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Regimental Mascots

Carlow Norah or Leitrim Boy

Source: Terry Curran c2007

Irish Guards 1910 to 1924

Leitrim Boy was the second regimental pet. He was whelped on November 12th, 1907, bred by Mr. O'Malley, by Galtee Boy out of Carlow Norah. He was registered with the Kennel Club by his owner, Mr. T.J. Kilbride, with the incorrect information that his sire was Galtee and unregistered. In June, 1911 he was transferred from Mr. T.J. Kilbride to Mr. T. Kilbride and then in December, 1911 he was transferred from Mr. T. Kilbride to Lord Powerscourt. This may seem a little odd since he was presented to the Irish Guards by Lord Powerscourt in 1910, following his gaining of a second place in the Graduate Class and a third in the Limit Class at the Dublin Show in May that year.

 Leitrim Boy

 Leitrim Boy

  children greeting Leitrim Boy

Children greeting Leitrim Boy
( painting by Edgar A. Holloway) 

newspaper item 

 This newspaper item appeared c.1915
Mr. John Redmond, M.P. reviews the band of the Irish Guards before the High Mass at Westminster Cathedral

Leitrim Boy's official portrait 

 The official portrait of Leitrim Boy
by Heywood Hardy

Source: Terry Curran c2007 &

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