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Staplestown Road c.1940

Source: Friends and Neighbours 1986 & Michael Purcell c2008

Staplestown Road (House now demolished)
Still waiting for the Celtic Tiger
Staplestown Road (view of Railway Bridge)
Staplestown Road  (view of Railway Bridge)
Staplestown Road. Looking towards the Shamrock Square.

Images by W. Muldowney, Google Street View & J. Brennan c2006

Staplestown Road c.1940

Staplestown Road running parallel with Pollerton Road, leads from the Shamrock Square to the Tullow Road. The houses are of various styles and sizes, in 1940 we found 129 were listed as occupied, including a number of shops and businesses. Upper Staplestown Road is known as 'Closh', which means Water Channel, the name obviously came from the Askea stream, after which the parish is named. The bridge over the stream (which ran across the road) gave rise to the area near Carlow Motors Garage being called 'Askea Bridge' even today. Also here (Carlow Motors) was Reddy's Sandpit. Contractors who repaired roads got stones here, ie: O'Tooles from Killeshin had the contract for their area, they collected the materials from the sandpit and drew them to Killeshin by horse and cart, where they carried out the necessary repairs. Beside the site of the sandpit is 'Rope Walk' a lane called after the Rope Factory which was once nearby.

Another sandpit, called 'the Stone Depot' was situated beside the Railway Line, men worked here, breaking up stones with hammers and they were paid by the cartload. During the '40's there were quite a few open fields in this area, many will remember Magee's field, now St. Patrick's Avenue, and the 'milking fields'. The 'milking fields' were used by everyone in the surrounding area who owned cows, which were grazed here and a fee was paid to the landowner, who at one time was Major Browne Clayton of Browneshill. These fields later became the sites for housing estates including New Oak Estate, St. Killian's Crescent and Springdale. Part of St. Killian's Crescent was originally the plots, which were owned by many people including Nanny Nolan, Tullow Street, and Whelan's of Closh.

The children of the area enjoyed many a game of football along the road, fishing was also a popular pastime and youngsters used to climb the wall, which stood where the entrance to New Oak Estate is now, and follow the railway line up to the old Burrin. When the boys of the street wanted to start a choir, they approached Fr. Kennedy who organised it for them to sing in the cathedral. In 1947 they sang a Mass in Knockbeg College which was attended by President Sean T. O'Ceallaigh. During the 1920's the military imposed a curfew on the town, Owenie Rice who lived near Askea was shot and fatally wounded at Upper Staplestown Road by the Black and Tans. The only reason being, he was out after curfew.

Staplestown Road, Carlow c1998. This area was known as Closh.
Photo J. Brennan

No. 1: Patrick and Jane Doyle lived here, Patrick was one of an old Carlow family who once owned 'The Shamrock' and Jane was originally from Athy. Their children were Madge, a teacher, whose husband's name was John Longstaff. Patrick who worked as a clerk in the Army Headquarters married May Collins, a teacher, from Kilkenny. Annie married William O'Connor and is now living at St. Patrick's Ave., they have four children. Annie worked in the family shop for some time, it was later let to Brennan’s while Mrs. Doyle continued to live upstairs for some years.

No. 2: Tommy Keating, Sleaty Road. Graiguecullen married Margaret Geoghegan. Hanover Mills. Children: Annie worked in the Boot Factory, she later married Alfie Cooper and went to England. Tommy also worked in the Boot Factory, he married Breda Price and is living in Graiguecullen. Jack is married to Kathleen Bezenden and they live in Mullingar, Jack served in the army for seventeen years. Josie and her husband, Jimmy Brennan, own a shop in Graiguecullen. Robert married Mary Brown, Austin married Mary Sunderland, they have four children, the family resides at Roncalli Avenue. Austin and Tommy both played for Eire Og, Austin being a founder member.

No. 3: Mrs. Ann Doyle ran a small business here, she sold paraffin oil, candles and matches to those living in the area. The house was later occupied by the Byrne family.

No. 4: Paddy 'Crowman' Kavanagh and his wife Nellie lived here. Paddy worked in the Sugar Factory and was a well known footballer with O'Hanrahans during the 20's and 30's.

No. 5: From Enniscorthy were James and Annie O'Brien. The family were renowned for their expertise in the buying and selling of horses. Their children were Indian' Jim, Bill, Martin, Kevin, Paddy, John, Tommy, Frank, Margaret, Bridget, Mary and Nan. 'Indian' Jim having been refused permission to join the British Army by Sgt. Nicholson at the Recruiting Centre (at Carpenters) walked along with Slan Brennan to Kilkenny where they enlisted and were sent to England, then India. John married May Geoghegan from Brewery Lane, and was a Carlow U.D.C. Councillor for 24 years and Chairman for two consecutive years. They lived at No. 12 Staplestown Road for many years and later moved to New Oak Estate. Bill married Annie Doyle from Bridewell Lane. He was caretaker in the 'Old School". Dublin Street for many years. Bill was always on the 'go', collecting money for the pools and was instrumental in the formation of Eire Og. The football field at Teach Asca is named in his honour — Pairc Ui Bhriain. Martin, Paddy; Tommy and Frank never married. Tommy was a tank driver in the 2nd World War and was injured in the evacuation of Dunkirk. Frank works for Carlow County Council and is living with Paddy at St. Patrick's Avenue. Kevin and Mary both married in England. Bridget married Bill Walsh, their family now live at Hanover. Nan married Mickie Shortall from Bridewell Lane. Mag married 'Hallie' Tom Mulhall.

