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Rolls of Chancery in Ireland

Edited by James Morrin, Dublin, 1861

This is a collection of references I (Tom LaPorte) have come across while researching my Bowles of Carlow line which I thought would be of interest to others. It contains some family names connected to Carlow (Catherlogh) in an early period.

Excerpts from Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth, Vol. 1. Edited by James Morrin, Dublin, 1861

Title page

Excerpt from the preface describing Carlow around the year 1300 as an "impregnable fortress on the southern frontier of the English Pale"

Pension to Nicholas Plunkett, Preceptor of Killerge, co. Carlow; p. 65, July 9, 1540 (31 Henry VIII) membrane 4, section 63.

Royal Pardon of Owen Nollan of Neweston, co. Carlow; p. 115, May 1, 1546 (37 Henry VIII) membrane 1, sect. 6

Reference to Robert St. Leger of Carlow;

p. 240, April 19, 1551 (5 Edward VI), memb. 6, sect. 53

Royal pardons issued to people in Carlow (family names mentioned: McShere of Gerrendyn, Barrett, McOwen, O'Loghnan, McShane, Johns (Constable of Carlow Castle), O'Helon) and a license to the income from the Chapel of Kylmocahyll, co Carlow (mentions Walsh, Langton);

p. 250, Oct. 20, 1551 (5 Edward VI), memb. 19, sect. 149-153

Letter of Attorney from Edward Randolphe of London to Lewis Prethregh of Penmen, Anglesey to oversee, rule and govern Carlow castle and demesne, to receive the rents and to remove the tenants if necessary;

p. 428, July 24, 1559 (2 Elizabeth), memb. 6, sect. 6

Assigning Edward Langam the rights to Carlow Castle as he had married the widow of Francis Randulphe; mentions Robert Harpole as Constable of the Castle;

p. 514, 1567 (10 Elizabeth), memb. 8, sect. 38

Assigning rights to Robert Harpole as Constable of Carlow Castle;

p. 516, 1567 (10 Elizabeth), memb. 8, sect. 38

Inquisition regarding the landholdings of Sir Leonard Carewe in Idrone Barony, co. Carlow, refers to a grant of land from the Barrow to Dunleke (Dunleckney) to hold forever at the rental rate of a rose; this one goes on for several more pages than I've included here;

p. 519-520, 1568 (10 Elizabeth), memb. 10, sect. 39-40

Edmund Butler of Cloghgrenane's surrender to Queen Elizabeth I; also refers to Peter Butler of Clone, co. Kilkenny's surrender of his lands in Queen's county;

p. 544, Oct. 10, 1570 (13 Elizabeth), memb. 7, sect. 14-15

Commission to Francis Cosby, Seneschal of Queen's county, Anthony Colclough, Henry Davells, Robert Harpoll, John Barry, Richard Gorsse, Richard Wodde and Matthew Lynt to ascertain the limits of the Barony of Odrone (Idrone?), co. Carlow and the report of their findings dated Oct. 11, 1572; refers to many very descriptive locations in Carlow (ex. "thence to Donyll More's well and from the well through the middle of the Black Bog until you come to Shroghanegloragh etc.");

p. 549-550, Sept. 25, 1572 (14 Elizabeth), memb. 4, sect. 12-13

License for Joanne Butler, widow of George Bagnall, late of Dunliken (Dunleckney?) to remarry on payment of a fine;

p. 586, Nov. 26, 1631 (7 Charles I), memb. 24

 Source: Tom LaPorte

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