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Extracts from Slater's Directory of Ireland 1870
Tullow with the Village of Ballon

Co Carlow

Bridge over the river Slaney in Tullow

TULLOW is a market town and parish, in the barony of Rathvilly county of Carlow, 48 miles s. from Dublin, 8 S.E. from Carlow; very pleasantly situated on the banks of the Slaney, and close to the borders of Wicklow County. The river is crossed by a bridge of five arches, erected in according to an inscription on it in 1767. The town was: once called Tullopheli m, and conferred the title of viscount. Upon two branches of the Butler family, both of which have been extinct for many years, and the name as applied; to the place has all but become obsolete. The business of; the town is confined chiefly to a spacious market square and two streets, Bridge street and Mill street; there are a few other streets, consisting chiefly of the inferior class of houses. There is a spacious and well-built court-house, in which quarter sessions for the barony are held, and petty sessions every third Saturday.

The other public institutions are a fever hospital, with a dispensary attached, an almshouse for poor women, erected in 1828, by the Rev. G. B. Dawson, a Protestant school, a convent and a monastery. The members of both the latter establishments receive boarders for education, and also Superintend gratuitously the instruction of the poorer children of the town. There are several extensive flour mills; a tolerable trade exists in corn and large quantities of butter are brought up for the Carlow and Waterford markets on the market day.

A branch of the National Bank has been opened in this town, thus supplying a want which had long been felt in this district. The places of worship are the Protestant Episcopal Church and one belonging to the Roman Catholics. Both are very handsome the latter a spacious structure, having three galleries and a lofty steeple. The market, which is held on Saturday, is well attended. Fairs: January 20th, April 21st, July 10th, September 8th, October 29th and November 21st. The population of the town in 1861 was 2,963

BALLON is a small village in the parish of its name, barony of Forth, and union of Carlow, from which it is situated about ten Irish miles and four from Tullow. There is a Roman Catholic Church and school in the village, but no business of any importance and the population in 1861 in the parish was 1,089 and of the town and the village 176

POST OFFICE, Barrack Street, James Nourse, Post Master.óLetters arrive from Dublin {via Carlow) at twenty-seven minutes past five morning and at quarter past twelve noon, bringing the English mails, and are despatched at half-past one afternoon and six evening. _ Money Order and Telegraph, Office and Savings Bank. Post Office, BALLON, Mary Doran, Post Mistress.óLetters arrive from Tullow at nine mornings, and are despatched at five minutes past three afternoon. The nearest Money Order Office is at TULLOW

Gentry and Clergy Gentry and Clergy contiue
Not otherwise described are in Tullow. Dwyer Mr. Patrick, the Grange
Alcock Edward Vigors, Esq, J.P. Ballynoe  Eustace; Hardy, Esq, J.P Castlemore
Baillie John Maclean, Esq, Sherwood Park Gilman Rev Bernard, St. Patrick's Monastery
Beauchamp Rev John, Parochial House Graham Mr William, Bowmount
Barrer Dawson, Esq J.P. Altamount Hanlon Mr Patrick, Grangeford
Brennan Rev Michael, Parochial House  Humfrey Mr William Clayton, Ardriston
Browne Joseph Swan, Esq. JP Knooklow Keating Mr John, Tullow 
Browne William Clayton, Esq JP. Sandbrook Park Keogh Colonel John Henry, J.P. Kilbride
Bunbury Colonel, Rathmore Kehoe Rev John, Ballon
Bunbury Thomas McClinlock, Esq, Lisnavagh  Lane Thomas Esq, M.B. Ouragh Cottage
Burnett Robert, Esq, M.D. the Cottage Lawrence Ralph, Esq, Munuy
Butler Sir Thomas, Bart, D.L. J.P. Ballintemple  Leckey John James, Esq. J.P. Ballykealy
Campion George, Esq, (coroner), Kermilage Leckey Miss ó, Kilnock
Cooper Rev Robert, Castlemore McWiliiam, Rev R, Ardoyrne
Dennis Major, Cullaghmore Massey Hugh, Esq. Tullow Lodge
Doyne Mrs Georgina Louisa, St. Austin's Abhey Montford Archibald, Esq, Killihure
Boyle Mrs Catherine, the Grange Murphy Mr John, the Grange
Doyle Rev John, Parochial House Roche Mr Francis, the Grange
Doyle Mrs Margaret, the Grange Roche Mr Michael, Grangeford
Donohoe Mrs , the Grange Roche Mr Patrick, the Grange
Drapes Rev John L, the Rectory Tapp Mr Samuel, Grangeford
Dunne Mr Francis, the Gr.mge Tuckbary Mr William, Rathglass
Dunne Mr Patrick, senior, the Grange Whelan Miss Henrietta, Tullow Lodge
Dunne Mr Patrick junior, the Grange Whelan Mr John, Rathglass
Dunne Mrs, the Grange Whelan Pilsworth, Esq, Rath
Dunne Rev James, Ballon Wolseley Sir John R. Bart. J.F. Mount Wolseley
Dwyer Mr James, the Grange Young William, Esq, Copenagh