A Town house in Staplestown Road

No. 6: Joseph and Mary Salter. Mary was from Chapel St., Graiguecullen and Joseph, who worked in the Sugar Factory was from Staplestown Road. They had eight children. Noel married Margaret Byrne, Castlecomer and works with Avery Scales. He played with Barrow Rovers and won a Sports Star award in 1971. Aine married Tom Mulhall, Tom played for O'Hanrahans. Collette married Tony O'Reilly and is living in Carlow, Michael married Sadie Ralph, Maureen married Jimmy McGrath, Hanover. Peter married Sally Byrne and his twin Kay married Richard Doyle from Kildare and they now live in Pinewood Ave., Frank married Ann McCutcheon.

No. 7: Jack and Anne Carey. Jack spent some years in the British Army, at one time he drew the coal from the railway station to the local hospitals. Their children are May, Vera, Richard  and Jack. Vera emigrated, Jack worked in the Nationalist and married Brenda Doyle, and May still lives in Staplestown Road opposite this house.

The following was provided by Raymond Carey: Richard Carey emigrated to England at the end of the war and married my mother Rachel Craig in London in 1948. My grandfather Jack was drowned sometime in the late 30's or early 40's. I am still trying to find out about this event. My grandmother Anne died in the mid fifties again still researching on that. I lost track of my relatives when my father died in 1973 and although May, Vera and Jack may not be alive now I know I have at least 3 cousins to trace. Just need to find the time to continue searching. Best Regards Raymond Carey Sept 2013.

No. 8: The occupiers of this house were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curran. Joseph worked in the Boot Factory and his wife was a sister of Mrs. Keating (No. 2). This was the last of Slaters houses and Carlow County Council houses continued Staplestown Road.

No. 9: Patrick and Ann Hynes. Patrick was interested in cars at a time when they were only beginning to appear in Carlow, he was sent by the Ducketts of Ducketts Grove, to England to learn about the motor trade and he returned a few years as a qualified mechanic. He later worked for Thompsons.

No. 10: Jack and Margaret Cosgrove. The Cosgroves, known as Coskers, had four children. Moll, Liz who went to England, Chris married Tom Whelan, they now live on the Green Road and Joe who worked for years in Molloys, Tullow St., still living here.

No. 11: Patrick Walsh and family dwelt here. Patrick bought the fowl for Slaters Poultry Yard. Walshe’s and two daughters, one of whom, Essie, married Jim "Kegs' Haughney and their son Fr. Haughney was well known in the area.

No. 12: Mr. and Mrs. Kelly lived here with their children J. J., Marjorie and Dilly. Mr. Kelly was a policeman and Mrs. Kelly, whose maiden name was Button, was from Hacketstown, she taught music. Marjorie also taught music, particularly piano, she married Percy McEvoy and they lived at Kevin Barry Ave. Dilly, single, still lives here.

No. 13: William Brennan from Coon, Co. Carlow married Elizabeth Foley from Cookullen, Co. Kilkenny. William worked in the Sugar Factory offices. Their daughter Maria married Mick Donnnelly and is living at St. Killian's Crescent. Son Willie married Tessie Colclough of St. Killian's Crescent. No. 14: Enoch Hewith lived here, he was English and spent many years in the British Army. Sons Joey and Jackie both went to England. His wife's brother, Joseph Curran, lived at No. 8.

No. 15: Richard 'Nipper' O'Toole, single. Richard was a fireman and he worked in Governey's Boot Factory. Himself and his brother Jack were great fishermen.

No. 15: (possibly No. 16) The Griffin family were next. There was only one daughter Frances, sons James, who had a confectionery shop (where Tiny Tots is), Willie was in the British Army, Mickie was a baker by trade. John and James lived here for many years, the house later passed to their brother Patrick.

No. 17: Ned Reddy worked in the Sugar Factory, he was married and had one son and two daughters. Jim worked in the Sugar Factory for years and later in Corcorans. Daughters Frances and Kitty, who married Tom Kerr, rate collector from Muinebeag.

No. 18: Patrick English married Rose O'Keeffe. Their son Paul served his time in Thompsons and works for the South Eastern Health Board, he is now living at Barrack Street. The rest of the family were Jimmy, Emily, Rosie and Muriel.

