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Robert Browne of Browneshill

Co. Carlow

Source: Carloviana. No. 50. December 2001

Carlow Families

An unusual picture taken circa 1889 of the Browne-Clayton family of Browne's Hill, Carlow, pictured on the steps of the stable on the grounds of  Browne's Hill House circa 1889. Starting at the bottom of the steps they are:-  Mary Caroline 1867-1955 Annette 1868-1948 Robert 1870-1939 (the heir) Margaret 1871-1938 Florence 1872-?? William 1873-1897 Lionel 1874-1946 Kathleen 1875-1961 Madeleine 1876-1953 Lucy 1876-1953 Julia 1881-1948 Caroline Zoe 1882-1957
Source: Michael Purcell 2013

Robert Browne of Browneshill

Robert Browne from Wickham in Buckinghamshire, came to Ireland in 1650 and settled at Browneshill, townland of Kernanstown (property of Wall family prior to 1641 rebellion).

On 24 December, 1674 Charles II granted a new Charter to Carlow. Robert Browne was appointed the first modern Sovereign of the Borough. He had been the last Portreeve under the old Charter of James Ist. He died in 1677.

John Browne (Son) married Mary Jennings of Kilkee Castle, Co. Kildare.

William Browne their (Son) married Elizabeth Clayton Kildare. He died in 1772.

Robert Browne II (1729 – 1816) succeeded his father William. He married Eleanor Morris, Dublin.

William Browne (1763 - 1840) (Son) was M.P. for Portarlington - only family member to hold a seat in Parliament. It was following his wife’s death Lady Charlotte Bourke in 1806 that Charlotte St. was named.

Robert Clayton Browne (Son) (1799 - 1888) contested Carlow Borough Election in 1852 was defeated.

William Browne Clayton (Son) (1835-1907) Assumed the additional name Clayton by Royal Licence in 1889 (had been adopted previously). On 10th January 1867, he married Caroline Barton, fifth daughter of John Watson Barton, DL, JP, of Stapleton Park near Pontefract. Yorkshire. England.

Robert Browne Clayton (1870 - 1939) Brigadier General Married Mary Magdalene Wienholt (Australian).

William Patrick Browne Clayton (Son) (Colonel) (1906 – 1971) sold the estate to G. W. Harold in 1951 and went to live in Connemara.

On 23rd October 1935 he was married at St Margaret’s, Westminster, to Janet Maitland Bruce Jardine.

The last house on the corner of Browne Street and Charlotte Street (now a car park) was the Town House of the Brownes. The buildings halfway up Charlotte Street were their stables and coach houses.

Source: Carloviana. No. 50. December 2001

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