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Carlovians in the Defence Forces


Source: Carloviana edition 2001, 2002, 2004 & 2005.

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To compile this Register of Carlovians who served their country in the Defence Forces from 1922 to 1984, over a quarter of a million cards had to be read in the Military Archives. This work took several months to complete and puts Carlow in the enviable position of being the first county to produce such a record. Many people who lived, or live in one of our neighboring counties but in the postal district of Carlow are included in this inventory. The time span of 62 years has made the completion of this work difficult, omissions are inevitable but the register remains open for entries where adequate information is submitted. I acknowledge the help and co-operation of all personnel attached to the Military Archives but in particular Comt. Peter Young, Compt. Victor Lang. Sgt. Terry Hudson and Pte. Brendan Mahony.

Researched by the late Des Nolan of Carlow.

(There are 933 names listed over the next 9 pages)

Army No Name Address   Army No Name Address
R 1073 Abbey, Jas., Tobinstown, Tullow   846426 Blake, Timothy, 24 Marian Ave., Hacketstown
75402 Abbey, Ptk., Lisgarvin, Ballon   433935 Blake, Win., Rathgrew, Hacketstown
78776 Abbey, Ptk. Haroldstown, Tullow   804789 Blanche, Ptk., Conaberry, Ballon
25434 Abbey, Thos., Ballylean, Ballon, Co. Carlow   836549 Bohana, Thos., 26 Pacelli Ave., Graiguecullen
108277 Abbey, Thos., Ballylean, Ballon, Co. Carlow   203027 Bohanna, Mi., 4 Dublin Rd., Carlow
74967 Abbey, Win., Ballon, Co Carlow.   847383 Boland, Alan, Ballybit, Tullow
80835 Abbey, Jos., Ballykean, Ballon   846551 Boland, Eugene, C\o P. Smithers, Mill St., Tullow
R 697 Agar, John, Browns Hill, Carlow   831801 Boland, John, Drummond, St. Mullins
115767 Ahem, Ml., Royal Oak Rd., Bagenalstown   848148 Boland, John, Ballybit, Tullow
55669 Aheme, John, Dunroe, Borris   847382 Boland, Martin, Ballybit, Tullow
9913 Alcock, Samuel, Castle View, Carlow   846550 Boland, Noel, C\o P. Smithers, Mill St., Tullow
821316 Alsybury, Maurice, 103 Church St., Graiguecullen   93004 Bolger, Ml., Kilcarrig Cottage, Bagenalstown
825836 Alysbury, Denis, 103 Church St., Graiguecullen   816285 Bolger, Anthony, Ballygowan, Milford
112162 Amond, Jas., Tomard, Milford.   844825 Bolger, James, 12 Chalel St., Graiguecullen
16451 Archibald, Francis, Rathvilly   847267 Bolger, James, 5 Hillview, Hacketstown
433937 Armstrong, Arthur, Rathgrew, Hacketstown   117827 Bolger, Jas, Hacketstown
823609 Armstrong, Patk., 7 Upr. Kilree St., Bagenalstown   116494 Bolger, Jas. T,, 12 Tullow Street, Carlow
102567 Auganey, Ptk., Roscath, Tullow   B 2550 Bolger, Jas., New St., Bagenalstown
73819 Aughney, Jos., Castlemore, Tullow   433914 Bolger, John, Wells, Bagenalstown
62596 Aughney, Thos., Castlemore, Tullow   435241 Bolger, Lee., Fenniscourt, Bagenalstown
16846 Augnney, Ml., Castlemore, Tullow   99924 Bolger, Lee., Kilcarrig, Bagenalstown
829507 Ayers, John V., 43 Staunton Ave., Carlow   80630 Bolger, M., Coolnakisha, Leighlinbridge