Staplestown Road railway bridge.No. 19: Richard O'Keeffe and family dwelt here. Richard was the first to deliver petrol around Carlow, it was brought by horse and cart from the station (pre. 1900). Children: Sarah went to England, Kathleen who married Paddy Timmins from No. 130, Richard, Jim and Joe all spent some time in the British Army as did Tom who was serving in India, aged 16. Denis married Kathleen Roche from No. 134A. Cis married Christopher Maguire, Milford, their children are, Christopher who worked in the Boot Factory and in England for many years, returned to live in Carlow in 1980. Christy played senior football for O'Hanrahans and was on the 1945 County Championship winning team. Richard played minor football for the Shamrocks and senior for O'Hanrahans, he spent 20 years in England and is now living in Carlow. Paddy is living in Clonmore, Killeshin.

No. 20: William Ward and family. Daughter Mary (Mrs. Condell) was an upholsterer and her husband a carpenter. Jack married Eileen Beaucannon, Little Barrack St. and worked as foreman in the Beet Factory.

No. 21: Patrick 'Patsy' Timmins. Patsy worked as a crane driver in the Sugar Factory.

No. 22: Patrick O'Neill, Staplestown Road married Mary Byrne of Tinryland. Patrick was a stone mason by trade. Children: Maureen worked in O'Neill's garage and married Ed. O'Rourke of Graiguecullen. They are living in England and have six children. Lily, Patrick and Denis are single and still living here. Patrick a bricklayer by trade worked for Thompsons and Denis works for Hughes Memorials, College Street. Bridget married Con Cronin from Cork and they moved to England. Thomas married Ita Brooks from Staplestown Road, he was a bricklayer and worked for Carberys. They are now living in J.K.L. and have ten children. James married Peggy Moran from Galway, they now live in England and have two children. James works in the motor trade in Luton.

No. 23: During the '40's this house was occupied by temporary caretaker family's which included the Pierces and the Walshs. Quigleys from No. 121 across the road later occupied this house.

No. 24: John Burke was a sawer by trade and worked in Doyle's the Shamrock for many years. He married Bridie Farrell from Graiguecullen, their children were Lizzie and 'Mogs', single, Jim married Bridget Lawler and lives at Kevin Barry Ave. — he worked in Doyles of the Shamrock. Tommy worked at Corcorans and married Nancy Keating, they also live at Kevin Barry Ave.

No. 25: Richard Burke married Mary Helehan from Graiguecullen and they had eight children. James was a painter, Thomas was a male nurse in St. Dympna's Hospital and a talented handballer, Lily worked in the Boot Factory for 16 years, she married Patrick Stuart from Mullingar. Michael married May Nolan from Graiguecullen and worked in Thompsons as a steel worker. Esther married J. Byrne, works manager in Corcorans. Billy was in England for a few years but he returned to Carlow and worked in Thompsons for 32 years. Billy married Marie Whelan. Teresa is married and living in Mullingar.

No. 26: John Bourke and family lived here. John was a carpenter and worked in Thompsons, the daughters were Mrs. Neill, Browneshill Road, and Mollie who lived here until her death in 1985.

No. 27: Bernard and Lizzie Crossan were next. Their children were John. Lilly and Marie, whose husband Jim Cuddihy still resides here.

No. 28: Here dwelt John Brennan, he was single and worked in Wattie Kehoe's and later the Sugar Factory.

No. 29A — 34: Richard McDarby married Catherine Byrne from England. Maeve still lives there with Bridie and Lea, Richard was a sales rep. for Governey's Boot Factory. Kathleen married Tom Dempsey, Brownshill Road. Angela married Lawrence McGrath, Dublin. Vera married Michael O'Sheas, Aries. Joan married Tom Whelan, Tullow Road. McDarby's had a shop (confectionery) here. McDarby's have a long established family run business here, during the 40's. It was the confectionery shop and bakery, changing to a grocery shop in the early 70's.

(Numbers jump from 34 to 61)

Front Row L to R: Johnny Cummins, Kevin Hayden, Murt Brien, Paudge Ryan, Paddy Pender, Tom McEvoy.
Middle: Con Carroll, Jimmy Dunne, Pat Corcoran, Pierce Prendergast, Joe 'Jugger' Brennan, Jim Kearns, Ambrose Hynes, Mick Connolly.
Back Row: Stephen Kavanagh, Ned Haughney, Johnnie Harding, Sean Prendergast, George Hyland, Tony Fenelon, Seamus Walshe.

Image courtesy of Liam Hayden

No. 61: In 1940 the Kelly family lived here, they emigrated to England in the 50's.

No. 62: Frank Slattery from Green Lane married Mary Morrissey from Ballymoon, Co. Kildare. Their three children are Michael, married to Collette Lyons from No. 67, and living in O'Hanrahan Ave., Kathleen married to Bob Martin and living in Staplestown Road, Frank who married Kathleen Walker, Leighlinbridge and lives on the Tullow Road. Both Frank and Michael carry on the successful family business of painting and decorating.

