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St. Patrick's RC Church in Kiltealy

Co Wexford

Graveyard Inscriptions

St. Patrick's RC Church in Kiltealy

Here are some headstone inscriptions from St. Patrick's RC Church in Kiltealy, Co Wexford...I copied what I could during my last visit. 



“Erected by JOHN DOYLE of Bathduffin
in memory of his father DENNIS DOYLE
who depd this life Feb the 4th 1846
aged 89 years.”
“Erected in memory of MARTIN BRENNAN Kiltealy
who died April 9th 1875
aged 73 years.
who died Jan 25th 1891 aged 68 yrs
Also his son MICHAEL BRENNAN who
died June 4th 1891 aged 17 yrs
Also his son JAMES BRENNAN who
died August 28th 1900 aged 51 yrs
Also his son PATRICK BRENNAN who
died Dec 7th 1914 aged 56 yrs.
Also his son MARTIN BRENNAN who died Feb 18
1936 aged 73 years.
Also his daughter-in-law MARY BRENNAN, who
died Dec 26th 1949 aged 80 yrs."
"In loving memory of
who died Oct. 13th 1925,
aged 55 years.
Also his wife MARY,
died 19th Feb. 1969
aged 37 years.
Also their daughter
died 27th Feb. 1986 aged 78 years.
died 11th Sept. 2000 aged 93 years."
"Erected by
In memory of his father
died April 24th 1924 aged 77 years
also his brother JOHN and sister
KATIE, died young
also his mother CATHERINE NOLAN,
who died April 6th 1936 aged 83 years."
"Erected by MARY NOLAN
Kiltealy in
memopry of her husband
died May 1880 aged 67 yrs
also his father
died 1840 aged 68 yrs
Her grand-daughter
May 22nd 1901, aged 18 yrs
and her grand-son
Nov 21st 1918, aged 23 yrs
her son ABDREW NOLAN died
Aug 21st 1899 aged 53 yrs.
and his wife ELIZA died
July 7 ????
O'NEILL. Ledger.
Erected by/ John O'Neill of Askinvillar/
In memory of his mother Anastasia/
Nolan who died March 9th 1855/
aged 80 years/
also his wife Catherine O'Neill/
alias Cowman died Jan 29th 1875 aged 56 years/
also his Sister Ellen Roche died/
July 5th 1873 aged 75 years/
also his grand-daughter Kate O'Neill
died Oct 1st 1888 aged 1 year/
the above John O'Neill died 7th/
(month not carved) 1889 aged 80 yrs/
also his daughter-in-law Mary O'Neill/
died March 19th 1908 aged 55 yrs/
also his son John O'Neill died April/
30th 1909 aged 64 yrs.
Erected by Michael Kehoe of Boolam/
ore in memory of his son James Kehoe/
who depd this life Sept the 26th 1861/
aged 30 yrs the above Michael Kehoe/
depd this life April the 1st 1868 aged 80/
years also his wife Mary Kehoe alias/
Harris depd this life April the 7th 1868/
aged 71 years/also his daughter Mary Nolan of Bally/
daw died April 12th 1882 aged 46.
Erected by Anne Farrell Kiltealy/
in memory of her father/
Laurence Farrell who died March 21 1871/
aged 65 years/
also his mother Anne Farrell/
alias Nolan who died March 15th 1852 aged 84 yrs/
also her mother Margaret Farrell died 28/
April 1395 aged 83 yrs/
also her brother James Farrell who died Dec 7th 1918/
aged 89 yrs/
also her brother Laurence Farrell who died/
Nov 22nd 1937 aged 87 years/
also her nephew Laurence Farrell who died/
Oct 15th 1946 aged 73 years/also her niece Anne Farrell
who died March 14th/
1953 aged 84 yrs.
Erected by/
Myles Brien Kiltealy in/
memory of his children viz/
Martin died June 1867 aged 2yrs/
Laurence Dec 1870 aged 1 yr/
Mary July 1874 aged 9 yrs/
Martin Feby 1875 aged 6 yrs
Martin Francis Dec'r 1880 aged 2 1/2/
Margaret wife April 1883 aged 41 yrs/
Kate March 1888 aged 20 yrs/
Eliza Mary Nov 1902 aged 18 yrs/
the above named Myles Brien/
May 1906 aged 73 yrs/
Margaret July 2nd 1923 aged 44 years/
also his daughter Anne Nolan died Feb 14th/
1931 aged 47 years/
Laurence July 4th 1948 aged 74 yrs.
Beneath this stone our bodies sleep
Parents dear for us don't weep
Short was our life long is our rest
To take us from you GOD thought best.

Source: Maribeth Nolan, Brian J. Cantwell & Roger Nowlan

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