballyvale, Co. Carlow
District of Kilkenny
24 June 1843
Probate of the will of Henry Malcomson,
Carlow Town
Prerogative Court
Affidavit of Nancy Shannon
Will of Thomas Reilly, Hackettstown,
Co. Carlow
Kilkenny Registry
30 June 1860
Will of John Nowlan, Bagenalstown,
Co. Carlow
District of Kilkenny

999/739 Papers re. the administration of the estate of W.R. Meredith

21 Sept. 1790
Bargain and sale for remainder of 999 years by James Ryan, Carlow Town to Edward Arthur, Wexford Town of the old walls, ground and premises nearly opposite the Custom House Gate, Wexford Town.

Consideration: £330 stg.

999/792 Donated
26 Oct. 1995
Sale rental for Rathlyon and Copenagh, bar. Rathvilly, par. Tankerdstown, Co. Carlow:
Estate of Mrs. Jane Symes
Post-March 1791
31 March 1810
Probate of the will of Reverend James Purcell, parish priest, Maycomb, Co. Carlow, Wicklow, Wexford.
Prerogative Court
Will dated 30 Nov. 1809
26 Oct. [1904]
Appointment of Thomas Dumayne Place, Rosemount House, New Ross, Co. Wexford to be Justice of the Peace for Co. Carlow.


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