No. 63: Lawrence Kehoe married Esther Murphy from Monasterevan. Lawrence worked in the Sugar Factory. Their children are: Pauline, Margaret and Pat, married and living in New Oak Estate, Mary married to Bill Brennan and living at St. Mary's Park, Syl married to Nancy Byrne, they have 7 children. Ann who married Bill Hutton, George who emigrated to Australia married Alice Lardy. Phil is living at Hanover, married to Alice Walker.

No. 64: John Doyle from Bridewell Lane married Kitty Geoghegan from Muinebeag. Kitty was a midwife and helped old Dr. Doyle. John was in the British army and was killed in action in France. Their children were John, who married Mary Kelly, they had nine children and lived here. John worked in the Sugar Factory. Martin married Margaret McGrath, they had eight children and lived at O'Hanrahan Ave. Michael married Dora Doyle, they had three children and lived in England. James worked for Kodak in England, and was married to Katie Roberts. Dora married Denis Ward and they had four children.

No. 65: John Doyle married Mary Kelly, John was a builders labourer. John (Jnr.) and his wife Rose (Dexies) are living at St. Patrick's Avenue, they have seven children. Christopher and Brendan, both single still reside here. Mary ('Bridie') works in the Regional College, she is married to Patrick Fagan and they live in New Oak Estate. Edward and Joe are both married and living in England. Pascal married Angela Doyle, they now live in New Oak Estate and have five children. Pascal worked in Corcorans for quite a few years.' William was a professional jockey in the Curragh, he is married and living in Naas.

No. 66: Bernard and Bridget Keating. Bridget's maiden name was McGrath and was originally from Pollerton Road. Hannah (Mrs. Savage), Betty married William McQuinn, after his death she married Joe Reilly. Bernard married Mary Kelly, Kevin married Mary Fox. Nancy married Tom Kelly and they went to England, Patsy married Bridget Malone, John is married and living in England. Moll married Jim Horohan, and Peggy is married to George Russell and living in Dublin. Bernard and Bridget had two stepchildren, Ann and Christy. Ann lives in Dublin and Christy went to England.

(According to Catherine Keating Carroll (email April 2012) the Keating family lived at No. 84 Staplestown Road and not No. 66. as previousley published in the Eire Og Friends and Neighbours 1986 magazine.)

No. 67: The Lyons family were next, Jackie, Mollie (Shaw), Collette (Slattery).

No. 68: Thomas Kinsella and family. Mrs. Kinsella was an invalid for many years, they had one daughter who is living in England.

No. 69: P. Delaney married Loretto Martin. Paddy had a bicycle repair service here for some years. Daughter Angela worked for Dr. Skuce and lives at home, son William is a technician, working in Naas.

No. 70: Loughlin Nolan, Rathoe married Maureen Hennessy from Barrack St. Loughlin worked as a store-keeper in the Sugar Factory until his retirement in 1983, and Maureen was a nurse in St. Dympna's. They had two daughters and one son, Mary married Jim O'Keeffe and emigrated to England, Loughlin an Electrical Engineer is living in Australia and Kathleen who works in Braun is living at home.

No. 71: Thomas Purvis was a baker by trade and worked for many years in Slater's Bakery where Crotty's now carry on the same business.

No. 72: Christy Flood from Friarstown married Mary Hosey from St. Killian's Crescent. Christy worked as a store-keeper with Esso. They had two sons. Peter is a lecturer in Bolton Street College and Christy (Jnr.) is a secondary school teacher in Kilbarrack, he is also an active member of the Carlow Men’s Association in Dublin. Peter and Christy played against each other in the 1961 S.F.C. Final. Christy played with Eire Og and Peter with O'Hanrahans.

No. 73: Peter Jones and his sister Margaret lived here. Peter drove the floats for C.I.E. His nephew Sean now lives here.

No. 78-81: Here dwelt Owen Carroll, he was married to Ann Grant from Killeshin. Their children were: twins Andy and Richard, Andy played football with Shamrocks and Young Emmets, Jimmy worked in Doyles, the Shamrock, Bridie, Margaret married Harry Coakley from Castlehill.

No. 82: Joseph Byrne and his wife Mary Ellen Quinlan dwelt here. Joseph came from Charlotte St. and worked as a fitter in Thompsons. Mary-Ellen was from Granby Row and worked in the Boot Factory before her marriage. They had eight children. Paddy worked in Thompsons, Maria is married to John Cullen and living in Dublin. Alice was a dressmaker, she married Billy James and live in Castlehill. Josephine is living in England, Jim and Christine are still in Carlow, as is Joseph who lives with Alice. Dan married Eileen Dempsey, they have seven children. Dan works in the Sugar Factory.

No. 83: Michael Byrne worked in the Boot Factory all his life, his wife Bridget (nee Tobin) also worked there at one time. Children: Tom, known to many from his years with W. P. Good, Tullow St. is now working Saxones. Jack was a barman in England. Bridie married Tommy Clarke, Bridewell Lane and they went to America. This house was build in 1916.

