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Outrage on Quakers at Carlow

Source: The Times

THE TIMES, January 13th 1819

Outrage on Quakers at Carlow

 As a number of females of the Society of Friends were lately coming out of their Meeting-house at Carlow, they were assailed by a vial rabble, who, not content with using such missiles as fell directly in their way, raked the very kennels for filth and ordur to heap on the persons of these respectable people.  The Roman Catholic Priest of the town, the Rev. Wm. Fitzgerald, addressed his parishioners next Sunday on the subject of this outrage in the following terms:-

“My very soul is harrowed up at the recollection of such an abomination!  Some of those wretches are said to be Catholics; but I disown them. Christianity disclaims, and Catholicity abhors them – they are the excommunicate of civil society. Such wretches, in Jerusalem, at the time of the persecution of he Messiah, were the first to cry out, ‘Crucify Jesus!’ (an exclamation of horror ran through the congregation). Such wretches in Constantinople, would be the very dregs of Mahometan fanaticism. I thank God their number is small, and I an sure they are the vilest, the lowest, the foulest dregs of people.”

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