PROTESTANT FREE SCHOOL, Dublin road SAINT BRIDGET'S CONVENT (boarding and day), Chapel lane 
 John M. Carroll, Master; Mrs Mary Gertrude Kelly, Superioress
Charlotte Carroll, mistress Grangeford  Mary Kelly. mistress
  Ballon :  Thomas Burke, master; Margaret Hoey, Mistress
Richard Meredith, master SAINT PATRICK'S MONASTERY
  (boarding and day), Chapel lane
ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS:  Rathoe  Morris Kealy, Rev Bernard Gilman, superior
Ardattin Patrick. Cosgrave, Master; Rose Foy, mistress  
Upper- Grange Patrick Halligan, master; Anne Lynch, mistress BRIDGETINE CONVENT, Chapel lane- Mrs M. G. Kelly, Superioress 
  Rev John Doyle, chaplain Sisterhood, twenty-seven

Bank Hotels
National Bank (branch), Tullow COMMERCIAL AND POSTING
Draws upon the Head Office, Byrne William, Bridge si
London, and the Dublin Branch, Maher James, Bridge Hotel, Tullow
DublinóJohn Maher, manager; Lennon Daniel (hotel), Abbey st
Trancis T. Byrne, accountant  
Physicians and Surgeons Physicians and Surgeons cont...
Burnett Robert, M D. the Cottage Irwin Jarrit, M.D. apothecary, Hill St
  Laue Thomas, M.B. Ouragh Collage
Shopkeepers, Traders, Shopkeepers, Traders,
Boulger Edward grocer, spirit dealer and draper, Market square Dwyer Michael, sheriff's officer, Abbey st
Boulger Jas. baker, Market square Egan Michael blacksmith Chapel lane
Boulger John baker, Church st Fenlon Anne, lodging house, Bridge St
Boulger Michael, provision dealer, Market square Fenlon Charlotte, grocer & draper, Market square 
Boulger Teresa, glass & earthenware dealer, Market square Fenlon Peter grocer & sprit dealer, Mill St
Boyle Michael, car owner, Bridges! Fitzgerald Edward, blacksmith, Barrack st
Brennan Thos., blacksmith, Ballon Foley Rosetta, straw bonnet maker, Mill st
Brien Edward, boot & shoe maker, Mill St Foster Julia, pawnbroker, Bridges St
Brien Thomas, boot & shoemaker Mill St Fox Thos. corn merchant Chapel lane
Brown Thomas, bout & shoemaker, Mill St Greene Catherine, baker, Market sq
Burgess William, provision dealer, Market square Griffin Matthew, shoemaker, Barrack
Byrne William, auctioneer and Car owner, Bridge St Holden Richard, saddler, Church St
Byrne Edward, grocer, draper and spirit dealer, Market sq Hollogan Thomas, agricultural machine maker, Bridge st
Byrne Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge st Halpin James, boot & shoe maker, Market square
Burgess Teresa, baker and confectioner, Mill st Harman John, shoemaker, Ballon
Byrne Laurence, Tinsmith, Mill st Hickey Joseph, baker, Market sq
Coakley William, Tailor, Chapel lane Haydon John, tailor, Church st
Cleary Patrick, draper & provision dealer, Mill st Hickey John, provision dealer, Market square
Coadey Jas. provision dealer Bridge st Henderson James, shoemaker, The Course
Crawford George, provision dealer, Market square  Holden Kate, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Mill st
Cullen Thomas, shoemaker, Tullow beg Hutton James, shoemaker, Mill st
Curran William, blacksmith, the Grange Hutton John, shoemaker, Mill st
Datgan James, miller, Tullow mill Kehoe Patrick, coach and car builder, Mill st
Deerin Wm. Martin, grocer draper, wine and  Kehoe Thomas, provision dealer, Church st 
spirit merchant & wholesale  ironmonger, Market sq Kavanagh Mary, lodging house, Bride St
D'Alton Mary, provision dealer Bridge St Kealy Thomas, carpenter, Mill st
Dealey William, saddler, Mill St Kehoe John, shoemaker, Mill st
Doherty Peter, grocer, seedsman & spirit dealer, Mill st Kehoe Lawrence, grocer and spirit dealer, Mill st
Donohoe John, provision dealer & car owner, Bridge st Kelly Catherine, cooper, Ballon
Donohoe Patrick, provision dealer, Kelly Eliza, milliner, Church st
Donohoe Thomas miller & provision dealer, Mill st  Kelly John, provision dealer Bridge st
Donohoe Thomas provision dealer, Ballon Kelly Martin, cooper, Ballon
Doran Mary, provision dealer, Ballon Lawler James H, watch and clock maker, Church St
Doyle Jas. blacksmith, Rathglass Leggett Alexander, cooper, Ballon
Doyle John, cooper, Tullowland Lennon Bernard, miller, Aghad??
Doyle John, baker, Market square Lennon Michael, baker, Bridge st
Doyle Michael, beer retailer, Ballon McAssey John, provision dealer, Market square
Doyle Sarah pawnbroker, Barrack st McDonald Thomas, lodging house, Church st
Doyle Susan, miller, Upper Mills McDonnell Mary, boot and shoemaker, Market square 
Doyle Thomas, baker, Ballon McNeill Patrick, blacksmith, Tullowbeg

(Thank you to Terry Curran for transcribing this  material)

Tullow & Ballon

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