No. 84: This house was occupied by Michael Connolly from Barrack St. and his wife Sarah Carter from The Numbers, Graiguecullen. They had ten children, Edward and Jack both work in the Sugar Factory, Michael and Richard played football for the O'Hanrahans, they emigrated to England, Mary married Jimmy Walsh. Joseph was a carpenter in Carberys and married Bridie Rice. Jane's husband was Sonny Byrne, Teresa worked in Wattie Kehoes and married John Dowling, Patrick worked for the U.D.C. William married Francis Sunderland and they live at St. Patrick's Avenue.

No. 85: John Ryan, a Post Office Technician, was married to Bridget Coogan from Portarlington. They had five children. Stasia married Hugh Wogan and is living in Dublin. John, better known as Jackie, married Jenny O'Shea, both were Post Office Officials. They lived for some years in Carlow before moving to Wexford. Maura married Thomas Fender and lived in England. Paudge (Patrick Gerard) married Claire Haughney, he had a precision engineering business at St. Killian's Crescent which is being carried on by his son Martin. Paudge was well known for his sporting interests, and was coach to Patricia and Mary Amond. Delma married Peter Shaw, they live in Leighlinbridge where they have a family run Sawmills and Hire Service.

No. 86: The Wall family were next. Patrick Wall was originally from Graiguecullen, and daughters were Suzanne and Mary.

No. 87: William 'Bill' Hayden came from Ballon, he was head gardener in St. Dympna's and his wife Brigid O'Reilly was a nurse, Bill was a famous Leinster cyclist. They had seven children. Sheila married Herbert Payne and went to Surrey. Seamus is a teacher and is married to Pat Furlong, Liverpool. Tom married May Matthews from Dundalk, he is a baker and they now live in Australia. Kevin married Noreen Daybell, Liverpool. Colm married Chris Davies, they are living in England where Colm works as a personnel officer with the British Ministry of Pensions. Emby married Ken Hayden and they live in Essex. Liam married Maylee Moran from Killarney, they live at Sharon Avenue and have five children. Liam is vice-principal in the Vocational School, he is also a qualified pilot and was a member of Carlow Gliding Club during the fifties and early sixties. At that time the Club had a membership of about 50 which included Terry Moran, Pat O'Mahoney, John and Jimmy O'Neill and Brendan Mulhall to mention but a few.

No. 88: Next came Kate and Molly Keegan and their brother James, none of whom were married. James worked in the Boot Factory all his life.

No. 89: James Brown was an Insurance Agent and was married to Elizabeth Hennessy from Palatine. Their children were Michael, Sean, May and Cis (Anne) all of whom worked in Corcorans at one time or another. Michael was a lover of opera, Sean was an accordian player of some note, he played on Radio Eireann and on Radio in Chicago. May worked in Duggan's Stationery Shop and in later years in the Catholic Repository. Cis married Paul Butler from Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. Paul was an electrician in the Sugar Factory. Cis, who was a dressmaker, is now living at Larkfield. All the family were music lovers and kept a large selection of classical records.

No. 90: Patrick Byrne, a builders labourer, married Dora Parrk, they had twelve children. Anna is married and living in Australia, Dolores, Dorothy and Bernadette are married and living in Bedfordshire. Denis, Tony, Eugene and Teresa also went to England, Edward, John and Pascal both single, Ronald is in the army.

No. 91: James Coogan married Mary ‘Pol’ Murphy originally from Lr. Staplestown Road, James came from Castlecomer and worked as a painter and decorator for Thompsons. Mary ran a small shop here which was continued by daughters Lil and Lorrie until a few years ago. Claire, a confectioner, married M. White and emigrated to Canada. Thomas married Nancy Dunne. He was a Post Office Official in Carlow and later went to the Department of Post and Telegraphs in Dublin. Aine married Peadar Clancy and resides in Canada, James 'Tosh' married Susan Mangan, Eamonn married Vera Gilmore, Tosh' and Eamonn both went to England. Michael married Chrissie Fitzpatrick and they live in Graiguecullen.

No. 92: John and Anna Hayden were next. John was a foreman in the Boot Factory. Anna's maiden name was Brennan. This house is now occupied by John's niece Mrs. Corcoran, formerly of Hanover Mills.

No. 93: Cornelius (Con) Coakley originally from Wexford married Margaret Dwyer from Brewery Lane. Children: Con, a well known tradesman, worked in the Boot Factory for many years. Mollie the eldest died aged 22. Ned (Decker) married Mag Walsh, they had a large family. Ned was a founder member of Eire Og. Jim married Rose Townsend, they have eight children and live in Kevin Barry Ave. Jim, a well known postman, did the Scoreboard at Dr. Cullen Park for many years commencing in 1956. Madge, still living here, married Frank Hayden from Graiguecullen and they both have sons Paddy, Gerard, Lesley, Paul, Kenneth and Niall.

No. 94: The Byrne family. Nora, single, Mick living in Staplestown Road, Kitty emigrated to Canada. Jim worked in the Boot Factory and mended shoes in his spare time, as did many of the Boot Factory workers, charging only a few pence per pair.

