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Richard Corrigan Papers

Courtesy of Turtle Bunbury

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The following 6 pages are from one of Richard Corrigans books transcribed as written

by Maribeth Nolan Nov/Dec 2012

1. Coleman - Castledermot

Benjamin COLEMAN and Mary (nee CORRIGAN)

Alice    Feb 17th 1791

m 7th May  Charles THORPE and Mary COLEMAN (nee CORRIGAN)

Gabriel   May 3rd 1807

Benjamin and Eliza COLEMAN   Palatine

Elizabeth Aug 1827

 2. Coleman - Castledermot

Marriages and Baptisms

William and Rachel COLEMAN


Samuel Benjamin COLEMAN   1851   17th Aug.

Elizabeth Anne    8th January

June 9th 1881   Samuel COLEMAN (Painter) and Barbara (Pagan)

William bapt. St. Marys Carlow 1884   book 13 page 43

 3. Coleman - Castledermot

Feb 16th 1757   Thomas COLEMAN ad Margaret (DOWLING)

1815   Edward COLEMAN and Martha COX

William MELLON and Eliza COLEMAN   1835

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1842               Thomas COLEMAN and Elizabeth FOSTER

 24th Jan 1860           Benjamin COLEMAN + Alicia THORNTON (Carlow Painter)

Mary Anne Sept 13th 1863            Dublin St. Carlow

Robert HENRY June 15th 1862

Rosanna COLEMAN + John WATCHORN                 12th October 1865

 5. Deaths, Marriages, Baptisms - Castledermot


Jan 3rd 1803             Charles THORPE   burial

Nov 16th 1775                       Mrs. Charles THORPE   burial

March 31st 1823      Bridget COLEMAN of Castledermot

Dec 1ST 1882             Ben COLEMAN burial age 94   b 1788

 Marriages and Baptisms

Henry and Sarah COLEMAN   m Dec 3rd 1721

Florenta        Oct 9th 1723

Henry                        Dec 12th 1726

Mary              June 18th 1727

Samuel and Rose COLEMAN

William   July 11th 1802

Richard LOFTUS + Eliza COLEMAN   27th Feb 1854

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Charles MC KINNISS from Bona Bornia Scotland in 1722. In 1744 pressed into Army Grenadier Gards he was in the French and Indian Army War he was wounded near Pittsburgh.  He married Rachel CARR at 50 years

Charles lived in Pennsivalia  Eight children

            Charles MCKINNISS farmer a large tract of land outside Hamden. He commissioned a young builder to erect a large brick house. He had been attracted by the coal industry. Frederick built  many houses in the area. When building the MCKINNISS house he met his daughter Sarah and were married 1st Jan 1888. They had 11 children. (Her parents. Sarah no. 8 / Fred was born 8 July 1854.

Wiegers? COOK had four children. Cord COOK was drowned about 1859

Sadie lived till 1951

Page 3.

It is believed but not proven that William GILTRAPS parents at Elverstown were Richard GILTRAP of and Margaret WRIGHT a quaker from Ballitore. Family folklore states that Elverstown was burned down in 1798 and rebuilt. There was a protestant church built near by at Tipper Kevin (Tipperkevin was once a distinct parish in County Dublin) in 1830 of which only the gate piers remain. There was a pilgrim road from Tipper Kevin to Hollywood and on further to Glendalough. The GILTRAP families must have been parishioners of Hollywood Protestant Parish from the time they first arrived in the area, and were buried in due course in the churchyard of St. Kevinís Church.

St. Kevins Church was built in 17th Century is stone roofed and slated.

William GILTRAP had three sons and eight daughters He died in 1828 leaving Elverstown first to his wife and then entailed to his son Richard.

Richard married Charlotte PIERSON in 18??. Not long after the birth of their son William Charlotte died.  Then in 18?? Richard married Sarah GRAHAM the daughter of George GRAHAM postmaster in Castledermot. Sarah took little William under her wing and in due course brought Richards family up to a grand total of eleven, five girls and six boys. One girl never married, of the others one had no children Ann who married Robert SMITH Liffey View had one daughter Polly.

Polly married the Rev. MULLEN of Bunbeg Co. Donegal. They had one girl and two boys, one of whom may have been a doctor in the Royal Navy in the second world war.

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Elverstown seems to have been tenanted by the GILTRAP family probably since or before 1750. The earliest GILTRAPS of which there is definite records were Henry and Anne GILSTROP of St. Catherines parish Dublin (1688) who baptized their son George in 1688. They came it was believed and indeed very likely from Scotland. They soon seem to have concentreated on the Wicklow area of Hollywood and Blessington, with at least one family establishing themselves in the village of Rathvilly.

Before 1800 there were at least four families well established in the area, one at Elverstown, one at Humphreystown (now almost surrounded by the artificial lake of Poulaphouca a third at Mullicagh (halfway between Hollywood and Annalecky and the fourth at Paulville Rathvilly near the estate of Geffrey DE PAUL M.P.

The GILTRAPS of Mullicagh seem to have been estate agents for the Marquis of Waterford as well as farm tenants from earliest times. The original GILTRAP house at Mullicagh was demolished about 20 years ago and a new bungalow built where a Mr. FOSTER lives a Dunlairn merchant.

Typical of what happened regularly in the early 1800ís a GILTRAP lady from Humphreystown married her cousin from Mullicagh Ė Robert GILTRAP married Mary Ann of Humphreystown. Before the last child of that marriage was born Robert and Mary Ann had moved into a Marquis of Waterford house at Rathatton. Greta the youngest child was born at Rathatton where she died 95 years later. Her mother lived to be 100.

William GILTRAP married Mu Anne BOOTHMAN of Blessington about 1788 and was resident in Elverstown, Anne BOOTHMAN was of the same family as the present Jack BOOTHMAN an president of G.A.A.

Transcribed by Maribeth Nolan Nov/Dec 2012

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