10114 Bailey, Dnl., Staplestown Rd., Carlow   R 818 Bolger, P., Tullow
60153 Bailey, John, Staplestown Rd, Carlow   203029 Bolger, Peter, Cappagh, Ballon
803593 Baird, George, 40 Dublin Rd., Tullow   430391 Bolger, Ptk., Coolnakisha, Leighlinbridge
807154 Baird Thos 40 Dublin Rd., Tullow   815432 Bolger, Ptk. Bagenalstown
847238 Balfe, Andrew, Munny, Tullow, Co. Carlow   828777 Bolger, Richard Ballybit House, Rathvilly
74968 Balfe, Ml., Ardristan, Tullow.   10269 Bolger, Thos. Burrin St., Carlow
10045 Bambrick, Stephen, 49 Tullow St., Carlow   821317 Bolger, Win. 12 Chapel St., Graiguecullen
16466 Barron Win., Killaban, Co. Carlow   436077 Bolger. Ml. Coolnakisha, Leighlinbridge
75026 Barron, Ptk., Lower Kilree, Bagenalstown   58224 Bolger.Jas New St., Bagenalstown.
816430 Barry, Anthony, Ballybar, Carlow   57057 Boiler, Ptk. Coolnaliska, Leighlinbridge
74456 Barry, M, Haroldstown, Tullow   10167 Bonney, Ml. Dublin Rd., Carlow
436456 Barry, Paul, Seskinryan, Bagenalstown   10178 Bonny, Ed. Dublin Rd., Carlow
43582 Barry, Paul., Gorinann, Bagenalstown.   435974 Bowe, John Seskin Rd., Leighlinbridge
15397 Barry, Ptk., Broughillstown, Rathvilly   87548 Bowes, Ptk. Coolkenna, Tullow
810297 Barry, Win., Kilree, Bagenalstown   87545 Boyle, Jas., 36 St. Brigidís Cres. Bagenalstown
72463 Beaty, Andrew, Raheendoran, Carlow   810084 Boyle, John, 89 St. Brigidís Cres. Bagenalstown
12577 Beck, Jas., Brown St., Carlow   432095 Boyle, Richard, 19 Fairview, Bagenalstown
812930 Begley, Brendan, 10 McGamhana Rd., Carlow   805362 Boyle, Win., 89 St. Bridgids Cres. Bagenalstown
4963 Begley, Ed., Barrack St., Carlow   431506 Bradley, Albert, Royal Oak Rd., Bagenalstown
72577 Begley, Ml., 12 Lt. Barrack St., Carlow   26252 Brady, John, Brown St., Carlow
202449 Begley, Peter, 13 Lt. Barrack St., Carlow   57594 Brady, John, Brown St, Carlow
815081 Begley, Richard, 77 St. Maryís Park, Carlow   74456 Brady, Ml., Haroldstown , Tullow
9596 Behan, Thos., Forth Bridge, Clonegal   72309 Brady, Peter, Old Leighlin, Co. Carlow
28224 Bennett, Ed., Bridge St., Hacketstown   86422 Brady, Ptk., Crosslough, Co. Carlow
79216 Bergin, Ml., 2 Bridge St., Tullow   435065 Branagan, Seamus, 7 Montgomery St., Cariow
804490 Bermingham, Jas., Rathoe, Tullow   39165 Breen, Jas., Kilkenny Rd., Carlow
28183 Bible, Jas., Railway Tce. Boris   B 4132 Breen, John, Kilkenny Rd., Carlow
846212 Birmingham, Thos., 16 Kemanstown, Benekerry   36776 Breen, John, Kilkenny Rd., Carlow
849424 Blake, Gregory, 25 Marian Tee., Hacketstown   R 705 Brennan, John, Barrack St., Carlow
86858 Blake. J.J.. Rathnaerew. Hacketstown   R 706 Brennan, Martin, Leighlinbridge, Carlow
435650 Blake, James, Rathdangan, Hacketstown   80838 Brennan, Anthony, 85 Tullow St., Carlow
8691 Blake, Jas., Haeketstown   80509 Brennan, Colum, Ballykealy, Ballon
92696 Blake, Jos., Rathnagrew, Haeketstown   435249 Brennan, Colum, Ballykealy, Ballon
840556 Blake, P.J., 24 Marian Tee., Hacketstown   804477 Brennan, Danl., Mortarstown, Carlow
805608 Blake, Ptk., Rathnagrew, Haeketstown   7103 Brennan, Denis, Seskin Rd., Leighlinbridge

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