No. 95: Michael Curran from Potato Market married Mary Connolly from Barrack St. Michael was in the British Army during the 1914-18 War, on returning he joined the Irish Free State Army, he commenced work in the Sugar Factory in 1926. Michael and Mary had three sons. Sons: Tony married Maisie Carroll from Clifdon. Tony worked on The Docks in London for many years, he later returned to live in Carlow. Michael (Jnr.) was a reporter for the Nationalist before going to England where he worked for the Daily Telegraph, he is married to Marline Genner. Richard (Dick) worked in Stathams before going to England. He is married and living in America where he works for an engineering company.


No. 96: Bridget 'Biddy' Lynch married Patsy Lawler. They had four children, Nell went to England, George married Lil Hayden also of Staplestown Road. Paddy was a plumber and worked in the Curragh, George and Jim both worked in the Boot Factory. Biddy had a cat which used to follow her when she visited her neighbours. The cat used to listen at the door of each house until it heard Biddy's voice and then climb onto the window sill and claw the window to be let in. Patsy was a fack maker, a fack was similar to a spade but had one side lower than the other. These were made in a small forge out back.

No. 97: Mrs. Haughney, was Pol Whelan from Askea Bridge. Nan worked in the Beet Factory, Hannah worked in the Boot Factory. Both girls went to England, as did their brother Tom.

No. 99: Living here was the Kelly family, Josie married W. Hogan from Clare. Eileen married Joe MulhalL Donny married Nancy King from Limerick and their son is Eire Og's Gene Kelly. Tom married Lil Leonard from Pollerton Road. Tom is a member of the Workmans Club of which he was Chairman at one time. He was also a member of a choir in Carlow Cathedral and sang at Masses and weddings. Tom and Lil have two daughters, Joan, married and living in America and Margaret, who worked in Rome for two years and is now living at home.

No. 100: Edward Hutton married Julie Ryan who worked in the Boot Factory. Their children are Eileen, married to John Purcell and living in Montgomery Street, Kitty who married Percy McDarby and moved to No. 4, Accommodation Road, and Frank married Maisie Dowling.

No. 101: Next was the Quigley family. William worked in McDonnells Bakery, Tullow St. and was married to Mary Townsend. Children: Mary married John Moore and she is living at Upper Staplestown Road. Their son Kevin and his wife Mary have been prominent members of Eire Og for many years. John and Willie went to America, Chrissie became a nun and spent many years in New York, Janie married Jacob Lambe from Dublin and they went to England. Fannie married Jack Greeves and moved to Dublin, Margaret married Michael Barry and lives in Spain. Eddie was a Sugar Factory worker, he married Annie McKenna from Graiguecullen. The girls were active members of Cumann na mBan and their home was raided regularly by the Black and Tans and the R.I.C.

No. 102: Richard James and his wife Winifred nee Phelan dwelt here. Richard from The Numbers worked as a mechanic in Thompsons until an accident to one of his hands forced his early retirement, he later worked as caretaker in the C.Y.M.S. Winifred was from Harristown, Co. Kildare and ran a shop in the house. Their nephew John Joe Lambert lived here with Richard and Winifred for some time. John Joe was a noted athlete and cyclist, and has a news agency in Dublin St. His daughter Beatrice (Byrne), also an athlete, wore the Irish singlet throughout Europe and held many Irish track records. She won the Eire sports star award in 1969 and '70.

No. 103: Mr. and Mrs. James Kehoe and their thirteen children were next. James (Jnr.), Kathleen, Mary and Michael are all married and living in England, Sylvester married Anne Cooney and they live on the Dublin Road. Oliver married Sylvia Kehoe, St. Mary's Park, Geraldine married Matt Lay, Monica married Gerry Breen. Josie married Paddy Comerford, they live in Rathnapish. Bridget married John Doyle and Thomas married Sheila Delaney, both families live in New Oak Estate. Lily married P. J. McBerthy and moved to Donegal. Patricia, single, works in Braun and resides there.

No. 104-107B: Mr. and Mrs. Mickie Byrne lived here. Two of their children were 'Mini' and Annie both of whom went to England.

No. 108: Mr. and Mrs. Kinsella. One son, also named John lived here.

No. 109: Michael Nolan from St. Fiaac's Tee., Graiguecullen married Alice Haughney from No. 10 Potato Market. Alice worked for some years in Corrs, Tullow St. and Michael worked for Thompsons. They had four children, Lily worked in the Bon Bon Restaurant, she married Joseph Hynes and now lives in Mount Leinster Park. Marie is married to Michael McGrath, she worked in Ewing's Restaurant, Dublin St. and now lives in Ballon. John worked in Thompsons, he married Margaret Ryan from Castlecomer and they live in New Oak Estate. Alice married Patrick Kelly from Granby Row, and they have two children and live in England.

No. 112: The Brooks family were next. Edward, Dympna, Ita married to Tom O'Neill (J.K.L.), Eamonn married Bridie Curry and lives in Dereen Heights, Sean married to Angela Moran from Bridewell Lane and living on the Green Road. Carmel married Paddy Murphy from 7 Potato Market.

No. 113: Ger Devine and family lived here. Ger was in the British Army and was a noted bird catcher. He married Bridie Maher from Bridewell Lane. Ger and Bridie had three daughters, Kathleen, Lil and May. Kathleen married and lived in England, Lil was single, and May married and moved to Wexford.

No. 114A: James and Bridget Walsh. Bridget (Farrell) was from Mill Lane. Lena is married in England, Mary married Jim Bolger from Castledermot, James single, Christopher married Margaret Moran and lives in Oakley Park.

No. 114B: Along with Hoseys next door, this house was originally owned by Reddys of Tullow St. It was purchased by Bernard Fitzpatrick or Barney Fitz as he was known around 1940. Barney hailed from Castledermot and his wife Anastasia (Coogan) was from Castlecomer. Barney worked for a number of years as a butcher with Carpenters of Barrack St. and started his own business in the 40's. Many readers will recall his slaughter house at the top of McDarbys lane, which was knocked in the late 60's to make way for New Oak Estate. An avid football fan, Barney followed the great Kildare teams of the 50's and 60's throughout the length and breadth of Ireland. Barney and Anastasia had three children, Eamonn, Seamus and Breda each of whom excelled themselves on the sports field. Breda (McGuinne) played a lot of hockey, the two lads between them have managed to win Senior Championship medals, Eamonn represented Carlow Hurling Club, O'Hanrahans and Eire Og. Eamonn married Connie Brennan and lives here where he carries on his father's business.

No. 115: Tom Connors, single, lived here with his sister Elien (Mrs. Murphy) and her family.

No. 116: John Carroll and his wife Nellie nee Kehoe were next, John was a 'Red' (Military Police) in the Irish Free State Army. They had five children, Kitty. Anthony and Joe emigrated to England, Marie married Ernie Jones, Lilly married John Fox and lives in the family home, Jack became a Christian Brother.

No. 117: Philip Redmond worked as a linesman for C.I.E., he was married to Kate Brennan. Philip and Kate had four children. Philip (Jnr.) married May Purcell and was a bus driver in Dublin, Elsie married Paddy Procter, she worked in the Boot Factory for some years and lives on Staplestown Road. Noel still living here worked for Texaco Oil Co. until his retirement last year. Willie married Peggy Cooke and is now in New Zealand.

No. 118: Mrs. Mary Kelly and family were next. The children were: Cissie who was a well known ballroom dancer, worked in Haddens as a dressmaker, Lisha, Martin an ex-British soldier, worked in the Boot Factory. Mary, Lizzie, Jim, Kathleen, Robert, Nora who spent many years in London. Jack was a painter and decorator and married Mollie McDarby and lived in St. Killian's Crescent.

No. 119: William Fleming married Mary Kelly and they had six children, Laura, Peg, Alice, John, Liam and Robert. Laura married Davy Gough and moved to Dublin, John was a fitter in the Sugar Factory and he lives here with his sister Peg. Alice married Bernie Doyle from Muinebeag. Liam is married to Bridget Kavanagh and living at Marlboro St., Graiguecullen. Robert married Peg Rice.

No. 120: John Moran and his sister Margaret (married to Jack Connors from No. 126) and their families lived here.

No. 121:Ed (Ned) Quigley from No. 101 married Annie McKenna from Granby Row. They had ten children. Edmund a retired lieutenant col. in the Curragh, Peggy married Leo Dalton. Ina married Ger Broughal. She is I.C.A. President of Ireland this year. Stella is married to Jackie Meade and living in Larkfield. Delma, married to Tom Byrne, resides in Rathnapish. Seamus is manager of Philatelic Department of the Post Office, Bray. Teresa, Kevin, Peter and Liam still living on Staplestown Road.

No. 122: William and Winifred Moore. Winifred (nee Murray) came from the Green Road. Josie married Thomas Galbally from New Gardens, their son Bill now lives here. Josie is living at McGamhna Road. Annie lives in Dublin.

No. 124: Elizabeth O'Keeffe from B arrack Street, married George Whittle who was in the British Army. The Whittle family moved here from England about 1910. Elizabeth and George had one daughter 'Tory' who married Michael Walsh, a baker, and lives at St. Killian's Crescent.

No. 124A: Mrs. Kate Coakley and family. Mary married Michael Farrell and lives at J.K.L. Nellie married Harry Shaw and Cornelius married Margaret Dwyer from Brewery Lane and they moved into No. 93.

No. 125: Samuel Carter born 1898 from Montgomery Street married Bridget Nolan from Staplestown Road. Children: Daisy worked in the Boot Factory and married Paddy Corcoran. Jack worked in the gasworks, he later married and moved to England. Patrick was also in the gasworks, he later worked in the Sugar Factory, Lily worked in the Blade Factory before her marriage to Billy Kinsella from Granby Row. Beatrice married Matt McLoughlin, she worked in the Boot Factory, they now live in England. Peggy, Samuel (Jnr.) and William also went to England.

No. 126: The Connors family were next. The children were Mag, Ciss, Paddy, Joe (none of whom were married) and Bill, who worked in the Boot Factory and married Ellen Hennessy. They lived in St. Killian's Crescent and their son Joe works in St. Dympna's. Jack married Margaret Moran from No. 120.

No. 127: Was a small shop owned by Mrs. Brigid Smith in the '40's and later by Teresa Hennessy.

No. 128: Mrs. Margaret Doyle dwelt here. She worked as a seamstress in the Sacred Heart Home until her death in 1950. The house is now occupied by her grandnephew, Terry Ryan and family.

No. 129: James 'Jelly' Monks married Mare Fenlon, and they had five children. Jimmy, Willie, Mary married to Jim Payne, Nan (Murray) living in Dublin, and Ger, a well known cyclist, married to Kathleen Dwyer and living here.

No. 130: Next came Patrick Timmons from Bridewell Lane and his wife Kathleen O'Keeffe from No. 19 Staplestown Road. Patrick worked in the Sugar Factory and they had eight children. Mary (Finn) worked in the Blade Factory. Josie worked in the Boot Factory for some time and later married Willie Dunne, Tony and Paddy, both single, still live here. Paddy is a fluent Irish speaker and caretaker in the Irish National School. John spent some years in England, Jim is married in England. Anne married T. Murphy and Richard married Mary Scully and lives in Graiguecullen. He works in the Sugar Factory and played for Eire Og at one time,

No. 131: Ellen Parr lived here. She was a lover of cats. Ellen was a fluent Irish speaker and a member of Cumann na mBan, her brother Frank lived in The Numbers, Graiguecullen.

No. 132: John and Margaret Duffy. Margaret nee Brady was from Staplestown Road and John was from Enniskillen. Sons John and James both worked in the Boot Factory at one time, John later worked in the Sugar Factory. They are both single and reside here. Daughters Kathleen, and May (Moran) who lives in Larkfield.

No. 133: William O'Brien and family were next, William's brother James lived at No. 5. William married Mary Connors from Wexford and their children were: Martin lived here up to recently and has now moved to No. 114. Margaret married Paddy Hutton and resides in St. Mary's Park. Cis married Jim McDarby, Lily, Jim, Bridget married Michael Curran and moved to St. Killian's Crescent, Anne, Sadie, Allied married J. Fitzpatrick, Kate, Paddy married Annie Berry.

No. 134A: Agnes and Thomas Roche. Agnes (nee Kelly) was from Dublin St., where her family had a printing business. Thomas, a carpenter, was originally from Tralee., they had six children. Madeline married Paddy Prendergast and lives in Dublin, Annie (Duval) lives in England. Kathleen (Kitty) married Denis O'Keeffe, No. 19 Staplestown Road and they also went to England. Agnes married Willie Donoghue from Graiguecullen. George married Mary Curten from Cork and lived on Staplestown Road. Thomas married Annie Watchorn and moved to 27, Pollerton Road.

No. 134B: Mary Ann Moran, widow, had two sons Jack and Tom. She married Michael Moran, a cobbler from Harrow Cross, Leighlinbridge whose cousin Cardinal Moran was the first Cardinal of Australia. Tom, a great handballer, saw active service in World War 1, he later worked for Guinness in Dublin. Michael Moran had daughters Sarah, who went to America, Mary to England. Annie married John Brady from Staplestown Road and son Matthew who married Julia Keogh from Bestfield.

No. 135: Edward (Ed) Brennan and *Sarah Brennan were next. Sarah was well known for her cure for whooping cough. Their children were Thomas, Seamus, Paddy and Edward, all single. Thomas and Paddy worked in the Boot Factory. Nancy married John Campion, Pollerton Road, Bill married Jean Piggott, Mollie married Dinny Hyland, Graiguecullen, Joseph 'Juggers' married Una Scully from College Street. Christy married Bridget Byrne and lived in Sleaty. John, single, worked in Doyles of the Shamrock. (*Sarah Brennan was my 3rd Cousin).

No. 136: Thomas Tudley' McEvoy ran a boarding house, and the charge was 4d a night. A son, Maurice, has a farm in Laois.

No. 137: Joseph Corcoran from the Youth Centre Lane worked in Thompsons, his wife Ellen Hogan was from Graiguecullen. Son Paddy emigrated to England and daughter Nellie married Paddy Murphy (brother of Tommy Murphy) and lived in Knockbeg.

No. 138: Richard Wall from Shillelagh married Margaret Desmond from Green Lane. Richard was in the British Army for some time, he was among the first to bring beet by horse and cart to the Sugar Factory when it opened. Daughter Nan (Ryan) lives at Maher Road, Graiguecullen.

No. 139: Patrick Byrne and his wife Nan (Lynch) were next. Patrick was in the British Army before he joined the Sugar Factory. The family later went to live in Manchester.

Source: Friends and Neighbours 1986 & Michael Purcell c2008

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